Title: Sapphire's Resurrection ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own any rights to Sailor Moon or anything affliated with it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 The dark cloud encircled a distant moon on another planet. It had been growing in power and evil over the past three years. The poor moon was encrusted with the vile power that threatened to overtake it. The buildings lay spread across the small moon. The small group of survivors had grown to a few hundred and now their wait for revenge would come to an end. Their leader, Amethysest, was ready to make war upon the earth and its moon ruler ship. "We shall leave to attack earth in four days time," said the tall red-haired woman they called Amethysest. "What about our king? He has not awoken from his coma yet, what would he say?" A young soldier called out bravely to the leader. The woman raised her hand and aimed a bright green blast at the young man. He fell back across the floor and motionlessly lay there. "No one is to question my authority or my decisions ever again," her voice rang clear across the hall, "does everyone get that?" The group of soldiers stood silently and timidly in front of their leader. No one would go against her wishes, only if their king would reawaken; he could save them. Inside of a small chamber lay the king. His body was lying upon a glass table and he was hooked up to various life support systems. He had been in a coma for the past three years; no one would dare to unhook him from the support. His eyes were closed, and his breaths came shallowly and shakily. The doctors looked upon, and did not seem surprised that there had been no change in his condition. They didn't expect him to awaken; no one actually did. He was merely a hope they could put chance upon. Then the king's eyes fluttered open, his metallic blue eyes focused upon the ceiling. He carefully sat up and brushed the stray strands of blue hair away from his face. Looking about him, he didn't not recognize where he was. The doctors had been joking away in the corner when the king asked them where he was. "King!" They shouted with an unexpected enthusiasm. "You have awoken!" "King?" The man said scratching his head. He wasn't king, his brother Diamond was, and he was merely a prince under the rule of his brother. "But I'm not king, Diamond is." The doctors looked at each other worriedly, and their eyes searched the ground intently. Sapphire looked at them with a questioning glance. It couldn't be…he told himself…Diamond can't be… "He's dead," the head doctor finally blurted out. Sapphire felt the tears prick at his eyes, but wouldn't allow himself to cry. He had to be strong and find out what was happening. "How long have I been unconscious?" Sapphire said standing upon unsteady legs. The doctors rushed to him and told him to sit down, but he shrugged off their helping arms. "Three years," they told him. "Three years," he repeated silently. What had happened in those past three years? How could Diamond have died? Sapphire reasoned the Sailor Scouts must have defeated Wise Man; they were very strong. He supposed Diamond had been killed in the battle. He thought back to his last memories, he had tried to reason with Diamond; tried to tell him Wise Man was against them. Then he remembered Prisma; how she had begged him to stay and not go out to fight. Prisma… Prisma sat in her bed with a jolt. Had it just been a dream? No, that couldn't be right, it was too real to be counted as a dream. Then, did that mean Sapphire was alive? She had been told he had died in a fight against Wise Man. She remembered the day so long ago; she had begged Sapphire not to go outside and try to reach Diamond. But, stubborn as he was, Sapphire felt loyal to his brother and went out to warn him about Wise Man. "Don't worry about me," Sapphire said with a smile. She had always remembered that smile, it was one of the few good memories she had of him. He had given her his jacket and a kiss before he left. Prisma had stood on the balcony all that night, awaiting news from Sapphire. Then she had a feeling something horrible had happened to him. Crying, she vainly tried to put the feeling away, hoping to hear from the Scouts what had really happened. The Scouts had returned, tears in their eyes, with bad news. Sapphire was dead, or so they told her. She couldn't believe it at first, Sapphire was alive, she was sure of it. Wouldn't she know when he had died? Now, Prisma sat in bed, filled with a sense that Sapphire was alive. She shook her head, it was just a dream; I can't get my hopes up. Prisma got out of bed and walked to the balcony. She stared at the stars and looked for a sign to tell her if the dream was real or not. *** "This cake is scrumptious!" Serena bellowed through a mouthful of chocolate cake, "You are the best cook in the world, Lita." Lita smiled modestly and continued to eat her own piece of cake. Across from her sat the four sisters: Prisma, Catsy, Birdie and Avery. The Scouts were over at their apartment to celebrate the three years they had spent on earth. "We love it here on earth so much," Avery said as she took a small bite of cake. Catsy stared in stupor as she watched Serena wolf down the chocolate cake. Catsy placed her own small piece back on the table and pushed it aside. Unlike Serena, she had to watch what she ate. "It is great," Birdie agreed, "I just can't believe it's been three years since we came here." "I know," Prisma exclaimed, "The time has gone by so fast." Raye and Mina stood up and handed the sisters the presents they had gotten them. Inside the brightly wrapped packages lay pictures of there stay on earth. "This is wonderful you guys," Catsy said embracing the scouts in a big hug. Prisma…Prisma…Where are you? Prisma stood up abruptly and stood steadfast. Had that been Sapphire trying to contact her? Prisma ran out of the room and into her bedroom. Rummaging under the bed she pulled out a brown tattered box. Opening the lid she took out a blue jacket. The jacket had belonged to Sapphire; this was the one he had left her before he went away. Hugging it to her chest, she let the tears fall down her eyes. It hadn't been just a dream; Sapphire was alive and was trying to contact her. "What's up with her?" Raye said as they watched Prisma rush out of the room. "I'll go check on her," Catsy said, and Birdie and Avery followed her out of the room. The scouts looked at each other and followed behind them. Catsy cracked open the door into Prisma's room and looked inside. She saw Prisma sitting on the floor, hugging Sapphire's jacket to her chest and sobbing silently. Catsy closed the door and stepped back. The others looked at her questioningly and she motioned for them to follow her into the other room. "I think the party reminded her of Sapphire," Catsy said quietly, "She was holding his jacket to her chest and crying." "That's weird," remarked Lita, "Usually she doesn't get all worked up even when he is mentioned. Does she?" "No," said Avery, "That's what seems so strange, this isn't like her at all." Serena stood with her arms crossed; Prisma's behavior was strange. But, she, Serena the love doctor, would get to the bottom of this mystery. *** Prisma stood on the bridge overlooking the small pond in the park. The flowers were in bloom and she held a small bouquet in her arms. Hearing footsteps behind her she turned to see Serena walking towards her. "What's up Prisma?" Serena said leaning on the bridge next to Prisma. "Oh, nothing," Prisma said letting the flowers fall into the water below her. The flowers seemed to fall slowly and gracefully as they gently splashed into the water. "There is something," Serena insisted, "We know you were crying about Sapphire yesterday." Prisma turned abruptly to look Serena. Serena was always blunt about everything, yet, even this direct statement surprised her. "I, huh…well," Prisma stumbled over her words as she tried to figure out what to say. "Don't worry Prisma, we understand that the memories of Sapphire are sad for you," Serena said putting an arm around her, "We just think after three years you should get over him." Prisma spun back angrily. Serena had no idea what her feelings were, and she had no business sticking her nose where it didn't belong. For a second, Prisma had thought Serena had figured out about the vision; but then she realized Serena was just assuming what she had been feeling. "Why don't you just buzz off?" Prisma yelled at the startled Serena. "You think since you have Darien you know everything about love and what's going on in other people's lives. You have no idea what my feelings are, let along what I'm thinking! You're just seventeen, not even old enough to have lived to know anything!" Prisma ran through the park and into the streets. Blindly with tears streaming down her face, she swerved in and out of people not knowing in what direction she led herself. Slowing down, she wiped her face from the tears and looked about her. Gasping with surprise, she realized she had brought herself to the exact spot where Sapphire had supposedly died. Knees shaking, she collapsed on the sidewalk and buried her face in her arms. *** Sapphire lay asleep on a bed. Turning from side to side, he repeated Prisma's name over and over in his head. Searching for her, yearning for her. He gasped awake as an arm shook him. A woman with bright red hair stood above him. Her red eyes seemed to penetrate his very core as he tried to focus himself awake. "Your highness," the woman said in a deep throaty voice, "You must come to the great hall and be welcomed to your people." Sapphire stared at her stupidly as he again realized he was the king. He still couldn't believe Diamond was dead. His strong and supportive brother had deserted him in the final round. "I will be there soon," Sapphire said standing on the floor beside the bed. The woman bowed to him and walked out of the room. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the woman give him a look of hatred as she left. After dressing, Sapphire walked down the hallway to the great hall. He looked around him at the gold walls and silver floors. "Your highness! It's really you!" A voice called to Sapphire from behind him. Tuning, Sapphire saw a blue-haired girl rush towards him. "Oooh, forgive my impetuousness." She bowed to him lowly, her hair falling across her shoulders. "Oh," Sapphire said in surprise, "You don't have to bow to me." "But, you are the king," she said looking at him confused. Sapphire, startled, murmured an agreement. He continued to walk down the hallway and the girl walked in step beside him. "Please," Sapphire said looking over to her, "will you explain something to me." "Oh course, your highness," the girl said bowing her head. Blushing, Sapphire looked away. He was still not used to all this attention given to him. How had Diamond gotten used to it? "Could you tell me what happened the past three years while I was in the coma?" The girl looked up at him and smiled, "Of course. After Diamond was killed, and those wretched Sailor Scouts defeated the Wise Man, who turned out to be double-crossing us, we were exiled onto this moon of a planet on the outer ring of the solar system. We have taken it over and slowly built our numbers until we were strong enough to seek our revenge upon the earth and the moon kingdom." Sapphire slowly took this in and realized the rest of the dark moon kingdom had not learned of the wonders of the planet earth and the way of the humans. The four sisters had told them of the earth's kindness and he had been swayed by their many compliments. He had not known that the rest of his kingdom had not learned of this greatness. "Who is that red-haired woman? She seems very important." "She is Amethysest," the girl said matter-of-factly, "She was the leader before you were awoken from your coma." Sapphire knew now why this Amethysest had given him that look of hatred. She had been the one in charge before he had taken over. He would have to watch out for her. "I do not know your name," Sapphire exclaimed as he looked down at her, "please tell me." The girl blushed with embarrassment, "I'm so sorry your highness. I have forgotten my manners. My name is Sena. Please forgive me!" Sapphire laughed for the first time since he had woken from his long sleep. It felt good, this releasing of his emotions. Sena looked at him with a confused glance. Sapphire remembered that emotions were not often expressed in the world of the Dark Moon Kingdom. He would have to watch his back. Sapphire had determined his course of action. Since his kingdom was planning on attacking the earth, he would go along with it. As soon as they landed on the earth, he would contact the Scouts through Prisma and try to show his forces the wonders of the Earth. He would have to trick Amethysest and the rest of the people into thinking he was all for attacking the earth. Sighing he walked into the great hall, Sena falling behind him. As he entered the room, hundreds of soldiers and civilians bowed before him. He walked down the aisle and walked up the steps leading to the throne. Standing beside the throne was Amethysest, a glare sitting upon her face and rearing its ugly head upon him. Looking away from her he sat upon the throne. "Your highness," Amethysest bellowed as the hundreds of people settled down, "We will be attacking the earth tomorrow. I hope this meets your expectations." "Yes," Sapphire said, looking straight ahead of him, avoiding her stare, "I want to wreak revenge for the death of my brother. I will destroy the Sailor Scouts and that evil Sailor Moon." A wave of cheers echoed through the hall as the hundreds of people cheered and clapped. Amethysest looked upon this all with a look that could kill, her eyes scrutinizing Sapphire's every move. She did not trust him; there was something wrong about him. It was his eyes; they were too lively and cheerful. Turning on her heel she spun out of the room hotly. Sapphire watched her leave, his anxiety towards her growing stronger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TBC