~*~Gene Hackman FanFic~*~

~*~Gene Hackman FanFic~*~ Gene Hackman FanFic
Gene Hackman FanFic

If you like to write, and you'd like to see you story here on the site, just drop me a line at IPIERCEDtheTOAST@aol.com and I'll put it up with credit to you (name, website, eMail or whatever you want). All ratings are welcome, just send along a summary and the rating with your story.

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Lex Returns - [Rated PG for language; By: Lisa] Lex is out of prison and is approached by a journalist who helps him with a big plan, and romance.

Play It Again, Sam - [Rated R for violence and language; By: AndrBernar] Gene Hackman plays a top CIA agent, Sam Colton, who has to make it appear as though he has fallen in love and retired from the CIA. The CIA is actually using him to uncover a traitor who is leaking information to terrorists. The woman agent assigned to play Coltonís newfound love never shows, and Colton has to recruit a woman he just met. Will they pull it off, and where does the pretence of love begin and where does it end?

Play It Once Again, Sam - [Rated PG; By: AndrBernar] Summary: Play It Once Again, Sam (Rated PG) Gene Hackman returns as Sam Colton to save the day.

CIA Sam - [Rated PG; By: AndrBernar] Summary: CIA Sam (Rated PG) Gene Hackman, as Sam Colton, takes Manhattan. (Well actually, New York.)

Back In The Saddle, Sam - [Rated PG; By: AndrBernar] Summary: Back In The Saddle, Sam (Rated R for violence) Gene Hackman returns as CIA Sam Colton and rescues his wife, who has been kidnapped.

Cabin Fever - [Rated PG; By: AndrBernar] Summary: Gene Hackman as Sam Colton. Sam and Linda spend an unbearable weekend at the Blakes' cabin in upstate New York.

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