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Items to Throw up on Stage during an Nsuck Concert

You might wonder why we chose to place a picture of the Backstreet Boys on a page that is clearly going to demonstrate our disgust for Nsuck. Well we couldn't bear to look at another picture of their ugly mugs, so we decided to put up a picture of some attractive males.
-The Chicken Girls

So you're being forced to attend an Nsuck concert. Or maybe you're having some kind of mental episode and are going by your own free will. Either way, you might want to throw something at them once you get there. Sometimes when groups are on the road touring, they run out of certain items that it might be difficult to stop and pick up. So we've created a list of some of those things that are probably more useful to them then teddybears. If you decide to take our advice, and pick up these helpful items before you attend the next Nsuck concert, please do us a favor, aim for the crotch....although hitting Lance in the crotch probably won't do much good at this point. Don't forget to attach the lighter items to bricks.

For Joey
-Any kind of edible substance
-The number of a good therapist
-Helplines to call for more information on STD’s
-Blow-up Doll
-One of those pet grooming brushes
-A muumuu he can clearly see how young the girls are before he invites them up to his hotel room to “hang out.”
-Extra strength harnesses for when they do their neato flying above the know, the flying that they didn't copy from anyone else
-A big nametag for him to wear that says “I am not bigfoot” It would probably help prevent some unnecessary mishaps when he goes camping
-Business card of someplace he could get a good dye job
Thanks to Christine for the next item:
-A copy of "Planet of the Apes" with a note attached that says "Hey Joey I found this movie with a lot of your relatives in it. I didn't know you had relatives in Show Biz!"

For Lance
-Copies of Family Circle, GoodHousekeeping, and Better Homes & Gardens
-Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush
-2 tickets for him and Justin to Vermont or Hawaii
-A blonde wig
-Rasberry lotion
-A dress
-The latest Danielle Steel novel
-Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
-Estrogen pills
-Motivational tapes on how to be a strong, independent woman
-Trivial Pursuit (he really sucked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
-Sunblock SPF600
Thanks to Christine for the next five items:
-Breast implants
-Lacy bikini panties
-A nut cup in the smallest available size to protect him from all the inevitable kicks to that area by all the unwilling men he trys to hump LOL!! That's a good one.
-A copy of Singing for Dummies

For Justin
-A hair net
-Phonics books or tapes
-The original Annie movie with a post-it on top that says “notice the similarities”
-Genital Warts medication...actually any kind of STD medication would probably be beneficial, who knows what he caught from Britney
-Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner for soft, more manageable, bouncy curls
-Some kind of allergy medication...his singing voice is so nasally, we think he might be allergic to something.
-A dictionary
-A case of pregnancy tests so he can make Britney test herself everyday.
Thanks to Christine for the next item:
-A plunger so he can remove whatever is up his ass that makes him sing so terribly.

For JC
-Boxes of tissues...he’s bound to need quite a few with that giant honker
-pep pills
-sunglasses. If you don't know why he needs them, click here - Buy this man some sunglasses
-business card of good plastic surgeon
-A mirror...his ego needs to be taken down a few notches

For Chris
-A book of knock-knock jokes so he can dazzle us with more of his fabulous humor go with the braces
-The address of a whorehouse. He looks like he needs to get laid
-Copies of Playboy or Penthouse...better throw up a few boxes of tissues with those
-Dog biscuits
Thanks to chattes_girl for the next item:
-A tape of the BSB, in case the tape they lip sync to stops playing. At least those that were forced to go can get a break, and those with a momentary lapse in sanity can once again realize what real talent sounds like.

Think of something to add to the list? Please Email us with more “Items to throw at Nsuck”
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