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TV2 International Laugh! Festival 2000

Penash Productions presents


This is the first solo play Rhys wrote and performed.
It also marked his forey into physical theatre. Giving him an opportunity to extend his use of characters including the Granddad, the T-rex, and the dancing idiot himself.
This show saw Rhys basically doing everything he knew possible with his comedic talents. Singing, dancing, character mimicry and sound effects.
The Time Machine really was the ultimate showcase of Darbys talents. The show itself read and watched like an action movie with a pre title sequence, a theme song and even outtakes at the end. Thanks to the direction of Johny Brugh (Sugar and Spice), this show took Rhys Darby to an entirely new level of NZ comedy.

The 'staged outtakes' became an instant hit with the audiences and from then on Rhys would put a signature on each of his forthcoming shows by including 'staged outtakes' a phenomenon audiences now expect with a Darby production.

Rhys played the parts of over a dozen characters including cave men, dinosaurs, robots, sewer mutants and the dancing idiot himself.

A popular line from the show:

"Help, where am I? What is this place? What is this time?...What's the go with that!"

Show blurb:

Wednesday 10th - Saturday 13th May @ 7.00pm

Join Rhys the free-styling dance champion and a host of equally insane characters in this hysterical roller coaster ride through history. When our hero discovers a Time Machine in his grandfather's attic it sparks off a series of misadventures which ultimately lead him to a distant future where only he can defend humanity against an evil robot empire!

"Best comedy show of 2000" - BFM Culture Bunker


Actual time machine used.