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8th April 2004
Firstly, we'd like to apologise for the severe lack of updates on this page over the past year or so. We've become a lot busier with our own lives and the lack of news on James hasn't helped to keep up our interest in the pages! We'd like to keep more up to date with the site now, but hope you can all understand problems we may have with this.

It is reported that Vanity Fair finished filming over the weekend and we have found a short article here, dated April 6th, which is a brief interview with the director of Vanity Fair, Mira Nair. Vanity Fair is briefly mentioned at the end of the article, and it looks like we finally have a release date for the film. Whether it arrives as scheduled is anyone's guess...

Tell us about your latest film, Vanity Fair.
I have been a fan of William Thackeray's novel ever since I read it in Simla when I was 16. Now I am happy I am making a film on it. We just finished the film last week, and hope to release it by September 1.
How difficult was it to convince Hollywood actors to act in your film?
It wasn't difficult at all. They agreed immediately when I approached them. All of them, including Reese Witherspoon, James Purefoy, Douglas Hodge, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Jim Broadbent, Gabriel Byrne and Bob Hoskins had seen Monsoon Wedding and had liked it.

8th April 2004
Playbill News has details of a new HBO/BBC drama called Rome that James will be appearing in, scheduled to be aired in 2005.

25th February 2003
Lighthouse (known as Dead of Night in the US) will be released to buy on video and DVD in the UK on the 31st March 2003.
Resident Evil will be available to buy on DVD and video in the UK from the 14th April 2003.
See the articles page for reviews of both of these films.

29th December 2002
Mansfield Park is being shown tonight (Sunday) at 8pm on BBC1 in the UK. See the articles page for reviews of the film.

18th December 2002
Resident Evil will be available to rent on DVD and video in the UK from 23rd December. See the articles page for reviews of the film.

11th December 2002
James is currently in Calgary and other parts of Canada filming a Chevy Chase film called "The Great Goose Caper". The film is about a young boy trying to save his talking pet goose from being cooked and will finish filming in Canada on the 15th of this month. See the articles page for more information and feel free to discuss this new film on the message board.

23rd July 2002
Maybe Baby will be having it's network premiere in the UK on Saturday 27th July. It will be on BBC1 at 9.05pm. If you would like to read some reviews, please go to the articles and review page.

19th July 2002
Lighthouse has finally been given a UK release date and will be in cinemas in the UK from today. See the articles page for a review.

12th July 2002
Resident Evil is released in cinemas in the UK today.

21st June 2002
Resident Evil will be released in cinemas in the UK on 12th July 2002.

27th February 2002
A Knight's Tale was released to buy on DVD in the UK on Monday 25th.

18th January 2002
Release dates fr Resident Evil, according to IMDb, are as follows:
USA: 15 March 2002
Germany: 21 March 2002
France: 3 April 2002
UK: May 2002
Denmark: 26 July 2002
Netherlands: 1 August 2002

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