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 Skip Intro's LW[6] website

  Customizing LW 6.0 Workflow

 Within Lightwave [6], you can customize your user interface the way you like it. The more you get accustom to the new tools in version 6, the more likely you will want to customize the interface to more reflect your own needs and work-flow. I myself am just scratching the surface of these new features, and as I do so, I find myself editing Modeler's menus to exploit them. I thought that as my own digital notebook, I'd make this webpage and share with you my progress and configurations. I would also like to invite you to e-mail me with any suggestions or point out anything of grave importance that I may have missed or over looked.
Some very important things have changed in NewTek's v6.0b Update Revision, so Before we begin - Please download and install the patch. It can be downloaded directly from NewTek's Update Site.

Next, You will have to download and install all the many free plug-ins that I have previously installed. Otherwise my config files and menu layouts won't work for you.

So far, they are...

 Yoichiro's Modeler Plugins (
 MirrorWeights v1.0 plug-in info

WeightSlider v1.1 plug-in info

 PlaneBeltOptimizer v1.01 plug-in info

 QuickMirror plug-in info


 Terry Ford's Modeler Plugins (
 MirrorTools (build 5.11.00) plug-in info

SpinTris (build 5.11.00) plug-in info


 UV mapping utilities for Lighwave 6.0 (Flay.Com)
VMapSpread (build 6.13.00) plug-in info


  It is important that you put all these plug-ins into your Modeler plugin directory, which should be something like this... C:\LightWave\Programs\Plugins\Model

Next, you'll want to install them. To be safe, I would suggest you select ALL the plugins in the Model plugin directory, not just the new ones, and install them. After you do that, shut down Modeler and exit the Hub for all the changes to take affect.

 Now Let's Begin...



 To increase my work-flow within LW[6], I've added buttons here and there But most notably, I've added another Menu Tab: VMap

The VMap tab has its own menu buttons and button categories. They are Revise, Weights, Texture, EndoMorph, Process & Select.

You will notice that some of these buttons will be ghosted out when you start Modeler. That's OK, They will become functional as soon as geometry is added or VMaps are created.

In any case, these are just handy buttons for internal commands that can be found in the lengthy Additional menu list. Why go hunting for them every time you need them when you can have them more readily available in an organized menu?

Speaking of the Additional menu list, you'll probably appreciate this the most, I've tried to organize it into submenus so that you no longer have deal with the annoying lightning fast scroll problem.

OK, So how do you get them?

Now things get a little tricky. The most straight forward method to get everything to work would be to import my preferences on top of yours. The thing is, any custom settings that you have made in Modeler will get lost. It is also important that our directory structures match BEFORE you import my preferences. Odds are that if you did a default install on the Root of C:\ , we already match. If not we'll have to do some text editing on my config file before you import it.


First Download my LW[6] Modeler config file,

Skip Intro's LW[6] Modeler Preferences

 lw6m_v1e.cfg (build 08.24.00)



Next, open the file in Microsoft's WordPad. Notice the default install path (where Lightwave's content is kept) is C:\LightWave\Programs\

If your install path is the same as mine, you can skip this next step.

If this is NOT where you installed LW[6], then we'll have to replace all those references with yours. This can be done quickly in WordPad by using the Replace command found under the Edit menu. For instance, if you installed LW[6] onto the Root of Drive D instead of C, you would simply use the 'Replace All' button with the text windows filled out like below...

Save your changes right over mine in Text-Only format.

Then, open LW[6] Modeler.

Now, before we install mine, lets back-up your current Modeler Preferences via Modeler's Main Menu's Preferences; Export Preferences File... command. Save it to your hard-drive as something like, lwm_bkup.cfg

And finally, install my config file (lw6m_v1e.cfg) via Modeler's Main Menu's Preferences; Import Preferences File... command.

Close LW[6] Modeler & Exit the Hub for all the changes to take affect.

Well, there you have it!

You should now have my exact setup. If you had other plugins installed that are now missing, simply re-install them. If something went wrong or for some reason you just don't like the configuration, you can always go back to your previous setup back-up.

I hope you find it useful. There are other tweaks too, like mapped keys. For instance, F3 is mapped to Rest-On-Ground and the Numeric Pad 3-Key is mapped to a window configuration for UV Editing. (note: the NP 1-Key will take you back to quad view)

Now lets take a look at what we've added...



-last updated on 08.24.00-

Questions, Comments; e-mail Skip Intro