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The Reviews...oh what do they think of me? Damn them all...well not most of them:

Here are some of the reviews Rhys has been given both nationally and abroad.

RHYS DARBY IS THE NEON OUTLAW (Edinburgh Fringe 2002):

This young New Zealander is a powerhouse of energy - visually and audibly pleasing with sound affects galore to demonstrate his vocal dexterity.

He had great stage presence and a confidence beyond what ought to be allowed for someone who admits he is still cutting his teeth.

He flowed with anecdotal eloquence, and although the topic rarely left the Kiwi-British divide, the well-observed material was enthusiastically received by the buoyant, if minimal, audience.

In a brave move, Darby called an interval half an hour into the show to dish out Ginger Nuts - risking the huge momentum he had built up. But this lull proved to be a clever ploy, allowing the crowd to digest the whirlwind of the first half, as well as the unexpected snack.

Darby experiments with playful mimes, re-enacting childhood memories and fantasies - but doing well not to push his likeable mixture of stand-up and slapstick beyond what his charisma and charm allow him to get away with. He certainly needs to be aware that he may find it difficult to rely on these personal qualities alone for longevity.

However, he is delightfully silly and finally recaps the show with a hilarious mime and dance routine, driving home the talent he possesses by reminding the audience what a great show they have just witnessed.

Margaret Ishola (


“He’s an all-energy, elastic mix of Austin Powers, Mr Bean and Tintin – but cooler – and his show is a thrilling adventure-comedy comic come to life.”

“He’s entirely convincing as the entire cast in a save-the-world adventure of Indiana Jones proportions involving aliens, pyramids and, of course, disco.”


The NZ Herald on 'Rhys Darby and the Time Machine'. May 2000

In the future only one man can save the world... ...and he's a dancing idiot!

Rhys Darby and Time Travel, a deadly mix...

The Evening Standard on 'Pulp Comedy Live'. April 2000

Rhys Darby Chris Brain Jeremy Elwood Terry Frisby
Together these boys tour the South Island each year and perform as a showcase in the TV2 Laugh festival.

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