I Know What You Did AC 190

This story is based upon a book by Agatha Christie entitled The Ten Little Indians or And Then There Were None, depending upon the publication. This is just the prologue, as it sets up the scene for the rest of the story (which I have to warn you is EXTREMELY long).


The private speedboat skid across the turquoise water, sending splashes of water out beside it. The driver brushed away a strand of blond hair as he scanned the horizon for the island. Squinting in the bright sun, his green eyes finally fixed upon a small island in the distance. Quatre spun the wheel to the left and the island grew bigger and bigger upon the horizon.

Sitting in the seat beside him, Trowa closed his eyes behind dark sunglasses. His brown bangs blew in the fast air created by the great speed of the boat. He took a deep breath of air as he slowly opened his eyes. A small island littered with palm trees approached them and Trowa felt a sudden surge of excitement.

“Dude!” Yelled an ecstatic Duo behind him, “Is that YOUR Island?” Quatre nodded and slowed the boat down as they neared the coastline. High cliffs loomed over them and the blue water splashed against the rocks below. Duo stood up and looked happily at the island. This was going to be one kick ass weekend, he told himself.

Heero calmly lifted his blue eyes and scanned the island. He had been against going on Quatre’s little vacation from the beginning, but Duo had been persistent that he come.

“It’ll be fun!” Duo had said, trying to talk Heero into coming with them.

“I don’t like social gatherings like that,” Heero had said quietly, he hated to be in large groups with all those people yelling and chatting away. But, in the end, Duo had forced Heero to come. Heero lowered his eyes and looked back across the ocean. He could see the boat containing the rest of the visitors for the weekend coming up behind them. He prayed that Relena wasn’t among that group.

Quatre expertly drove the boat into the boat dock and turned off the engine. He stepped out followed by Trowa, Duo, Wufei, and last of all Heero. The servant who had ridden with them took their bags out of the back of the boat and followed the small pilot from the boathouse and up toward the mansion.

“Whoa,” Duo said, eyes growing big as they neared the mansion, “You’re really rich Quatre.” Quatre visibly blushed and opened the front door for the rest of the pilots.

“Follow me upstairs,” Quatre motioned to an exquisite staircase made out of cherry wood and inlaid with gold, “I’ll show you to your rooms.”

They walked up the red velvet steps and into a hallway lined with paintings of Quatre’s various family members. The hallway was carpeted in a rich green carpet and gold wallpaper hung upon the walls. Numerous doors lined the walls, each with a lantern hanging upon the wall next to it.

“This is your room Wufei,” Quatre said opening one of the doors into a brightly pink-colored room. Wufei simply looked through the doorway and refused to go in.

“But it’s pink!” He cried indignantly. His black eyes stared harshly into the room and he crossed his arms, he would not allow himself to be degraded like this. Wufei could almost see the amusement in Quatre’s eyes as he tried to persuade Wufei to go in.

“Wufei,” Quatre sighed, “This was the only room with one single bed.” Quatre saw Trowa flush as he realized the truth implied behind the statement.

“It’s pink,” Wufei cried again. He planted his hands on his hips and glared Quatre down. But Quatre was not to be persuaded.

“Look,” Duo said friendly, “Don’t be a party pooper. It’s just for one weekend, its not like it’s going to hurt you at all.” Wufei turned sharply at Duo who glared back at him.

“I’ll take that room if you won’t Wufei,” Trowa said quietly. He wanted them to stop arguing over such a stupid thing. He would even go so far as to take the room just to shut Wufei up.

Wufei looked at Trowa and suddenly felt guilty. Trowa was willing to take the room, he had better fess up and be a man. Wufei sighed and moved his things into the room. Quatre smiled at Trowa for helping him and showed the rest of them to their rooms.

“Here’s your room Heero,” Quatre said, gesturing to a room filled with a queen-sized bed. “And your room is next to his,” Quatre said to Duo. “I gave you your own rooms in case you wanted some privacy. I did make sure you each had a room with a large bed.”

Heero stared at Quatre, but Duo just laughed and smiled, making the best of the situation. Duo steered Heero into his own room and away from Quatre before he killed him, that’s how angry Heero looked.

“He’s so shy about his feeling for Duo,” Quatre said to Trowa, as they watched them enter the room. “But, I guess I’m pretty shy about mine too.” Trowa blushed and looked over at Quatre and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. “Your room is next to mine.”

Trowa followed Quatre into his own room. The room was painted blue with a large oak bed in one corner. The window overlooked a small bay lying to the north of the island.

“I used to love this room when I was little,” Quatre said nostalgically. Quatre opened the windows and let in the numerous smells and sounds from the ocean. “My room is right next door, we have adjoining rooms.”

Trowa looked at the door on the wall opposite the bed. Quatre opened it to a green room that looked very similar to his own. Trowa put his suitcase on the dresser and began unpacking his clothes.

“I’ll go down and meet with the rest of the guests,” Quatre said as he left the room. Trowa watched him go and felt that this would be the best weekend of his life. Little did he know that soon he would be wrong, dead wrong.


“It’s not as big as my own mansion,” Dorothy said as she looked about the large entry hall. The ceiling depicted angels and saints in heaven and the walls were painted in a light yellow hue.

Relena looked over at Dorothy and smiled, “Actually, I think yours is smaller.” Dorothy looked sharply at Relena and stuck out her tongue. “Plus Quatre has a lot of mansions, how many do you have?”

Zechs leaned against the wall as he watched his younger sister fighting with Dorothy. Noin smiled and leaned against him. She kissed his cheek and slipped an arm around his waist. Lady Une examined the antiques in the hallway, a small hobby of hers.

“Sorry I’m late,” said a cheerful voice from the top of the stairs. The light from a large window behind him lit him up. He’s like one of those angels on the ceiling, Relena thought as Quatre glided down the stairs.

“That’s ok,” Noin said, “We were just admiring your lovely home.”

Quatre smiled, “Yes, I remember spending summers here as a kid. It was always lots of fun. So, after that last battle with Mariemaria, I thought we all needed a little vacation. How is she anyway?”

“She’s going to school now, just a regular kid.”

“That’s good,” Quatre’s smile shone at them like a beacon of light, “I’ll show you your rooms.”

They followed Quatre up the stairs, Noin and Zechs bringing up the rear. She squeezed his hand and he looked down at her through his long, blond bangs. His preventer jacket clung to his muscular frame and Noin felt desire pour through her veins.

“This is your room Relena,” Quatre said gesturing to a door farther down the hallway, “Your room adjoins with Dorothy’s over here.”

Relena and Dorothy went into their rooms and Noin, Zechs, and Une followed Quatre even further down the hallway. Lady Une was placed in a room by herself and Noin and Zechs opted to share a room.

“All I have is a king-sized bed,” Quatre said.

“I think we can live with that,” Zechs said staring into Noin’s luxurious eyes. Noin blushed and rushed into the room and began unpacking. Quatre smiled and left them alone. He went back into his own room and began hanging up his wardrobe.

There was a knock from the adjoining door and Trowa soon entered the room. His green eyes looked over at Quatre and he sat down on the bed, watching the smaller boy unloading his suitcase.

“Are you done unpacking?” Quatre asked, hanging up his pink blouse.

“Yeah,” Trowa said, “And so are Heero and Duo. Well, at least I think they are. They’re making so much racket in Duo’s room I just had to leave.”

Quatre raised his eyebrow and smiled, “Maybe you’ll just have to stay in here with me so they won’t bother you.” He gestured to the large bed on the opposite wall. Trowa gave Quatre one of his rare smiles and started to walk toward the door.

“I’m going to see if Wufei is done unpacking yet,” Trowa walked out of the room and left Quatre to finish unpacking.



Nine sets of legs ran down the velvet stairs and into the dining room. The table was set with exquisite china and food was literally steaming on the plates. The meal consisted of cooked duck, couscous, asparagus, and a Caesar salad.

“Wow!” Duo remarked and he shoved the food in his mouth, “This is really good! Compliment the chef for me Quatre!”

“Actually,” Quatre said, “I made it.”

Everyone became quiet and looked at him in amazement. Quatre blushed and put a forkful of duck into his mouth.

“You made it Quatre?” Trowa said on Quatre’s right.

“Yeah,” Quatre said, still blushing, “My cook is out of town right now. So I had to do with what he left.”

“That’s stupid,” Duo remarked, “That he should go out of town just when you’re having guests.”

“I know. He was supposed to be here, but he left a note in the kitchen saying he had a family emergency and had to leave immediately.”

“I’m glad he left,” Noin said, savoring a bite of duck, “Otherwise we might not have been able to have this remarkable duck.” The rest continued to eat the meal and gazed at the wondrous desert when Quatre brought it out. He brought out a seven-layer chocolate, strawberry cake that was almost as tall as he was.

“You really didn’t have to make this,” Dorothy said; cake covering his face as he bolted the cake.

“I just wanted you guys to have a good first night,” Quatre said, “Tomorrow I was thinking we could do some jet skiing and sailing.”

“Sounds great,” Une said standing up, “But right now I’m going to take a walk. The island is so beautiful and I want to get some fresh air. I’ll see you in the morning.” Une headed out of the room, her long, blue dress flowing over her.

“Yeah,” Duo said yawning, “I think I might as well head up to bed.” He pushed back his chair and walked out of the room, his long braid swishing behind him. A little later Heero also headed upstairs, no question what they were up to. Relena, pouting, stomped out of the room.

“What’s her problem?” Zechs asked worriedly as he watched his younger sister storm out of the room.

“She just found out about Heero and Duo,” Dorothy said smiling, leaving no doubt that she was the one who had told Relena the truth behind the pilots’ relationship.

“What about them?” Zechs looked at the faces of the people sitting around the table. They returned his glance with puzzlement.

“You mean you don’t know?” Trowa asked in amazement. It seemed so obvious that Heero and Duo were going out; maybe Zechs was just slow. Noin leaned over and whispered into Zech’s ear. His eyes grew wide in shock and he leaned back in his chair.

“I guess I missed a lot while I was ‘dead’,” he said, still in shock, “I never thought… them two… whoa.” Dorothy laughed at his reaction.

“Boys will be boys,” she said maniacally, staring over at Trowa and Quatre. Quatre quickly removed his hand from Trowa’s and blushed violently. Zechs looked over at them and his mouthed opened again in surprise.

“You two too?” He asked, pointing at the two other pilots. Quatre nodded his head and Trowa looked away. “This is a night of surprises.”

“Really Zechs,” Noin said, “I can’t believe you didn’t notice. I mean, they’re always flirting with each other. You really are slow.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Zechs asked her.

“I thought you knew,” she replied, placing some purple hair behind her ear and averting her eyes.

Wufei sat in his chair, silent. Why couldn’t they talk about something interesting and not stupid gossip? He didn’t give a shit about the other pilots’ relationships. That was their business, not something that should be discussed over dinner. At least they had waited until after the war to begin to act upon their feelings for each other. Losing his appetite as the conversation continued its current course, he left the room abruptly and without a word.

“He looked pissed,” Dorothy said amused, “I guess he didn’t like our discussion topic.”

“I don’t think I like it either, Dorothy,” Quatre asked, still blushing, “I think I’d better start on the dishes.” Quatre stood up and started to collect the dishes, but Noin stopped him.

“I think Dorothy and I will do the dishes,” she said, taking the pile of plates from Quatre.

“We’ll what?” Dorothy asked, shocked at the idea of doing her own dishes.

“I think it’s the least we owe Quatre,” she said superiorly, “He is letting us stay in his house for the weekend.” Dorothy pouted, but stood up and grabbed some dishes off the table. Quatre followed them into the kitchen; his protests could be heard through the door.

“I’ll think I’ll get out of here before I’m asked to help clean,” Zechs said pushing back his chair. Trowa followed his lead and they headed onto a balcony. Zechs took a cigar out of a pocket of his jacket and lit it up. Trowa shook his head when Zechs offered him one. They sat outside for a while, watching the stars and the night before them.

“This is a nice place,” Trowa commented, trying to break the silence. Zechs nodded his head, light from the windows pooling onto his blond hair. Trowa stood up and leaned against the railing. The cool breeze from the ocean made his long bangs flow in across his face.

“I almost didn’t come,” Zechs said.

Trowa looked over at him, “Why not?”

“There were some reports of disturbances coming from some distant colonies,” Zechs threw his nearly used cigar on the ground and stamped on it, “I wanted to check it out, but Noin convinced me to come here instead. She’s always saying I do too much for the Preventers.”

Zechs picked up his beer and finished it off in one long gulp. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and leaned against the back of the house, “I just want to make sure that nothing happens like what happened two years ago.”

Trowa nodded and remembered the war that had erupted between earth and the colonies about two years ago. It had literally been a blood bath that resulted in the sacrifice of many important lives. He had almost lost his own home colony only a year ago when MarieMaria had been brainwashed by Dekan Barton, someone from his past.

“I guess I’ll go to bed too,” Zechs said, stretching his arms, “I want to be well rested for tomorrow. This will be my only vacation for a while, and I want to make sure that I enjoy it to the fullest. Good night.” Zechs walked off the porch and into the house, the door banging loudly behind him. Trowa decided to go in also and locked the door behind him. I wonder what Quatre’s doing? He asked himself as he climbed the stairs. He saw the lights from the kitchen were out so they had undoubtedly finished cleaning the dishes and whatnot. He walked down the hallway and entered his room.

Lying on the small table by the bed was a letter. Trowa opened the note to find sloppy writing in what appeared to be… blood?!

‘A warning to all those on the island: Each person on the island has been accounted for the following crimes and will be punished as seen fit.

Heero Yuy- The death of an innocent girl and her dog.

Trowa Barton- The destruction of his mercenary group. (What the F*ck?! How did anyone find out?!)

Duo Maxwell- The death of one of his best friends.

Quatre Raberba Winner- The death of his father.

Wufei Chang- The death of his wife.

Zechs Merquise- The death of his friend Otto.

Lucretzia Noin- The death of her students at the Victoria Base.

Dorothy Catalonia- The death of her grandfather.

Relena Peacecraft- The death of your stupid followers who believed your unrealistic goals on total pacifism.

Lady Une- The death of Foreign Minister Darlian.

You have all been judged and found guilty. You will each now pay for these crimes listed.’

Trowa’s hand shook as he let the note slide to the floor. How could anyone have found out about his mercenary incident? It had been a slip-up, but he had been careful in hiding it from anyone. Trowa slid to the ground as his whole body began shaking. The memories he had tried to force away began to resurface once again. Midii Une began to fill his sight as her words of friendship and kindness fell onto his ears. He tried to push away these memories; it was so painful to bear: her betrayal and finally the demise of his mercenary group. Trowa curled into a ball on the floor and began to rock back and forth, not able to control his emotions.


Duo and Heero sat on the bed, both staring at the ground. In his left hand, Heero held the note that they had found on the dresser. Duo held his head in his hands as he tried to think this over.

“It’s got to be some kind of sick joke?” He asked hopefully as he looked up through his long, brown bangs at Heero, “Right?”

Heero didn’t say anything but continued to stare at the note in his hands. Somehow he knew, though he didn’t want to admit it, that this was not some sort of joke. It was a real note that someone had written. Why else would someone have taken the time to find out all these personal details about the gundam pilots and the others? Heero placed the note on the bed beside him and looked into Duo’s deep violet eyes. Eyes that were filled with pain and suffering looked back at him.

“No,” Heero said quietly, “This is not a joke.” Duo put his head back in his hands and began to cry.

“I didn’t mean for him to die,” he babbled, “I tried to help him, but the medicine didn’t help. I…I should’ve died too…” Heero looked over at Duo and tried to comfort the grief-stricken youth.

“Don’t think that,” Heero said quietly, “We’ll get this bastard, whoever he or she is.”


Wufei picked up the note that sat by his bed. He had been carefully studying it for the last half hour, trying to decipher it. The person who had written and distributed the notes obviously went out of his way to unearth these facts. Like Wufei’s ‘crime’, some of the others were also very hidden and personal. Take Trowa and Duo’s, those events had undoubtedly happened in their past, before they became gundam pilots.

The author had also taken crimes that he sought fit. He did not seem to care about the deaths of the thousands of soldiers the gundams had killed. Instead he had taken Heero’s murder of a young girl and her dog or of Zech’s friend. It told much about how the bastard must think.

Wufei stared at the paper again and tore it up into pieces that he subsequently threw into the trashcan. He would not appear weak in front of this adversary. Making sure his sword was at ready, Wufei sat up in bed to guard himself the rest of the night.


The light fell across a pair of exotic brown eyebrows. The owner of them stared at her hands, hands that seemed to her to be stained with blood. She curled her fingers in and began to wash them in the water repeatedly. Her hands became red and raw from the constant scrubbing. Tears intermingled with the soap as she stared into the mirror above the sink.

Clear blue eyes stared back at her, her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. Dorothy dried her hands on a towel and slumped onto her bed. She curled into a fetal position and began to cry. I’m so sorry grandfather, she repeated to herself. I didn’t mean to send you into outer space to die. Dorothy’s hair spilled out of her hair ribbon and framed her face. She pulled a pillow towards her and squeezed it to her chest.

On the floor lay the remains of the letter she had received, an exact copy of the one the others had procured. Dorothy cursed herself for coming to this accursed isle. She sat up and tried to regain her composure. She promised herself that she would not allow the person who wrote the letter to make her act so weak again.


Zechs walked into the room he was sharing with Noin. He slowly opened the door in case she was changing, for he did not want to walk onto her unannounced at such an awkward moment. He peeked inside and was shocked to see Noin with her head in her hands. Noin looked up when she saw Zechs enter. He rushed over to the bed and knelt by her side.

“What’s wrong?” Zechs said, his nail blue eyes filled with worry.

“This,” she said merely handing him the letter. Zechs quickly scanned it and then pulled Noin close to him. “I trained them the best I could, I didn’t want them to die.”

“Shhh,” Zechs murmured to her, “It’s some sort of joke.”

“No one could create a joke like this,” she cried, “what kind of sicko would find this funny?”

“We’ll get to the bottom of this,” Zechs stroked her purple hair, “I won’t allow them to hurt you like this.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?”

“I won’t allow their stupid pranks to get to me. It’s what they want. I already felt responsible for Otto’s death. If I hadn’t have rebuilt Tall Geese, then he wouldn’t have died.”

“It wasn’t you fault!”

“Partially, but I’ve already acknowledged that,” he said quietly, “But I won’t allow him to accuse you of training you students ineffectively.”


Trowa looked up from his position on the floor to see the adjoining door to Quatre’s room opening. His eyes widened as he saw a disheveled Quatre enter. The fine, blond hair was curled around his face and his eyes were red from crying.

“Oh, Quatre,” Trowa murmured.

The Arabian pilot ran into Trowa’s arms and began to sob. Trowa placed his hands on Quatre’s back and began to massage him.

“How could they… I would never,” Quatre cried hysterically.

“Shh,” Trowa whispered, “They made up these lies to try and provoke us.”

“Then it’s not true about you?”

Trowa did not meet those angelic blue eyes, but merely looked off to the side. Quatre’s eyes widened and he pulled instinctively away from the Heavyarms pilot. Trowa felt a pain inside his chest as he saw Quatre’s reaction. He reached out his arms for the smaller boy who just continued to back away further.


“Stay away from me,” the other boy said, “How could you kill them at such a young age? Why did you? And this was before you were a gundam, so you didn’t have the excuse of protecting the colonies. Y-you must have been…still are evil.”

“I…it was an accident,” Trowa said, his blond eyes looking away. The tears began to form in his eyes and he tried to forget about the betrayal of that day.

“At least what I did wasn’t true,” Quatre said standing up, “I didn’t kill my father. They just made that up!” The small boy’s voice squeaked on the last note and he headed back into his own room.

“Quatre,” Trowa called to him, “I need you. Please, Quatre… let me explain.”

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Quatre ran out of the room and closed the door beside him. Trowa sat shocked on the floor and began to feel the familiar coldness creep over him. He pulled his legs to his chest and began to be enveloped by the past. It was the same coldness that had crept over him when Quatre, driven insane by his father’s death, had destroyed the V-8 he had been piloting.


Relena sat in the swing in the garden. She closed her eyes and let the wind rush over her as she swung high above the ground. She had run outside after she had left the dining room. The night air kissed her body as she swung back and forth.

Suddenly, someone grabbed the swing and slowed her down. They placed their hands over her eyes and she smiled.

“Is that you Heero?” She asked smiling. Maybe Heero had finally giving up the fantasy of living with Duo and had realized that she was so much better than that baka. Leaning back into the other person’s arms, she felt kisses fall onto her face. “Oh, Heero…”

A hand stroked her arm and down onto her neck. The hand continued down her chest and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them just enough to make Relena croon in pleasure. Relena leaned into the hand and sighed as it began to massage her.

“Don’t…stop…” she panted.

“You whore,” a voice screamed as the hands tightened around her throat, “You actually thought I would fuck you! You’re a pathetic little slut!”

Relena choked as she saw red light pouring in front of her eyes. Her attacker stood behind her so she could not see who it was. She threw her hands behind her, trying to hurt her assailant. Her nails racked against skin and blood dripped down her fingers and hand.

“You bitch!” The voice yelled as he continued to choke Relena. Relena’s eyes finally rolled back into her head and her body went limp against her attacker. “Finally! She was a hard bitch to kill!”

The attacker picked her up and threw her upon the ground. The attacker took out a knife and began to cut up her arms and legs. Blood began pouring out of the wounds and onto the ground. Laughing evilly, the attacker cut out her eyes. Soon the deed was done and the attacker stood up and left her body to dry.

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