The List

Vendace(fox,TLP)-Vendace are freshwater, ray-finned fishes, found in Europe and various other countries.

Ceteruler the Just(old badger lord)-A cete is company, or "crowd" of badgers. This particular word is Latin.

Brock(Brockhall, Brocktree, etc.)- Brock is an old Gaelic word for badger.

Urth (Urthstripe, Urthrunn, etc)-Urth is the goddess of fate. Makes sense that all creatures that have the word "Urth" in their title are badgers, since badgers are indeed fated creatures.

Lingfur (hare, Sala)-The closest thing I could find that made sense hear was that "ling" is another name for heather, a low-growing European shrub, which has small, pinkish-purple flowers.

Verdauga Greeneyes (wildcat, Moss)- When you take Verdauga apart you get "verd" which is latin for green, and "auga", latin for eye. Put it togther and you get "Greeneye.":) Thanks to the official Redwall site for that one.

Twayblade,Sargent (hare,TLP)-Twayblade is a type of orchid that has two basal leaves and greenish or purplish flowers.

Midge Manycoats, (hare,TLP)- A midge is a type of gnatlike fly cheifly found near lakes or ponds.

Balefur (fox,OoR)- The word "bale" here means misfortune; sorrow, suffering. example: "Bale fell upon us all." The name is quite fitting for a fox.;)

Nightshade the Seer (fox, OoR)- Nightshade is any of the plants that are of the genus Solanum,(such as Enchanter's nightshade and Henbane) most of which have a poisonous juice.

Fallow(hare, LP, also Meldrum Fallowthorn, TB)- The defination that made the most sense in this case is: a type of pale red or pale yellow; such as a fallow deer, for example.

Pasque Valerian( hare, LP)- Pasque is a type of flower from the buttercup family that has large purple or white spring flowers. Valerian is a flower native to Europe whihc has small fragrant, white to pink or lavender flowers. Its used for medicine.

Plumpen( dormouse, Redwall) - Plumpen is dutch for Dormouse

Cleckstarr Lepus Monstile- (hare, POL)Lepus is latin for "hare."

Asmodeus Poisonteeth (snake, Redwall)- in the bible Asmodeus is another name for the devil.

Gonff - Gonff is a twist on the Yiddish word for "thief"

Mellus- Melus (as in Mellus) is part of scientiffic name for badger

Lutra- Lutra is latin for "otter".

Captain Reynard Choppsnout (fox, TLOL)-Reynard is French for fox

Methuseluh - Methuselah is a character from the bible who lived a long time

Abbot Apodemus (mouse, Triss)- Apodemus is a name for old world field mice. (Old World meaning Europe, and the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere.)

King Mortspear (wildcat, meantioned in Lord Brocktree)- Gaelic definition- murder. Latin definiton - of mors, mortis, death. This sounds too good to be a coincidence.;)

Ferahgo- Ferahgo means "mixed" in some other language, which possibly refers to his assorted collection of knives. Thanks to the person who pointed this out in one of the ask Brian questions.

Marshank( MTW)-In the back of marshank is a marsh. The shank part is a nautical word which means a stem of an anchor, though I'm not sure if that part was intended.

Brome (mouse, MTW) brome is various woodland and meadow grasses of the genus Bromus.

Deodar (hare, LP) A deodar is a tall cedar tree found in the Himlayan Mountains.

Tussock (last name of Tammo's family and camp, TLP) A tussock is a tuft of grass sedge and twigs.

Besomtail, aka Fortunata (fox, Moss)-One of the defenitions for besom is "anything which sweeps away or destroys."

Bistort (hedgehog, Triss)-A European perennial herb which have cylindrical spikes of pink flowers.

Arvicola (vole, Triss) - "Arvicola" is a synonym for "Microtus" which are voles of the northern hemisphere.

Icetor, flowers of- A tor is a rocky peak or hill.

Thistledown Bart (Hare, Sala)- Thistledown is a silky down attached to the seedlike fruit of a thistle.

Blear ( Rat, Triss)- To blur; to redden the eyes. Blear comes from the word bleary.

Stickle, Ben (hedgehog, Moss)- The best definition that I could find is: "a shallow rapid in a river; also the current below a waterfall."

Castle Floret (Bellmaker)- A floret is a small or reduced flower, such as a daisy.

Gael Squirrelking (squirrel, Bellmaker) Gael is an old English word for "jail."

Felltooth (searat, Mariel)- Dire, sinister, of a cruel nature.

Felldoh (squirrel, Martin)- Since Felldoh was not a cruel creature, the above defintion of fell would not work for him. However, there is another defintion of "fell" that works. Accroding to the dictionary, A "fell" can be An upland stretch of open country, or a barren rocky hill.

Learunner (hare, Mariel)- A lea is a grassland or a meadow.

Crocus (hare, Mariel)- A crocus is any of various perennial Eurasian herbs of the genus Crocus, having grasslike leaves and showy, variously colored flowers.

Celandine (squirrel, Martin)- A perennial Eurasian herb having deeply divided leaves, showy( remember, celandine was a rather flambouyant squirrel.;)) yellow flowers.

Copsey ( feildmouse, Mariel)- A copse is thicket of small trees or shrubs.

Gorsepaw (Hare, Mariel) Spearlady Gorse (badger) Hillgorse (hedgehog, Martin)- Gorse is any of several spiny shrubs native to Europe and having flagrant yellow flowers and black pods.

Yarrow (mouse, Martin- A plant native to Eurasia, having finely dissected foliage and flat corymbs of usually white flower heads

Juniper (mouse, Martin)- An evergreen tree or shrub.

Melilot, Brother (mouse)- An Old World plant belonging to the pea family.

Rillflag (otter, Tagg) Rillbrook (otter, Outcast)- A rill is a small brook or a rivulet.

Hoopoe (mouse, Martin) - A hoopoe is an Old World bird having distictly patterned plummage.

Whippscut (hare) , Fleetscut (hare, Brocktree)- A scut is a stubby erect tail, as that of a hare, rabbit, or deer.

Sister Verity(mentioned in MR)- Sister Verity was mentioned to be the teacher of Brother Hubert and Sister Sage. Verity means "truth" or "fact". Fitting for a instructor who teaches the facts, eh?;)

Vulpuz (fox mentioned as the ruler of Hellgates in Tagg)- Vulp is part of the word "Vulpes" which is the scientific name for a fox.

Sagaxus -( badger, Triss) Sagax in Latin means having keen senses, acute, clever, etc.

Monstile-( last name of Clecky, and a mountain range, POL) The word "mons" in Latin means mountain.

Sampetra-Petra in Latin means "rock." I can't seem to remember if sampetra was mentioned being rocky at all....

Terramort (MOR)- It seems like I saw a correction definiton of terramort somewhere but I can't seem to find it, so this'll have to do for now. We know that mort means "murder" or "death". (UPDATE) A person by the name of Jasko recently imformed me that terra in Latin means "land." So, when you translate terramort you get "land of death." Thanks Jasko!

Vale , Abess (mouse, Sala)- A vale is a valley, which is often coursed by a stream.

Laird Mactalon (eagle, Sala)- Laird is the Gealic word for "lord."

Geum (mouse, Martin)- Geum is the genus to which the European perrenial "avens" belongs to.

Lupin (hare, Moss)- A Lupin is a plant in the pea family, having palmately compound leaves and variously colored flowers grouped in spikes.

Urtica (hedgehog, Triss)- Urtica is the genus to which common nettles belong to.

Woodsorrel, Rosie (hare, Bell& Mariel)- Sorrel is a acid flavored plant that is sometimes used in salads. Its is also called dock. And if I'm not mistaken, it grows around trees.

Gelltor (marlfox, Marl)- In the Gaelic language gell means sharp or keen. (e.g. a 'gell' day is a day where there's a sharply cold bite to the air). A tor is a rocky peak or hill.

Ascrod (marlfox, Marl)- Scrod is the English word for a young codfish.

Saithe (hare) - Saithe is of Scottish origin , and it is an adult coalfish.

Gingivere (wildcat, Moss)- Gingi comes from ginger which is a bright orange-brown color. Vere literally means "the true" in Latin.

Finnbarr Galedeep- Interestingly enough I was at a baby naming site and discovered that Finbar is any Irish Gaelic name. It comes from the name "Fionnbharr," which, means "Fair-haired."

Gauchee(mouse, MTW)- Just a little something I spotted while looking through a hb copy of MTW at the bookstore today. This particular book is dedicated to a woman named Patricia Lee Gauch. So I thought to my self what if, as a little dedication to Patricia, BJ took this woman's last name "Gauch" and added to to ee's from "Lee" to make Gauchee?? Could just all be rubbish though..

Trowbaggs(hare,TLP)- Two of the meanings of trow are "faithful or "true." I guess you could say Trowbaggs was a faithful TLP hare.;)

Lord Cayvear (bat, OoR)- Cayvear most likey comes from the word cave. BJ probably took the word cave and added a "y" an "a" and an "r" to it. Hence, Lord Cayvear lives in a cave.;) (UPDATED): Caleyin from The Long Patrol pointed out this possibility: "Cayvear's name might be like Cave Ear. Because bats use echolocation, and for that they have to use their ears and they have really good hearing because they make those high-pitched sounds and they have to have really good hearing to hear their high-pitched noises bounce off objects and that makes a picture in their head. Cave Ear."

Vilu Daskar- There is a word in Italian called "viluppo" which means "confusion", "mess", or "chaos" . It is possible BJ took the vilu out of viluppo, and came up with Vilu Daskar.

Pecunia (hedgehog, Tagg)- Someone out at the Terrouge forum pointed this out. . There was a hedgehog who briefly appeared in Tagg name "Pecunia." In latin it menas money. Probably not intentional, but interesting nonetheless.

Glenner (otter, POL)-This is word is of Gaelic origin and means a country or valley.In Middle Breton its spelled "glenn".

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