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Pirates of the Plain(1999)- Captain Jezebel Jack

This movie is REALLY funny. It's a kid's movie, but since I have the mind of a 5-year-old, of course it appeals to me! Tim plays a pirate who gets time warped(sorry!) from a long time ago into the present. He ends up on a little kid's farm in Nebraska not knowing what TV and aluminum foil are. Kinda reminded me of Encino Man or George of the Jungle or Blast From The Past...or EVERY movie Brendan Frasier was ever in! The funniest part of this movie is the Captain running around in a complete pirate's outfit...with a t-shirt that says "Have A Nice Day!". Cast includes: Tim Curry, Seth Adkins, Dee Wallace Stone, Charles Napier, Jeffrey (Buck) Ford, Jeff Pillars, Danny Keogh.