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Teresa Ann Foxworthy's

LOVE in the
21st Century!

A Heart-felt Approach
to a Fulfilling Love Life!

Dating & Relationship Coaching,
Consultations, Intensives, & Events



Dating can actually be a wonderful, enriching phase of your life! And even after marriage, these strategies will deepen the love you discovered. It's all about personal growth & transformation. Building a life with your True Beloved is an ecstatic journey! Most clients are married within a year! Begin with an intensive or opt for weekly sessions. There are three main steps:

1. Preparation for Dating
2. Dating to Win!
3. & From Dating to Marriage!

Are you ready for Love?

There is a lot to know about finding and KEEPING the love of your life that was never taught at home or in schools! Executive Dating Coach, Teresa Ann Foxworthy, has been helping men & women around the world for almost 20 years.

Her programs have a 98% success rate: Singles are engaged or married within a year of working with her, and couples in the same amount of time are renewing their vows or taking their second honeymoon! Those who are healing from divorce discover a way to reclaim their loving hearts and find the right partner with whom to share their lives.

The key is to have the support you need to steer you in the right direction and create a loving relationship that is appropriate for you. Falling in love with the right partner makes the road of Life so much sweeter!

Learn the secrets that make Love a beautiful part of your life. Whether you are single or married or in-between, Teresa has a program to help you create your Vision of Love.

Click here to learn more about Teresa & her amazing DATING & RELATIONSHIP PROGRAMS:

Request info about her most popular programs:

Dating for Marriage: Strategies for the Heart
Healing from Divorce: Feng Shui Your Heart
Online Dating & Other Techniques

Love, Well-Being, & Personal Transformation
Esoterica of Love: Ancient Love Secrets

Co-Creating for Couples: Dating Your Mate & Renewing Vows
Emerging Goddess meets Evolving Warrior
Bhakti Tantra: Heart-Centered Relationships

Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice
Feng Shui for Romance: Creating Your Love Nest
Ascertaining Compatibility with Astrology
Angels, Guides & Intuitive Development

Select the one which feels most aligned where you are today and get the support you need to manifest your hearts desire!


Coaching-by-phone, Skype, or eMail makes it easy!

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