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Following is a list of some of the work that Dean Cameron has done. He has also appeared in several episodes on television, including guest appearances on Party of Five, ER, and Mad About You:

Movie Roles:


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Born Dean Eikleberry on December 25th of 1962, Dean Cameron grew up in Norman, Oklahoma just outside of Oklahoma City. He would visit his father in Santa Barbara during the summers, where he began doing community theater.
During those early years, Dean did plays with Anthony Edwards and Eric Stoltz, and remains friends with them to this day. In 1980, Dean Cameron made the drive to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting.
He started getting bit parts on different shows, and was cast in some television series that never made it out of the water including "Highschool USA" and the short lived "Spencer".
A break came when he was cast in the made-for-TV movie "Prince of Bel Air" starring Mark Harmon. Also, in 1985, he was cast to play Jeff Spicoli in the CBS series adaptation of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Unfortunately, series adaptations of movies are almost always doomed from the start.
His real break, however, came when he was cast as Chainsaw in "Summer School". The film did reasonably well, and Dean got a development deal with Paramount. Unfortunately, a six-month writer's strike curbed his ascension to mainstream glory. He has been working steadily to this day, and can be found starring in the above titles, most of which are available on VHS.

Some pictures of Dean Cameron donated by daryan, and have been used with permission.

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