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Damon Killian Tribute Page  

 Who loves you and who do you love?!
 Yes! Yes! Yes! We don't lie! Lie! Lie!
If you've never seen the movie "The Running Man,"  then  What the hell's a' matter with you?!   And if you HAVE, you know who Damon Killian is.   If you think he died in the end, you're wrong!  Damon is alive and looking for revenge on those who deserted him.

You've got two choices. can fight Damon, but I doubt you're gonna like the outcome of that.
-Or- can work for him, and let him lead you to power.

You may think Damon is a horribly mean, selfish, power-hungry guy.  You're right.  But you'd be a lot safer on his side, than on the opposing side.  Damon can be very philisophical.  He's been known to give his friends advice on how to cope with life.  Such as.... It's all a part of life's rich pattern, Brenda. And you better f^ckin' get used to it!   He also expresses artful metaphores like,  What are you, my people or an oil painting?   You can be certain to hear a friendly compliment from time to time as well.  For example,  Look at that mother move, huh? Is he beautiful?

So, when the time comes and you hear a familiar fiendish voice say,  Sshh! It's....SHOW TIME!! you'd better be sure which side you're on, and get ready to run for your life.  Or, be ready to give your new boss all the praise he can handle.   Sensational! I love it!

Well, you heard the man.

Good luck!  You'll need it!
Damon Killian Tribute Page 2
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~*~Damon Killian Sounds~*~

Say the word, Ben.
You got balls.
Thank you! you're beautiful! I love you! Yes! You're beautiful!
Well you ain't gonna get that with reruns of Gilligan's Island. Gilliagan's Island. Do dodo do. Yeah....yeah, the one with the boat.
Listen very carefully.
This is just between you and I.
It's funny, I was gonna say the same thing about you.
Don't touch the hair!
And I know real talent when I see it.
Pipe that feed in here NOW.
Why not?!
Then they're unreliable.
I want 'im!

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