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Todd Long

Photo Album <updated 8th July 2002>


These are some pictures from various sources, I have many more scattered over numerous video cassettes & will look at capturing these to publish in the near future. Any additional photos would be much appreciated.

I also have approximately 7000 images (over 90% splits pictures!) that have been grabbed/scanned/captured over quite a long period of time & may soon setup an additional website. All this caused because a girl, whilst I was at primary school, showed me her splits & caused the start of an addiction!.



Ally Sheedy (actress) Ally Sheedy
Joan Collins (actress) - UK Joan Collins
Amy Jo Johnson (actress) - USA
Kylie Minogue (singer and actress) - AUS
*photo wanted*
During interview with GQ magazine (July 2000), showed off her splits to the interviewer. Says she used to be able to do chinese splits.
Susanna Hoffs (singer) - USA *photo wanted*
Apparently, on the Bangles Greatest Hits video, she does the splits whilst holding her guitar. Can anybody confirm his? or, even better, anybody got the photo?
Andrea Boardman (TV presenter) - UK Andrea Boardman Andrea Boardman{short description of image}
Mariel Hemmingway (actress) - USA {short description of image}
Stevie Nicks (singer) - USA Stevie Nicks does the splits
Nena (singer) - 99 Red Balloons - GER {short description of image}
Lisa Scott-Lee (singer) - UK Finally! a picture of Lisa showing off the splits!
Britney Spears (singer) - USA
Cynthia Rothrock (actress) - USA {short description of image}{short description of image}
Jamie Lee Curtis (actress) - USA Jamie Lee Curtis (actress)
Jenny McCarthy (TV presenter) - USA {short description of image}
Bonnie Langford (entertainer) - UK {short description of image}
Carmen Electra (actress) - USA {short description of image}
Diane Youdale (former gladiator "Jet") - UK {short description of image}Thanks Chuck
Tracey Ullman (comedian) - UK {short description of image}
Kelle Bryan (singer) - UK
formerly with Eternal
{short description of image}
Jenny Calvert (actress) - UK?
was in Brookside a long time ago
{short description of image}
Ali Landry (Doritos Girl) - USA {short description of image}
Nikki Plant (actress) - USA
had a small part in Beaches
{short description of image}
Jane Fonda (actress) - USA {short description of image}{short description of image}
Bernadette Peters (actress) - USA *Photo Wanted*
Did the splits in both "Annie" and "The Jerk". I think I have the second one on tape...somewhere...anybody got any better ones?
Sister Sister (actresses) - USA {short description of image}
Elizabeth Berkeley (actress) - USA {short description of image}(only a poor quality image. anybody got good quality ones?)
Zara Phillips (royal family) - UK *Photo Wanted*
I believe she demonstrated a front split during a gymnastics demo a few years back.
Rosemarie Ford (TV presenter) - UK {short description of image}{short description of image}{short description of image}{short description of image}
Tanita Tikaram (singer) -? *Photo Wanted*
Found an article on the internet a while back where she says that she practices Yoga & that her Party Trick is the splits...any photos?
Natasha Hensbridge? (actress) - USA *Photo Wanted*
Another web article..talking about a film she was in with Jean-Claude Van Damme & that she was not impressed by his flexibility...she used to be a gymnast and can do a pretty mean splits herself.
Charisma Carpenter (actress) - USA *Photo Wanted*
Stated during an interview with FHM Magazine that she used to be a cheerleader & can still do the splits.
Lea Thompson (actress) - USA {short description of image}
Lacey Chabert (actress) - USA
was in Lost in Space. These photos are from Gypsy.
from the film "Gypsy"{short description of image}
Christina Aguilera (singer) - USA Links to external website
Bridget Bardot (actress) - USA {short description of image}(this is the largest photo I have. anybody got the original?)

Geri Halliwell (singer) - UK

Julie Peasgood (actress) - UK
Christina Applegate (actress) - USA
Katie Richmond (model) - UK


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