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The following is Roma's upcoming television schedule:

Note:  All listings are EASTERN TIME

*Sunday, March 4 CBS 8:00pm

        Touched by an Angel TV-G


A college freshman (guest star Jacob Tierney) faces the decision of a lifetime -- whether to follow in his father's (guest star Jere Burns) footsteps or to go his own way.

*Wednesday, March 7 CBS (check your local listings)

        "The Early Show"

*Wednesday, March 7 ABC (check your local listings)

        "The Rosie O'Donnell Show"

*Friday, March 9 ABC (check your local listings)

        "The View"

*Sunday, March 11 CBS 8:00pm

        Touched by an Angel TV-G

        "I Am an Angel"

With help from the real angels, an alcoholic actor (guest star Lee Horsley) who plays an angel on television learns the truth about God's messengers just in time to help a boy (guest star Matt Weinberg) who idolizes him.

*Sunday, March 11 CBS 9:00pm

        Second Honeymoon TV-PG

A husband and wife who are secretly planning to divorce are sent away for a romantic vacation by well-meaning relatives.

PAX (WPXN) Schedule for Touched By An Angel (March 2-March 9):

*Friday, March 2- 9:00pm

         "Labor of Love"

On a flight to Paris, Andrew (John Dye) helps a pediatrician (Priscilla Presley) who hopes to rekindle the romance with her husband (Ben Masters) but instead discovers he is involved with a younger, pregnant woman.

*Saturday, March 3- 9:00pm

        "True Confessions"

Tess and Monica help a convicted killer (guest star Viveka Davis) come to terms with the crime she says she didn't commit, while Andrew (John Dye) provides a sense of closure for the victim's father.

*Monday, March 5- 9:00pm

        "Have You Seen Me"

A couple (Sean O'Bryan, Michelle Joyner) learn that the son (Nathaniel Meyst) they adopted years ago was actually kidnapped, and his biological father now wants him back. Guest star: Stuart Margolin.

*Tuesday, March 6- 9:00pm

         "Last Call"

When Monica offers a miracle to several bar patrons, she finds them entirely apathetic toward her efforts. Guest stars: Tim Reid, Edie McClurg, Fred Sanders.

*Wednesday, March 7- 9:00pm

         "Missing in Action"

As an 80-year-old woman, Monica helps one senior citizen (Darren McGavin) regain his zest for life and another (Gwen Verdon) learn the fate of her late husband.

*Thursday, March 8- 9:00pm

         "At Risk"

A juvenile offender (Vicellous Reon Shannon) is given the chance to help himself and change the life of a severely handicapped child (Marisa Velez Gerard) in the process. With remarks by retired Gen. Colin Powell.

*Friday, March 9- 9:00pm

         "Full Moon"

Monica helps a rape victim and her husband (Jessica Steen, Alex McArthur) overcome their feelings when the rapist (Christopher Noth), who claims to have found religion, is released on parole.

*Saturday, March 10- 9:00pm

         "Such a Time as This"

The angels do everything in their power to help bring a horrifying situation in Africa to the attention of a U.S. senator (guest star Lindsay Crouse).

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