~*~Gene Hackman Dreams~*~
Gene Hackman Dreams
These are some of the dreams I've had which including Gene. For an explaination of my dream world, and reoccuring places in my dreams, check out my Dreams Summary page. Please note that these are only dreams, and you know how they can be.

A Bar!

24 May 2002: I was at K-Mart and I love when the lot is filled with cars and it's night and we all play games. We drive any car we want and crash into each other, then try to get into a bigger car and go unseen so we can surprise each other. Or we run and jump from car to car trying not to get hit, lol! Much fun. Anyway, it was still light out and the lot was full. I was walking around the front of the store and saw Lex causing trouble at the end of the lot, so I went down there and he was yelling at some people, and was about to transport himself back to wherever, but I yelled, "Wait!" and ran towards him and he gave me this look like he thought I was gonna get on his case too, for trying to take over, and I got to him and jumped into his little transport space and said, "Take me with you!" so we held on to each other and he let me go with him. Then I was in some funky warehouse and he was in one part and I ended up in a stairwell trying to get down these weird stairs (like those airport-looking stairs things you use to get things off the top shelf of a store). I got down and went into a department in K-Mart where people were modeling clothes and make-up and I found out that the make-up Lex had been wearing (it came out of nowhere and he looked like the Joker before the transport) was derived from animals, so I thought, ew, and then tried getting it off MY face, but it wouldn't wipe off. I had to go back up those stairs (harder going upside down) and tell him about it. I made it up and that's all I remember. So later, I'm back at K-Mart and Geraint (the vampire guy from Forever Knight), and he and I were hanging out. We were inside for a while, and then went outside. It was dark and then I was him and he was teaching me how to control myself cos I was a warewolf. I changed and ran behind the building (it's shaped like a 7 but the top of the seven is the longer side with a bunch of little stores (bakery, aquarium, magic store, etc.) and the other part is K-Mart....behind the top of the seven is a gas station in back, and I get people there to fix my cars and my friends' cars for free) and up on this little woodsy hill and we hid in the trees as a car passed. I told him I was gonna bite Lex so he wouldn't die (I guess he'd been sick) and Geraint said that's not a good idea, but I was convinced I had to do it in order to be with him. As the car went by, I said that the guy in it looking at us was Lex. I watched as he stopped in front of K-Mart. His driver parked right in the front spot, and they got out. Lex was more like an older Gene and he was carrying a little kid. I ran down there and was standing there waiting to make my move, and I woke up!

21 April 2002: I was in a familiar parking lot and my parents were in one car and I was gonna drive a little gray pick-up and follow them to whever (??) wherever we were (so many "w" words!) going. I got in the truck and fiddled with the stereo. I wished I had had the CD of the Ferlin Husky tape I have (thanks to a dear friend), but I didn't, so I didn't get to listen to the "Gone" song like I had planned. So I put something else on and got out to let my parents know I wanted them to go ahead of me, so I could follow. I was standing outside the truck, and then the dream skipped and I was standing next to my parent's truck, in a parking space right in front of a sidewalk sale. Then they left and I was hanging out with the family running the sale, and there were two kids a little younger than myself. We were talking and all and then for some reason, their parents thought I was a bad influence or that I was trying to steal from them. They had a dog and I was petting him, and then I left so I wouldn't get caught hanging around the kids, but I found something that belonged to one of the kids and I snuck in (it resembled night time) and put it on the table, but the father, who happened to be Gene Hackman, saw me and came after me with a shotgun! So I tried to explain what I was doing as I backed away and he couldn't have cared less. Then I was by my parent's truck again, in that same spot, and it was day time. My parents pointed out a little wooden shelf thing that would be neat for my room for storing things on, so I went over to the end of the tables and gave it a little jiggle to see how sturdy it as. I looked back over at the truck and said the shelves were too close together, and then the thing started to topple over! Gene was standing right behind it and I tried to get it to stay steady, but I let it go and took off running as he darted after me. My parents thought it was funny. Then I woke up!

A Bar!

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