Boy Meets World on DVD?
Tv Shows On Dvd is a site ran by Gord Lancey. It's purpose is to provide information to production companies to show them what television shows people want to see on DVD. Tv fans go to this site and vote for their favorite shows. Production companies check to see how many votes their shows have and if it would be a good investment to release their shows on to DVD. If there are a lot of votes for one of their shows then they may consider releasing it. You are allowed to sign up for one account per family only. Any other accounts you create or any fake accounts you create will be terminated. Boy Meets World is ranked high on the list of some 4,000+ television shows. I encourage each of you to go vote for it to increase it's standings. This is one of the best things you can do to get Boy Meets World released.
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Petition for the banned episodes
As many of you all know, when Disney Channel put "Boy Meets World" into syndication they banned the airing of three of the series's best episodes. "Prom-ises, Prom-ises", "The Truth About Honesty", and "If You Can't Be With the One You Love". These episodes were first aired on ABC during the fifth and sixth seasons and as re-runs, but Disney Channel thinks that the material focused on, sex and alcohol, may be a little mature for their kid-based audience. These episodes are part of the series and we as the fans deserve to see them along with the rest of the series. If you would like to sign a national petition to get these episodes aired again on Disney Channel, please click here! Also, due to the enormous amount of dialogue that Disney Channel cut from the series, we will be adding a "What Disney Cut Out" section to this site next month to show you everything that Disney Channel has cut out of the "Boy Meets World" episodes they air.
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Even More Danielle
Do you love Danielle Fishel and want to see her back on tv every day? Then you're in luck. Fishel is the new host of the current season of MTV's "Say What Karaoke". Contestants sing along to music videos before a panel of celebrity judges to try and win the contest. Danielle hosts this fun-filled Spring Break edition all summer long! Watch "Say What Karaoke" weekdays at 3:30/2:30 central only on MTV.
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Will Friedle On Home Video
You won't have to wait for "Boy Meets World" to hit shelves to see (or hear) Will Friedle on DVD this year. Before Disney starts in on any other show, they'll be releasing a different DVD. On September 2, 2003 Disney will put out a best of "Kim Possible" DVD. As most of you probably know, Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) plays the voice of Ron Stoppable in this series. The DVD will contain two episodes from the first season as well as a brand new episode exclusive to this release. If you would like to pre-order the "Kim Possible" DVD before it's release, then click here!
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Danielle Keeping Busy This Summer
Danielle Fishel is getting busy this summer with two brand new movies. The first, "Dorm Day Crazy", another teen movie has completed filming and is in post-production scheduled to hit theaters later this year. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles and San Diego California. It's obviously a comedy that is probably going to be pretty funny, considering the tagline is: It all started three days before Christmas break with a prostitute and a large, French sausage... The second project for Fishel is a very interesting one indeed. She's working on a full-length animated film entitled "The Chosen One". "The Chosen One" is being made by Visionbox Pictures and X-42 Productions. The film uses ensemble comedy and comic book action to weave a tale about competitive gods, bizarre cults and one 'average' guy’s road trip to save the world. It is currently slated for a mid-2004 theatrical release. To learn more about "The Chosen One" visit it's official site by clicking here!
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My Chat With Disney
To get Disney to start to anticipate our petition I gave 'em a call last night. First I asked what their plans were in the future for "Boy Meets World". They told me it would continue to air on television, but there were currently no future plans to release the show on either vhs video or dvd. They told me that if I wanted to get "Boy Meets World" released to the public I would have to suggest it through their marketing department. Well, I've decided that's where the petition will be going. Return here soon to see what they'll say. In the meantime continue to sign that petition. Every signature helps.
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Faithful Boy Meets World Audience
Every time Cory or Eric cracks a joke you hear the audience laugh. Ever wonder where the audience is? Well, take a look at this picture. That's where the reactions are coming from. At the top you'll see the technical room. Just below that are all of the seats. Then just below that is where the director, producer, cameraman, and crew are located. Finally, in front of all that is where the action takes place.
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Gift Givers
I found a cool piece of information I thought you'd all like. Early on in the show the producers bought a gift for the cast and crew for doing such a great job on the show. The gift was a bowling shirt! Nearly 200 of these shirts were given away to them. If you'd like to see a picture of it click here!
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Disney in the Middle East
Well, it finally happened. Disney's put up a Boy Meets World section on their website. It has no depth but there are a couple of behind the scenes videos. So take a visit!
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Cast Reunion Episode?!!
Everybody knows that the coolest thing that could possibly happen to the world of bmw is a reunion episode. We can dream folks, but the odds are against it. However, it doesn't hurt to try. A little persuassive force never hurt. If you have any interest in seeing a reunion episode, I've found a petition to Disney requesting the idea. Just go on and click here!
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Success for 'Rusty' Russ
As you may have noticed NBC is starting a new show as a mid-season replacement, called "Mister Sterling". Playing a major-supporting role in the show is Boy Meets World's very own William Russ. William played Corey's father on BMW for the entire run and now stars as Tommy Doyle in his new series. Tommy Doyle is a staunch Democrat and premier Beltway insider who work’s with an appointed and idealistic freshman U.S. Senator - (title role) in NBC's new venture. Most recently William could have been found on "American History X" ,"Life as a House", "Aspen Extreme", "The Right Stuff", and the award winning "Pastime". Watch Willaim Russ in "Mister Sterling" as it premieres Friday, January 10th, 8/7pm on the National Broadcasting Network.

To learn more about "Mister Sterling" or William Russ, click here!
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Boy Meets World Contract
Rumor going around from many sources states that "Boy Meets World" could be pulled off Disney! The contract that was signed stated that Disney would keep the show for three to four years, until August 2004. That four years is is rapidly ending. Disney is a huge empire of television, with new shows every time you turn around. "Boy Meets World" ceased production over two years ago. So will Disney pull the show?
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Swimming with Ben
Ben Savage's new movie "Swimming Upstream", the inspirational life story of Australian swimmer, Tony Fingleton, is coming along smoothly and is slated for a theatrical release of October 2002.
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"The Wonder Years" v.s. "Austin Powers"
Ben Savage's older brother Fred Savage, of "Wonder Years" fame, is now appearing in Mike Meyers' third installment in his hit franchise, "Austin Powers in Goldmember". Fred plays the supporting role of Number 2's assistant, Number 3. Number 3 is made fun of thru out the entire film because of the gigantic mole on his face, the size of a quarter. The movie opened breaking all box office records, making 70 some million dollars in it's first week, more than any other comedy ever!
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Will 'Stoppable' Friedle
Will Friedle, who played Eric on "Boy Meets World", has finally found success in the form of two hit cartoons. Will is the voice of the lead character Batman, in "Batman Beyond" and the supporting part of Ron Stoppable in Disney's "Kim Possible".
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