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In another universe there is a land of loonacy ruled by a fantastic fool...

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Rhys Darby is the genre-breaking boundary leaping comic genius from New Zealand. His sensational blend of sound effects, characterizations and askew observations has been reducing international audiences to a state of bewildered hysteria since he launched himself onto the world circuit in 2002.

By combining stand-up story telling with physical theatre Rhys has developed a truly unique style of comedy performance. Before leaving his home shores he enjoyed success as one of the most sought after live acts in the country. More than simply a stand-up, Rhys is also a prolific comedy playwright. He has written and performed in six plays since 2000. Four of which were solo productions in which he took on all the roles.

“Rhys Darby does all his own stunts and special effects, and theme music…and about a dozen characters.” The Dominion.

Four international comedy festival shows, Three sold out national stand-up tours and more than half a dozen television appearances each year combined with numerous awards and award nominations left him wanting more than New Zealand had to offer.

“Rhys Darby is amazing.” NZ Herald

In 2002 he performed his first solo show in the Edinburgh Fringe festival. The following year he moved to London to set himself up on the British comedy scene. He quickly became a cult figure and a much talked about act amongst the critics and other comics alike. Straight away he was signed up for work at the prestigious clubs including The Comedy Store and Jongleurs. Because his material has universal appeal he has been scooped up and requested for performances in many other countries including Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Iceland and more recently the Middle East.

“Rhys Darby was simply stunning.” Evening Standard

This year he has performed in three international television adverts including the lead role in a science fiction Toyota piece currently being shown in cinemas worldwide. His latest play ‘Jekyll and Hyde 2030’ was well received at the 2004 Edinburgh festival. After achieving numerous rave reviews, the New Zealand arts forum have purchased the show and will bring Rhys home for a season at the sought after Herald theatre in the new year. Rhys has also landed a role in a new BBC radio show to be recorded in 2005. The future’s looking very busy for the wavy haired loon from down under.

“A master story teller adept at physical comedy.” The Dominion
“The timing is slick and elastic.” The Press
“An excellent character actor.” Sunday Star Times
“Better than you average blockbuster.” The Scotsman
“The sheer energy of his performance is astonishing.” The Independent


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"Great spirits have always encounted violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

If you're funny they will come...