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The Jamie Peak Practice Page

More to come!....Jamie Bamber is Matt Kendal....

The new recruit makes an instant impression among female staff at The Beeches - not least physio Kerri and nurse Claire. Claire, for one, wastes no time in demonstrating her affections.

Jamie says: "Matt has just failed his traineeship at another practice and has had to come to The Beeches to try again. He's a bit miffed about failing first time around but is still eager to make a good initial impression and get ahead in Derbyshire.

"He's self-assured, has a good manner with people and doesn't have to try too hard to win their confidence. His first assignment is to check up on Alice North. He obviously doesn't know who she is, but has been told she's a regular in the practice and can be quite a hard character to deal with."

"Matt ambles along, expecting his first morning to be a gentle introduction into Cardale life, but finds Alice, this stalwart of the community, dead on the floor. He announces her demise but all is not quite what it seems.

"As for his first meeting with Claire, he enjoys a long evening in the pub before going back to his room where he stumbles upon the practice nurse. He's not familiar with Claire's track record but soon finds out!"

Prior to joining PEAK PRACTICE, Jamie appeared as Archie Kennedy in Hornblower and played a guest lead in two episodes of big-budget wartime drama Band of Brothers. He also stars in a new film, The Devil's Tattoo, a supernatural thriller.

Jamie adds: "This is the first time that I have come into a long-running show and it has been a great experience. It's been different for me not knowing the beginning, middle and end of something. Regular viewers will have seen a lot of arrivals and departures through Peak's previous 11 series - I just hope they take to the latest doctor."

--From the Peak Practice Official Site