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TV's Olsen Kids Heartbroken as Parents Divorce

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TV's Olsen Twins Heartbroken As Parents Divorce

By Beverly Williston

The Full House Twins are heartbroken because their parents are divorcing. Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen, 9- who shared the part of Michelle Tanner on the hit sitcom- now live with mom Jarnie, according to an insider.

"The split has left them pretty shaken," says a family friend. "When the series ended last year, they lost their TV family. They especially miss John Stamos and on- screen sisters Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin, with whom they were very close."

"This was the twins' second family for a long time. Now Mary-Kate & Ashley have lost their real family, too."

"They saw dad and mom fight alot- and then suddenly dad was gone. He stays an active part of their lives, but he isn't there to tuck them into bed or read them stories."

"They're unhappy. It's sad to see them."

A spokesman for the twins confirms the break-up of the parents' marriage, adding that Jarnie and Dave Olsen will jointly supervise the twins careers. At stake- besides the girls' happiness- is millions of dollars.

The twins rival Macaully Culkin as the biggest money-making child entertainers in Hollywood.

As well as their big hit TV show, which ran for eight years on ABC, they've done a hit video, a children's show, TV movies- and even have their own production company. They're estimated to be worth more than $10 million.

But insiders say that this phenomenal success- along with the painful break-up of their parents- has left the Olsen's with serious growing pains.

The twins now live in the San Fernando Valley with their mother, older brother Trent and younger sister Elizabeth. They attend a private school. People who know Mary-Kate & Ashley say they are very shy in school and with other kids.

"They seldom speak on their own and have to be coached to say things," says a source. "They've been spoon-fed lines since they were nine months old. Sometimes they don't even respond when asked how they are. Mary-Kate is more open. After she answers, she often nudges her sister Ashley and tells her what to say."

At school, the girls were put into separate classrooms because they depended on one another so much.

However, the girls- who always dressed and looked the same on Full House to play the single roll of Michelle- are now trying to establish their own identities as they grow up. But because they've been packages as twins until now, this could hurt their showbiz careers.