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  Customizing LW 6.5 Workflow

 Within Lightwave 6.5, you can customize your user interface the way you like it. The more you get accustom to the new tools in version 6.5, the more likely you will want to customize the interface to more reflect your own needs and work-flow.

Unlike many other 6.5 custom configs, I opted not to stray from NewTek's defaults too much. The main reason was to keep the menus similar enough for the sake of remaining consistent with other tutorials and manual references. I also made a point of keeping the menus from overflowing past a minimum 1024x786 desktop resolution. Still I felt there was enough room to add more organization & focus on enhancing a game designer's workflow.

First, You will have to download and install all the many free plug-ins that I have previously installed. Otherwise my config files and menu layouts won't work the way I intended.

So far, they are...

D-Storm Modeler Plugins
 VertexPaint (Intel) v2.0 plug-in info

UVEdit (Intel) v1.0 plug-in info

 DirectX Exporter (Intel) v1.1 plug-in info


Border Equals 0
 VertexPaint v2.0 English Docs plug-in info

UVEdit v1.0 English Docs plug-in info


Digital Toons (Chepe Nicoli)
 Align Points (Intel) v3.65 plug-in info

UnMirror (Intel) v1.0 plug-in info


D Project (Yahma)
 Point Slice (Intel) v1.1 plug-in info


Happy Digital
 Quad Sew (Intel) v2.5 plug-in info


Sheepish Software
 Picky (Intel) v0.88 plug-in info


Studio 1410 (Adrian Gray)
 BG Conform Plus (Intel) v0.88 plug-in info


Terry Ford
 SpinTris (Intel) (build 5.11.00) plug-in info

 CurveToPolyChain (Intel) v1.04 plug-in info


 MirrorWeights (Intel) v1.1 plug-in info

 PlaneBeltOptimizer (Intel) v1.01 plug-in info


  You can put all these plug-ins into your Modeler plugin directory, which should be something like this... C:\LightWave\Programs\Plugins\Model

Next, you'll want to install them. To be safe, I would suggest you select ALL the plugins in the Model plugin directory, not just the new ones, and install them. After you do that, shut down Modeler and exit the Hub for all the changes to take affect.

 Now Let's Begin...
The most straight forward method to get everything to work would be to import my preferences on top of yours. The thing is, any custom settings that you have made in Modeler will get lost. It would be wise to save a backup.

First Download my LW6.5 Modeler config file,

Skip Intro's LW6.5 Modeler Preferences

skipintro_lw65m_pref.cfg (build 01.28.01)



Then, open LW6.5 Modeler.

Now, before we install mine, lets back-up your current Modeler Preferences via Modeler > Preferences > Export Preferences File... command. Save it to your hard-drive as something like, lw65m_bkup.cfg

And finally, install my config file (skipintro_lw65m_pref.cfg) via Modeler > Preferences > Import Preferences File... command.

Close LW6.5 Modeler & Exit the Hub for all the changes to take affect.


Well, that's it. I'll have more detail on this Config and what's new.

Check back soon, thanks!


-last updated on 01.28.01-

Questions, Comments; e-mail Skip Intro