American Film: Who's On Next: Ten People to Watch in the Coming Year

From the January/February 1988 issue of American Film, page 40:

Crispin Glover, twenty-three, actor. Yeah, yeah, we know everyone panned him in River's Edge, but we thought he was the best thing in it - the only actor smart enough (or unpretentious enough) to realize the film was funny . He certainly outshone the decidedly un-foxy Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future , and he had a nice, scary presence in At Close Range. Besides, in the age of AIDS, when most young male actors are trying to establish impeccably macho, more heterosexua l-than-thou credentials (viz Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, et cetera), Glover's sexually ambiguous characterizations take guts. Now, if he can just stay away from David Letterman and avoid becoming a caricature of himself, a la Dennis Hopper in the seventies ...

- by the editors of American Film