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Before reading the rules page
Please read the Cape Coral Boat Parade Page HERE

THE 42nd Annual Cape Coral Christmas Boat Parade is Dec 21st 2019


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Before getting to the
Cape Coral Christmas Boat A Long Parade Saturday Dec 21st 2019
route and navigation rules
You should read our main page for the
2019 Cape Coral Christmas Boat Light Parade
It has ALL the info you will need
from where to Park TO other Cape Events
Tap HERE to be taken there


I am a Cape area Resident

I have donated my time and web skills to promote this event and
Cape Coral in General
for the last 15 years
I never ask for any money for the efforts



There was an added surprise for the 2017 Parade
The International Space Station will Pass directly overhead at 6:58 p.m.
This is a rare occurrence to have it pass directly overhead
It was very bright there were no clouds

many who read this page shined spotlights or
high powered flashlights at it ( NO laser lights )
to say Merry Christmas to the 3 space travelers on Board
There are usually 6 on the station but three came back on Dec 14th 2017
and 3 were sent up on Dec 17th to bring the crew back to 6

It is traveling at 17,500 mph ( 4.86 miles per second ) at approx 220 Miles

come back to see if there will be a pass over on Dec 21st 2019
There site you can visit to learn how to
see more passes is at


Now to the Cape Coral Boat a long Light Parade rules

New size regulations
No boats under 18 ft and
none which draw more than 4.5 ft of water

Masts must be lower than 55 ft to clear power lines
Boats must be able to turn around in a 90 ft area

Further down you will find a printable parade route map


Read the guides for sending pictures to me to be posted
on the album page for the
Dec 21st 2019 Cape Coral Boat Parade
The Photos YOU SEND ME can be of almost anything ON Cape Coral

I will post your pictures as I have time


To get to the Bimini Canal by water:
The Bimini Canal is the Furthest West in the Yacht Club Basin
See Image below
( just stay close to the north shore go due west )
- passing the 2 three story 5 million dollar homes
-- and just before you hit land - turn starboard
then when you get to the "y"
( NOT the first canal on your starboard )
take the one to the right and follow that to the Bimini Basin just in front of Cape Coral's own prominent
Twin Towers
( it is recommended boaters get there early to set anchor )
Arriving boats anchor in the middle of Bimini Basin. Away from the shore shallows

While in the basin ALL moving boats WILL circle Bimini Basin counterclockwise only,
staying 50 feet away from the shallow waters of Four Freedom’s Park and adjacent lots.

We monitor channel 68 on your VHF Radio

MUSIC: Must be “OFF” so we don’t conflict with the Four Freedom Parks Music program.
If you choose to play music during the boat parade,
play WJST Silver 106.3 FM Radio but play bit quietly or
you will be asked to leave the area by the shore patrol.

7:00 P.M. Parade begins! Cannon fire and sirens will signal start of the parade.

First Lead boat is identified by large gingerbread people and candy canes on each side and three layers of red icicle lights around it.

All lead boats will be in position directly in front of Four Freedoms Park by 6 pm.
When the parade starts at 7 pm, please fall in line behind the lead boats in an orderly fashion,
making sure your boat passes in front of the crowd at Four Freedom's park.
Use your own good judgement, be safe and courteous
-- there is no one to tell you when to go,
but leave the Basin promptly to keep the parade cohesive.
with No long gaps between boats, PLEASE.

That is why the crowd is there, to see all of your lovely boats.

Stay in line and Don't stop unless you have mechanical problems

December 21st 2009 was proclaimed by the Mayor of Cape Coral as "Edwina Hahn Day"

. Edwina Hahn is the lovely lady who started this Boat Parade 31 years ago. SHE PASSED away In May 2008

Failure to Follow any of these rules can and will
result in the boat being takern out of the parade by
Cape Coral Water Police

Communicate via ship to shore radio. Keep Channel 68 open from 6:00 P.M. until parade ends.
Keep listening and speak freely.
Give advice to Lead boat to speed up or slow down.
We want a safe parade with cohesive beauty.

Please go to the end of the canals before turning or
else you disappoint many “Party Givers”

DO NOT Stop at any house parties

"Don’t overload your boat and for boat Captains -- DON'T “Drink and Drive”. We WILL Ticket you"

and don’t shine spotlights on people on land and sea.

U.S. COASTGUARD LAW allows this “Parade of Lights”.
We have a permit to do this.
The decoration lights are to be used only in Bimini Basin
and when we are parading with the Boat-A-Long.
They must be turned off, as you leave the parade,
to anchor along the route.
Failure to do so will result in your getting a citation

If it is imperative that you leave the parade while it is ongoing,
announce your exit over the radio
and turn off all lights except legal night navigational lighting.


To Recap : @ 7:00 p.m. Sharp the Lead Boat
will be escorted BY Cape Coral WATER PATROL
from in front of Four Freedoms Park
out of the basin and into the first canal to the right.
All other boat please get in line behind those boats in a safe manner.

for a printable Blow up of this Map


Click HERE

For a BIG Printable version of this Map

And the parade route from space


* The Path of
Hurricanes Charley

This is what Hurricane Wilma did to US

The above pictures ---
on the left is a pic from space of the Cape Coral / Punta Gorda / South West Florida area
and the path Hurricane Charley taken
On Friday Aug 13th 2004


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Cape Coral Christmas Boat A Long Parade Dec 21st 2019


Before getting to the
Cape Coral Christmas Boat A Long Parade Dec 16th 2018
route and navigation rules
You should read our main page for the
2018 are Coral Christmas Boat Light Parade
It has ALL the info you will need
from where to Park TO other Cape Events

Tap HERE to be taken there
2019 Cape Coral Boat Parade Dec 21 2019
Rules for Navigating and participating in the
2018 Cape Coral Florida Christmas Boat Parade
and Light party event xmas parade route and
more instructions and Info about the
2017 Dec 16th Cape Coral Boat Christmas Light parade
WHEN IS THE Cape Coral Boat Parade Boat A Long
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