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Dedicated to Elizabeth Hurley, The face of Estee Lauder, Actress, Goddess and Celebrity

There's more to Elizabeth Hurley than good looks

Actress, celebrity,model,talk about versatile. It also has to be said that Elizabeth is a very clever lady and something of a Geek. Whilst Liz is jetting around the world or just hanging out on a Film set, Liz gets online to run her Empire and surfs for fun!!. Our Rose is always busy, busy, and the net helps her stay in control. Liz is an active player in setting up web-sites for her many projects. See below for her latest cool beachwear site Elizabeth is a renaissance woman with brains and beauty WOW what a combination. Dangerous ? Hurley is a snob girl ,born with a silver- spoon in her mouth. Oh no,Elizabeth is just a right on girl with attitude
The fact that she has the "selling face" is just what makes her numero uno
This girl is used to giving her all to the camera, so you could say that this is her legacy, just beautiful, so perfect, so ELizabeth, so English If ever a celebrity deserved to be called a celebrity, then Elizabeth deserves that title. Liz Hurley is will stand forever as an icon of the Century.The Million dollar question, will Liz Hurley marry Hugh Grant, breathe easy guys, I think not. Read more on that in Hurley and Grant. On the news front, Liz Hurley is finally famous enough to become a waxwork at Madame Tussards,a waxwork of Hugh Grant is already in situ, and some don't know the difference between that and the real thing!! When put together, they will be the only English celebrity pair to stand side by side( wonder if they are still together in situ?). Each Waxwork costs about £30000 and takes six months to make and Liz is expected to be there at the unveiling, yet another photo opportunity!!!, Hugh Grant makes a good dummy, but our Elizabeth ??, Well lets wait and see, a dumb brunette, Liz is not !!! Follwing the newly annouced split , it is now thought that Liz will not now appear next to Grant , sorry Hugh, but your a loser.
However, this weekend (28082000) Liz was pictured enjoying a holiday sailing around Corsica, YES, in the company of Hugh Grant, so maybe they might get it together again , stranger things have happened in this life, so is it just good friends or lovers again???, why not let me know what you know or think ??? Obviously as we know now, not to be....

Liz and the SAG dispute

The unfortunate dispute with the Screen Actors guild is going to be a real problem for Liz. The question seems to be, did Liz knowingly and willingly cross that picket line??? Liz says NO, The SAG says Yes, it seems to me as a Fan of LIz that I must support her and state that I believe she did not cross it as a deliberate act. I qualify this by saying that I do believe that workers in a dispute must stand united against those in either authority or power. It was widely reported on 18 th Dec that SAG has imposed a Fine of £67000 against Liz, This Fine less the £18000 that Liz has already donated leaves her with £49000 to pay, although very unhappy with this, Liz has decided to Pay up, Fair or not, well you decide.

Liz and Estee Lauder

Rumours are flying that Liz is about to be replaced as the face of Estee Lauder, current favourite to displace Liz appaers to be Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauder are reported as having talks with Gwyneth after the Lauder family grow unhappy with Liz's rauchy image. Arein Lauder has let it slip that it is inevitable that Liz will be replaced by a younger woman. Lauder feel that Liz is making the brand look "tacky". However maybe Liz has kept the contract, no news is good news they say !!! See below, the rumours were correct, only it isn't Gywneth, but another American who now has the job.

Liz loses the Face of Estee Lauder

On Friday 7th September, Estee Lauder announced that Liz would no longer be the "face of Estee Lauder", instead, Liz will continue to promote the perfumery side only. Liz is being replaced by Americam super-model, Caroline Murphy. Gwyneth is also now in the picture.

Liz Pregnant

Liz has finally confirmed that she is expecting Steve Bing's baby, the 36 year Liz said she was " delighted" and looking forward to the birth of her first child-due in April. ELizabeth also confirmed she has no plans to wed, or live with Bing. It is reported he has presented her with a huge sapphire and diamond ring and wants to make the relationship permanent. Liz remains uncertain if Bing is right for her, she once famously said ' The moment I want to get married and have children is when I am tired of being Elizabeth Hurley'. What does this mean to Liz's status as an icon and Sex Goddess, will it affect how her fans relate to her. I feel sure that it will, how can one worship a pregnant women ?, somehow things are never going to be the same again for Liz and her Fans. If anybody wants to let me know their thoughts on this , please mail me on the address on the next page Bing, although super -wealthy, looks pretty ugly to me. Hugh Grant, interestingly is playing a supporting role in this drama.

Liz to leave the UK ??

Don’t call me Liz - Hurley Posted Wed, 19 Nov 2003 Liz Hurley has reiterated her stance that she hates being called Liz by the media. "It suggests a trust that doesn't exist," says the model-turned-actress, adding that none of her friends even call her Liz, reports Sky News. Hurley has long been feuding with the media over its use of the familiar pet-name — which she feels they have no right to use. The 38-year-old is now considering heading out of Britain and towards Europe — so she can have more privacy, saying that it is impossible to move around in London without being seen through a photographer's lens. "Perhaps I will just get clean away — maybe to Switzerland. Also the country would be much better for the little one." According to The Mirror, Hurley refuses to confirm claims of marriage between her and Arun Nayer. Instead, she reportedly said: "He is an exotic mix. He has a soft soul. I feel very peaceful with Arun."

Interestingly, Liz was photographed this weekend with a very unhappy looking Arun in tow. Some are saying he has to wait another year before he can get divorced. Although most punters think a marriage between this pair will never happen !!!!

Director Roy blasts Liz

Duncan Roy says she threw tantrums, treated co-stars with contempt and had sex so loudly the entire set could hear, reports the Evening Standard. Roy, who directed Hurley in Method, said: "Liz seems to have the impression that she is a great actress. She totally believes that she is someone special. She is not. "She thinks she is really beautiful. Well, when you have seen her first thing in the morning using a spatula to trowel in thick globs of foundation on her old acne marks, she's not that attractive any more." He said the only person who appeared to keep Miss Hurley smiling was her boyfriend Arun Nayar. "Whenever there was a spare five minutes he was down there. All over her like a rash. The whole trailer was really shaking," said Roy, adding that the entire set could see the couple's passion through the curtains. A reformed drug addict and alcoholic, Roy, who was born in Whitstable, Kent, now lives in Australia. In the past, he led a double-life posing as an aristocrat, and in 1983 he was sent to prison for credit card debts. Miss Hurley's spokesman said: "Elizabeth is astonished that Duncan should be telling these awful lies about her. "She really liked Duncan and fought very hard to get him the job as the producers were very nervous about hiring him due to his prison record and his self confessed drug and alcohol addictions." The film's producer Brad Wyman added that Miss Hurley had behaved impeccably: "Elizabeth was extraordinary. I have never known an actor as dedicated to their work and she was the most professional young lady I have worked with." Story filed: 12:42 Monday 16th February 2004

Liz Marriage in 2006

Contrary to earlier reports, the Liz and Nayar, who have been together since Jan 2003, are said to be set to marry in 2006: See message board for latest.

Contary to that Story. Liz was reported as saying 07-12-05, that she had no plans to marry, and that she wasn't even engaged. This is the same yo yo story that has been running for over a year now. Anybody want to guess the truth....And she added that she didn't even have a diamond ring from Nayar...booo

Well, of course Liz in the end did marry Nayar, and most of my interest evaporated in Liz. There isn't an awful lot of news these days regarding Liz, and so the site is mostly historical as I won't be updating it. Unless some hot new pictures appear :)

Not so hot NEWS

Tea with Elizabeth Hurley closed on 2nd December 2003.

Well, forgive me for not updating the site for ages. However due to the closure of TEH and it's ever popular MB. OK, we now have our own MB. I hope everyone passing will have something postive to add. Also check out the MB for some of the latest news.

I have added a great new image of Elizabeth by Estee to the Hurley captures the moment page of the Site. Check it out, it is sublime.

Come on in and join the discussions on the MB

New Liz beach wear site online The Hurley Message Board: Post your thoughts and participate in discussions

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