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Bats Theatre
1Kent Tce
14,15,16,17 Febuary
bookings: (04) 8024175

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Tiki Theatrics

Finally after two years in the making, the legendary untold story of sports glory is about to be revealed to the nation.
In 1984 two kiwi blokes were chosen to represent New Zealand in the LA Olympics.
The sport was swingball; the story was phenomenal… …They won gold. They returned home as national heroes and soon became the biggest thing since those ridiculous kung fu shoes with the thin orange soles. But it was this ‘fame trip’ that would ultimately lead to their downfall…
…Swingball: a pole, a ball attached with a nylon cord, two bats and a dream.
Swingball is written and performed by comedians Rhys Darby and Dai Henwood.
Rhys Darby is the Billy T Award nominated comic who’s previous shows ‘The Time Machine’ and ‘The Supernova’ have brought him critical acclaim as one of New Zealand’s finest comedians.
“Rhys Darby is amazing.” – NZ Herald
“A master story-teller adept at physical comedy.” - The Dominion
Dai Henwood is Wellington’s own. The little man with the big names: P Funk Chainsaw and the Reverend D Money just to name a couple. He’s a man with multiple personalities and all of them funny. His television credits include Xena, Least ya having a go, The Tribe and Pulp Comedy.
Jonathan Brugh is directing this play. You might know him as one half of the award winning comedy duo ‘Sugar and Spice’. His previous directing credits include ‘The Time Machine’ and ‘The Supernova’. He can be currently seen on TV1’s Te Tutu.
Swingball plays:
February 14th – 17th


"Almost balletic in their movement as the ball followed the strange trajectory only swing aficionados know, Rhys Darby and Dai Henwood swaggered like a young Jon and Ponch (ChiPs), proving themselves a pair of excellent character actors."

"Dai Henwood and Rhys Darby were wildly uneven but at their wonderfully physical best. They were terrific in their tale of Olympic gold medal winning Swingballers, Daryl and Gav, who went the oft-travelled route of hero to zero and just maybe back to hero again."
-CAPITAL TIMES: Feb 20 2002