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Those Who Don't Like Leighanne

This is to those who Hate Leighanne such as the ones who signed my slambook ::: Dude, Riona, and A Girl :: I'm gonna personalize to each of you since you are to chicken to leave your email address.


Leighanne Is not STUCK UP. She is a very sweet person. and Just because you odn't like her and are upset cause she has brian doesn't mean she's stuck up. She's a very sweet Christian girl. So get over your little infatuation with Brian and give the woman he loves a chance. HOW THE sorry how do you know if he's with Leighanne because of hormones. I honestly adore Leighanne. She's really awesome. AND BRIAN LOVES HER. SHE"S ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM WHEN HE NEEDS HER BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. SO GET OVER IT. And I can make a site on anyone i want to. I have a g/f site too. Maybe i think the g/f deserve more respect so what is it to you if i make a site on my IDOL Leighanne Wallace or if i make a site on girlfriends. and for your stupid little comment about the ask leighanne anything bit. YOur a perv and get a life.


Brian is an intelligent man and Leighanne is not Fake. She's so sweet. Why can't you guys see that. All you have to do is look in her eyes and tell she's a wonderful girl. She's so sweet and so beautiful and so talented. Brian's lucky to have her and she is lucky to have him. THEY ARE MENT TO BE TOGETHER. Why does this site scare you. No i'm not a major BSB fan. I'm a fan of theirs but i'm not some obsessed little tiny bopper who hates their g/fs because they are seeing my favorite boy. I love all the guys. And I really adore the girlfriends. They put up with a lot because of people like you. I can make a site on Leighanne being my idol if i want. Leighanne is my idol. She's a christian and she has a wonderful heart. And she's talented. There are so many reasons why she's my idol. why do i have to explain it to you. and if that's sick then go find a toilet to puke in cause this site is staying up. Oh and she's not pretending to Love Brian she is IN LOVE WITH BRIAN.


She's not fake :: Valley girl voice:: Like um Trust me she is a like Christian. WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHO BRIAN CAN DATE AND SAY HE CAN DO MUCH BETTER. ARE YOU HIM. UM NO. ARE YOU GOD. UM NO. SO SHUSH. AND LEAVE BRIAN ALONE. My site being sick. hmmmm same thing as Riona GO FIND A TOILET CAUSE THIS SITE IS STAYING UP. OK WHO ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT A CHRISTIAN CAN DRESS LIKE. ITS NOT IN THE BIBLE HOW A CHRISTIAN SHOULD DRESS. I"M A CHRISTIAN I LOVE THE WAY SHE DRESSES. I WOULD DRESS LIKE THAT IF I HAD THE BODY. A CHRISTIAN DOESN"T HAVE A DRESS CODE. AND FOR YOUR last comment. That was so wrong of you to say. I just hope God can forgive you for saying that. Your NOT God so don't act like him by saying where people are going. I hope God can forgive you.