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Site Re-Launching
On Friday, September 7, 2007, Boy Meets World Central will be relaunching with a brand new url, design, and updates; becoming a fully interactive community. Come back often as more information and sneek peaks at the new project become available.
Posted by Cody on 07/24/07 |: Click here to submit news

No More Boy Meets World
The following was published in a trade magazine explaining why Boy Meets World has not had any more seasons released. The dvds have officially been cancelled and won't ever be released.

"Buena Vista Home Entertainment released three seasons of Boy Meets World, which was on the air from 1993 through 2000. Season Two sales were off from the first set by just 12%. But season three sales were down 39% from season two, and plans for a season 4 release were scrapped."
Posted by Cody on 06/18/06 | Click here to submit news

TGIF Video Flashback
It's May 22, 2006. Eight years ago to the day, ABC showed a second airing of the night Danielle Fischel hosted the TGIF evening line up. As part of the Friday night special, they aired a video featurette of Danielle visiting her hometown of Yorba Linda, California. The video was very entertaining and now we are able to bring it to you eight years later! As a special bonus, the video includes a teaser commercial for that night's episode, which just happens to be "If You Can't Be With the One You Love..." which you all know is one of the three infamously Disney-banned episodes. This hasn't been aired since that night, so if you missed it back in '98, here's your chance to sit back and enjoy! Click here to check out our "Media" section.
Posted by Cody on 05/22/06 | Click here to submit news

Studio Pulls Fourth Season
Back in October online retailers began listing "Boy Meets World - The Complete 4th Season" for a release date of January 10th, 2006. The 3-disc set, which was supposed to include a strong list of bonus materials, including feature-commentary tracks, was slated with a $39.99 price-tag, though was discounting the set down to $27.99 on all pre-orders. January 10th has passed us by and we still have not seen the release of the fourth season. When questioned about the matter, the distributors, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, stated that the set was pulled from their schedule and put on a delay. No updated date was given, however, the studio does still plan on releasing the title. It is also worthy to note that most online retailers have stopped taking pre-orders for the item and have pulled it from their inventory. We'll bring you further information on this release as it becomes available. In the meantime, check out the fourth season's cover art we've brought you.
Posted by Cody on 01/30/06 | Click here to submit news

Season Sets Available
Through our partnership with, we are now able to sell the Boy Meets World season sets on dvd. If you plan on purchasing the sets through amazon, it would be greatly appreciated if you could use the following links. This will help support our site and allow us to continue bringing you the absolute best in Boy Meets World news, rumors, and merchandising. Also, if you are going to do any other shopping of any kind through amazon, please use the links provided on this site to access the retailer. This kind of support helps pay for bmwcentral, and every little bit helps. Lets hear it for a successful 2006!

Posted by Cody on 01/01/06 | Click here to submit news

BMW coming to ABC Family
Lucky for us bmw fans, Boy Meets World will be launching on the ABC Family channel with a 6-hour marathon, similar to it's disney launch, starting with the Dyson DC07. The show will then premiere on the network on June 21st! This means a couple of things for us fans. ABC Family probably won't cut out anything from the episodes and they definately won't ban any episodes. This means a lot of never-before-seen moments for fans. Don't miss it's premiere, just two months away from the dvd release. A big thanks goes out to Andrew for the heads up!

On another note, this site will get a slightly new layout in days to come. There will be all new content, information, a new chat & messageboard, a new guestbook, and a lot of updates! E-mail me with the link to your left and tell me what you think. I'm always open to any suggestions you fans have to offer. So, check back SOON!
Posted by Cody on 06/09/04 | Click here to submit news

Season Two! has reported in their exclusive story that Boy Meets World: The Complete Second Season is slated for a November 30th release. If the company keeps up this pace, we won't have to wait long at all for the complete series to be released.
Posted by Cody on 06/02/04 | Click here to submit news

Final Cover Art
As reported before, Boy Meets World: The Complete First Season, is coming to DVD on August 24th (the same day as the "Munsters" release). has reported that the coverart was changed. Take a look to your right to see the final version of the cover art. Click on it to enlarge the picture. I can't wait!
Posted by Cody on 06/01/04 | Click here to submit news

The scoop on the BMW DVD
As you all know, the first season of BMW will be released on August 24th, 2004. Congratulations to all of you that participated in the movement to get this thing out. Without your complaining and whining it never would have happened. The DVD set looks to be tremendous and unusually packed with special features. To your left you can find some cover art. You can preorder it at the right. Here's a list of the highlights you can expect from the six-disc set:
* All 22 episodes plus the pilot episode
* Outtakes and bloopers
* "Yesterday and Today" - behind the scenes
* Audio commentaries
Posted by Cody on 05/20/04 | Click here to submit news

After being away from the site for an extended period of time, I'm finally back! I had some computer problems again. I switched to Windows XP and fixed everything. I upgraded all of my video and graphic equipment, so you can expect to see better graphics on the site. It will be worked on and upgraded on a regular basis once again. Thank you all for being so patient.
Posted by Cody on 05/20/04 | Click here to submit news

BOY MEETS WORLD Coming to DVD August 24th, 2004
That's right, the moment you have been waiting for. According to, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced the big release. The Complete First Season of Boy Meets World will be released on August 24th, all 22 episodes will be available on a six disc set. The set will include an unbelievable amount of special features. It's currently up for pre-order at amazon.
Posted by Cody on 12/02/03 | Click here to submit news

Think you know your BMW Trivia?
If you think you know enough about Boy Meets World to test your knowledge, then check out our new fully-interactive trivia game! These fifteen questions have been carefully selected to test how much attention you pay to detail. Click here to play today!
Posted by Cody on 07/27/03 | Click here to submit news

Rider's Future
I recieved an e-mail this morning reporting that a fan forum had heard from Rider. There is of course no real way of confirming this, so you'll have to judge for yourself. Here is what he had to say:

Well, quite a cool group here, thanks for all the support. Wanted to let you know the official latest that I'm going to be doing the west coast leg of the national tour for 'The Graduate.' Since I'm not running my site anymore, there's no real way to spread the word. So any body in the California/Texas area, come on out and see the show -- the tickets are already on sale. I'll be doing the show in San Fran, San Diego, Austin, Houston, and L.A. Hope to see you there!
Thanks again,

In my opinion this is probably the real thing. Rider is very close with his fans and it's totally believable that he would want to keep them informed.
Posted by Cody on 07/14/03 | Click here to submit news

Rumored Reunion?
There is a rumor going around at public chat rooms and at several forums (i.e: Internet Movie Database), reporting that a reunion episode is in the works for the cast of Boy Meets World to air on Disney. As cool as that sounds, please note that this is just a rumor at the present time and that nothing, i repeat nothing, has been confirmed. This is very doubtful since the show has only been cancelled for three years. Once again, please take this news as just a rumor, nothing more. Thanks!
Posted by Cody on 07/10/03 | Click here to submit news

Great News! BMW DVD!
Tv Shows On Dvd has just posted a news article announcing that there could be a Boy Meets World DVD in the near future! Finally! It's official, Disney and Buena Vista Entertainment are considering the release of a Boy Meets World DVD! Congratulations to you all but you must not leave Disney alone. Keep telling them you want to see it! Click here to tell them. This is the complete article:

I just got off the phone with someone very high up at Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and they told me that "Boy Meets World" is being considered for DVD release in the future. There are no dates, and nothing is set in stone. If we find anything else out, we'll be sure to post it.

Well, there you have it. Straight from the source.
Posted by Cody on 07/07/03 | Click here to submit news

William Daniels Appearing in New Pilot
The beloved William Daniels is at it again. Leaving his Mr. Feeny character behind, Daniels is appearing in a brand new pilot for CBS. "Crazy Love" revolves around a baby-boomer couple who adopt a girl from China. Bob Stevens has penned the pilot's script and will also serve as executive producer for the show. "Crazy Love" stars Valerie Bertinelli, Cloris Leachman, Peter MacNicol, Johnathan Silverman, and William Daniels. Although the status of the pilot is unclear and the network has not picked it up for a season, a test screening is set to air on CBS this September.
Posted by Cody on 07/04/03 | Click here to submit news

Boy Meets World on DVD?
Tv Shows On Dvd is a site ran by Gord Lancey. It's purpose is to provide information to production companies to show them what television shows people want to see on DVD. Tv fans go to this site and vote for their favorite shows. Production companies check to see how many votes their shows have and if it would be a good investment to release their shows on to DVD. If there are a lot of votes for one of their shows then they may consider releasing it. You are allowed to sign up for one account per family only. Any other accounts you create or any fake accounts you create will be terminated. Boy Meets World is ranked high on the list of some 4,000+ television shows. I encourage each of you to go vote for it to increase it's standings. This is one of the best things you can do to get Boy Meets World released.
Posted by Cody on 07/04/03 | Click here to submit news

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