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Jamie's Signed Photo and Letter

On July 10th, I received this signed photo and a handwritten letter from Jamie himself!

He signed it and it's addressed to me!

1 July 1999

Dear Sarah,

Many thanks for your lovely letter. It is always a pleasure to hear that my work and Archie, in particular, has been appreciated. I recently saw the website, my brother showed me it on his laptop. I was pretty impressed since I am a virgin to the world of websites and the "net". I have recently given a full interview which shall appear on A&E's website very soon. I hope you can find all the information you require there. It's my pleasure to send you a signed photo.

Jamie Bamber

Here is the scanned letter:

He touched this piece of paper!

If you also wish to write Jamie this is the address I, and many other people I know used and got replies back:

Jamie Bamber
c/o Christina Shepherd
13 Radnor walk

Although, I am sad to report that due to all the fan letters Jamie recieves, he no longers sends out handwritten letters. He now sends a typed form letter and a very lovely new black & white photo: