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This site is a testimony of my love and respect for the great painter, writer Jose Da Silveira and his "visual poetry" that embraces the inherent beauty of color and the magic of the emotive portions of the mind. The comparisons between his work and the great Marc Chagall's are not surprising, but they tend to be limiting. Da Silveira's work makes visceral the elusive spirit of feelings in a way that makes each of his pieces a fresh breath in contemporary art that is uniquely his own. He was born in Mozambique, Africa where he was deeply immersed in his French and Portuguese heritages. Spending his adolescence in French Provence, he became inspired by the magnificent colors and beauty of the region, much like Van Gogh and Chagall. It is then no coincidence that his work bears the same stamp of power and direction of the modern European masters. His talents have brought him attention worldwide, and his paintings have found themselves in some of the world's grandest private collections, including that of the Portuguese royal family. His recent arrival in the United States has brought him immediate attention on this side of the Atlantic, where his work has seen impressive exhibition and his reputation continues to flourish.

All material on these pages was taken from a variety of print and broadcast media! We are just fans, and have no personal contact with Jose or any of his friends, neighbors, old girlfriends, band friends or farm animals (and if we did we wouldn't tell you anyway!). We get no money from this whatsoever, although if you want to send us your life savings, we won't stop you. It's not our intention to do anything that could land us in jail or cause anyone to dislike us. However, if you are an important person or company and you see something here that might make you want to sue us, just let us know and we'll remove it immediately. To the best of our knowledge, everything in these pages is true. But if you spot any errors, please let us know. We are open to suggestions, comments.