Chapter 2

Serena stumbled into her bedroom, flopping down upon her bunny-print comforter. Rolling over onto her back, she stared at the ceiling, a worried look consuming her face. What had gotten into Prisma? She asked herself.

“Is something wrong Serena?” asked the small black cat known as Luna. Luna jumped onto the bed and lay next to Serena. Serena scratched under the cats chin and Luna purred loudly.

“Something is the matter with Prisma, she blew up at me today,” Serena said sitting up.

“Are you sure you didn’t say anything that would make her mad? You can be blunt at times…”

“No!” Serena said defending herself, “I was just asking her what was wrong. Because she got all upset at the party we had for her and her sisters the other day.”

“Maybe you should ask her sisters about what they think.”

“They aren’t sure either,” Serena stood up and walked to the dresser, “They know it has something to do with Sapphire. But, they aren’t sure what brought about her episode. She has been really fine about that matter for the past two years now, she even started dating some guys from her work. And then, all of a sudden, she ran out of the room and was crying about Sapphire.”

“That is weird,” Luna said questioningly, “Maybe the memories from the party brought about her sad feelings.”

“But other times we talked about Sapphire directly, and she was fine,” Serena picked up the picture of Darien. She couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to lose the one person she cared so much about, “I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

“Wrong with who?” Lita said bursting into the room. In her arms, a humongous basket of cookies jostled about. “Your mom told me just to come up. Here, these are for you.”

Serena greedily grabbed the basket and started wolfing down the cookies. Luna gave her a reprimanding look and then pounced upon Lita’s shoulder. Lita petted her and sat upon the bed watching Serena gorge the food.

“So what were you talking about when I came in?”

“Huh?” Serena said confused, pieces of cookies sticking out of her mouth.

“Oh, Serena,” Luna sighed. “We were talking about how Prisma went ballistic at the party the other day. And earlier, Serena tried to talk to Prisma, but she blew up at her.”

“Weird,” Lita said scratching her head.

“Yeah,” Serena said wiping the crumbs of her chin, “We were trying to figure out what was wrong with her.”

“Hmmm,” Lita pondered.

“Lita…Serena…” a voice cut through the silence. Lita looked down at her communicator and saw Ami’s face staring up at her. “We need your help on sixth and Congress. There’s some trouble…we…help…” The transmission broke up and Ami’s face disappeared.

“Come on Serena,” Lita said standing up, “Let’s go!”

“Go where?” Serena said holding a cookie to her open mouth.

“Serena! Ami just called and needs our help!”

“Ami?” Serena asked, “She doesn’t need our help. She gets perfect marks.”

“Serena!” Luna yelled at her, “Lita means Sailor Scout business.”

“Oh,” Serena said looking glumly at the ground, “Let’s go then.”


“There’s some trouble. We need your help now,” Ami yelled into the communicator as the transmission went out. “Shit! It went dead!”

“Why?” Mina asked as she looked curiously at Ami.

“I don’t know,” Ami said shaking it in the air, “There must have been something that cut through it…” A loud blast brought them back to the situation at hand.

“We have to transform now you guys!” Shouted Mars from the edge of the alley that connected to the street from whence the blast was heard. “We’ll worry about the stupid communicators later.”

Mina and Ami transformed beside Mars and they rushed out onto the street. Standing before them were three men dressed in black jackets and red pants. One of them held a scepter that he pointed towards them as they entered the street from the alley. The other two rushed around the other side of them so that they encircled the Scouts.

“How dare you stand against us and our king,” yelled the one with the scepter.

“What do you and your king want on the earth?” Mars yelled at them with a viscous glare.

“We are here to take revenge upon the earth for all that it has wronged us!” He held the scepter up high and threw a blast of energy towards Venus. Venus dodged it and rolled on the ground.

“Venus Love Chain Encircle!”

“Aqua Shine Illusion!”

The men dodged the attacks and threw back some of their own. Mercury was hit squarely in the stomach and doubled back upon a bus stop bench.

“Dead Scream!” Yelled a voice and the man who had hit Mercury was lying on the ground in a second.

“Pluto! Mini-Moon!” yelled Venus as she turned to greet them.

“I’m here to stop you in the name of the future moon!” Mini-Moon ran toward Mercury and helped her up. Pluto turned to her left abruptly and watched as Neptune and Uranus walked towards them.

“Invited by a new era, Sailor Uranus!”

“Here to defend the arts and beauty, Sailor Neptune!”

“To defend love and justice, in the name of the moon, Sailor Moon!”

“And Sailor Jupiter!”

Jupiter and Moon jumped down and landed on the street next to Pluto. They turned toward the two men left standing. The third had disappeared as if he had never been there.

“It looks like you’re outnumbered!” Neptune yelled over to them.

“The logical thing would be to give up!” Uranus called a second after.

“We would never give up on our king!” The one with the scepter yelled back as he charged against Moon. Moon was hit and fell on the ground, the man lying on top of her. He hit the scepter across her head and she struggled to get him off. Jupiter ran over to them and pulled him off, placing him in a headlock. The man shook Jupiter off and blasted her in the face with the scepter. Jupiter flew through the air and hit the side of a shop. Her body slumped to the ground and a figure in the shadows gasped in surprise.

“Oh no!” said the purple-haired woman. “Avery! What are we going to do?”

The tall woman with the brown hair looked over at the first, “We have to help them Catsy.”

“Right!” Yelled the one with the long blue braid, “We have to help the scouts.”

“If only Prisma was here to help us,” Catsy exclaimed.

The three sisters had been shopping with Mina, Raye, and Ami when the attackers had come. The scouts had pushed the sisters to the side and told them to stay there while they ‘handled the situation’. Little did the scouts know the four sisters had been building upon their powers.

When Sailor Moon healed them three years ago, they lost all their evil powers. The sisters had thought they were left without any powers in them, they soon realized they had good powers stored inside. Developing these powers, the sisters were now ready to try out their powers.

Jumping into the streets, the sisters aimed heavy blows upon the attackers. Stunned by the new assailants, the men were hit and fell onto the ground with loud thumps. Soon, their bodies also disappeared and the Scouts were left standing on the street. Catsy walked over the Jupiter and helped her up.

“Are you ok?” Catsy asked as Jupiter stumbled over her own feet.

“Yeah,” Jupiter said, “Just have on major headache.”

“When did you guys get powers?” Moon asked as she stared stupidly upon the sisters.

“We found out that our evil powers were taken away when you healed us,” explained Avery, “But we soon realized we had good powers of our own to use.”

“Interesting,” said Ami as she analyzed them through her computer.

“Who were those guys?” Mars asked as she looked to where the men had disappeared.

“They said they were her to take revenge upon the earth,” Venus told the other Scouts.

“They were sent by me!” A voice rang through the street. Turning sharply, the group took in a sharp breath as they realized who stood before them.

Standing tall with a white jacket and pants trimmed in blue, stood Sapphire. His blue eyes looked upon them coldly and the wind swept across his hair. Beside him stood a tall woman, taller than anyone they had seen before, her red hair was swept up in a high ponytail.

“Sapphire?” Moon asked in surprise. The last time she had seen him was when he had been killed by Wise Man. “Is that really him?”

“Yes,” Sapphire called to them, “And I am here to take revenge upon you for the death of my brother!”

“But we didn’t kill him,” Moon said stepping forward, “Wise Man did!”

“Nonsense,” Sapphire yelled to them, “It was your fault. If he hadn’t fallen in love with you none of this would’ve happened. We will take our revenge upon the earth!”

Sapphire raised his hands and sent a wave of energy towards them. The Scouts and the sisters flew back onto the ground. “Who are these clowns?” Uranus said standing back up. Neptune also looked questioningly toward Moon and the others.

“We’ll explain when there’s more time,” Raye said brushing herself of, “Right now we have to show these guys a thing or to. Mars Fire Surround!”

Sapphire put up his hand and the attack merely bounced off. Mars looked at it in surprise and was hit back as the attack bounced back at her.

“Uranus World Shaking!” Uranus sent a heavy blow towards Amethysest who dodged it and sent back a green energy bolt at her. Uranus fell back as it hit her hard in the stomach.

“Jupiter Oak Evolution!” Once again Sapphire rebounded the attack back upon the attacker. This continued for a little while longer until Ami stopped them.

“You guys,” she said as they huddled in a circle, “This isn’t working! We have to think of something else!”

“Is that all you can take?” Sapphire yelled at them, laughing evilly. Moon looked up from the group and started to approach him.

“What’s wrong with you Sapphire?” She yelled, the other scouts trying to call her back. “Before you died, you knew that the Earth was good and…” Her sentence broke off as she was sent backwards into a trashcan.

“Nonsense!” Yelled Sapphire, “I think we have shown them a taste of our power. See you soon scouts!” Sapphire and the rest of them disappeared as the scouts and the sisters rushed over to Moon.

“Sailor Moon!” Avery said, kneeling down by the unconscious scout.

“What happened?” Asked Tuxedo Mask, appearing out of nowhere. “I got here as soon as I could. Is she ok?”

“She was hurt pretty badly,” Venus said, taking Moon’s pulse. “Maybe you should take her back to her house while we try to regroup.” Tuxedo Mask nodded and took Moon into his arms. He walked off away from the group as the rest headed for the temple to figure out what was going on.