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CRITICAL ASSESSMENT- Born in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1924, John Haines studied at the National Art School, the American University, and the Hans Hoffmann School of Fine Art. The author of more than ten collections of poetry, his recent works include At the End of This Summer: Poems 1948-1954 (Copper Canyon Press, 1997); The Owl in the Mask of the Dreamer (1993); and New Poems 1980-88 (1990), for which he received both the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize and the Western States Book Award. He has also published a book of essays entitled Fables and Distances: New and Selected Essays (1996), and a memoir, The Stars, the Snow, the Fire: Twenty-five Years in the Northern Wilderness (1989). Haines spent more than twenty years homesteading in Alaska, and has taught at Ohio University, George Washington University, and the University of Cincinnati. Named a Fellow by The Academy of American Poets in 1997, his other honors include the Alaska Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, two Guggenheim Fellowships, an Amy Lowell Travelling Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Library of Congress. John Haines lives in Helena, Montana. ===================================================================================================================================================================== BIOGRAPHY-John Haines came to poetry by a long route. Son of a navel officer he lived in places as diverse as Hawaii and the Navel Gun factory in Washington, D.C., served in the U.S. Navey in World War II, and then enrolled in art school. In 1947 he went to Alaska to Homestead and there began to write poetry. He has taught at the university of Washington, the University of Montana, and the University of Alaska as a Poet in Residence. He now divides his time between Alaska and Montana. Three of his books have been published in the Wesleyan Poetry Program; he is also an essayist and critic. John Haines is the author of six major collections of poetry, among them "News from the Glacier: Selected Poems 1960-1980, and several chapbooks of essays. For his poetry and prose, he has received numerous awards, including two Guggenheims, an Amy Lowell Traveling Fellowship, and the Alaska Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts. He has lived and homesteaded just outside of Richardson, Alaska, for over twenty years. He currently still is a freelance writer and teacher.