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Mail from Fans and People who love Leighanne

Hi and thank you so much again for comming to my page and enjoying Leighanne's career and who she is just as much as I have and that is why I made this page for her. I have recieved my first bit of fan mail. And I would like to think you Tara so much supporting me and expecially for support Leighanne and Jesus. I admire you more for doing that. And you have my ut most respect for that.

Here is her email. As soon as I recieve more I will place them here and also personally email them. And thank you again everyone. Let God Bless you.


I always read the posts on the Backstreet Boys message board, and I read yours today. So I checked out your website, and I cried when I read why you love Leighanne. Lately I have been going to a lot of sites about her, for some reason I have been really interested in her and Brian, I guess because there are some new rumors about them being engaged. Anyway. I am a Christian, and because of that i have always been drawn to Brian-plus i live in lexington. But I always wondered about Leighanne and whether she was a Christian. I'm so glad to know she is. It really breaks my heart that fans of the guys throw things at her and call her names when they see her at shows or whatever. I also thought it was really awesome of you to talk about Christ and the Rapture on your site. I am sure you are impacting many girls just by saying what you have. I just wanted to encourage you in your walk with Christ and also with your acting. I don't have any help for you with that, but I do wish you all the success and hope to see you acting alongside Leighanne someday! Have you met her? I hope to sometime. Well, I hope you'll write me back. Again, good luck with everything. Oh, and I totally think Nick is a cutie!!