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Jamie in Shifting Sands

A film by Simon Birkenhead.

- Emma Williams - Dickon Edwards - Edward Sinclair - Jamie Griffith -

Jamie Griffith (now known as Bamber) in his 2nd year at St. John's College. In Spring 1994, with a group of students at Cambridge University undertook a massive project to film a 60 minute drama, during term time, with a budget of less than 3000 pounds. Using a Hi-8 video camera on loan from the Cambridge University Film & Television Society, lighting and sound equipment hired from professional suppliers, and other goodies that were begged, borrowed or stolen, the team managed to complete the film in just 6 months from start to finish, of which 4 weeks was spent filming. Simon Birkenhead, the writer and director, was the main driving force. It was he who put 100% in during the Spring term and then sacrificed all of his Easter holidays to do the editing when he really should have been revising for exams. Shifting Sands was premiered in the cinema at Queens' College, Cambridge, on Thursday June 9th 1994. Both were sold out. Since then the film has won a major award at the 1994 IAC British International Film Festival, with Dickon Edwards, who plays Dan in the film, also being awarded 2nd place in the Best Overall Actor category.
-From the Shifting Sands website.

Jamie (on the far right) with the full cast of Shifting Sands.

Bean and Debbie (played by Claire Taylor) in part of SS.

Bean, with Dan (played by Dickon Edwards) in part of the film.

Jamie taking a break with some of the cast off camera.

Dan & Bean holiday photo (used during filming)

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