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If you are looking for a house and are truly interested in your family's safety
You'll consider this page

The house presented on this page has an actual Fall Out Shelter built into it
In November 1962 when this house was built
( the Cuban Missile Crisis was October 1962 )
The term "Bomb Shelter" was also used back then for "Fall Out" shelters
These were thought to provide protection from radiation and from 'Nuclear Snow'
No one really knew if these would work to save lives


Its not for sale unless you offer an amount that will make selling it
worth it to us - Around $100,000.00

But the shelter room built into my home is very useful and doubles as a storm / hurricane shelter / safe room as you will read

See the video of the Fall Out Shelter built into my house on Cape Coral
which we use mainly as a storage room BUT has been used as a safe room too

I invite ANY Weather Chanel reporter to come and see it ( Jim Cantore , Mike Bettes etc )


Some background - Cape Coral is approx 210 miles directly North of Havana, Cuba ---
the home was built in Nov and Dec 1962 Right after the Cuban Missile Crisis
If you don't know what that was about - Please Don't bother me
Your too young for me to sell to
* fall out shelters \ ( bomb shelter ) / were all the rage back then
They were built to protect people from the radiation spread by nuclear bombs
- not to protect from the bomb blasts
the ONE built into my home has 2 1/2 foot thick walls and a 3 foot thick ceiling
There are no Strategic Targets within 120 Miles of Cape Coral
The closest being McDill Air Force Base near Tampa

-- More Below - SEE THE VIDEO

BUT before we get to the info on the Fall Out Shelter
there are more pressing matters
Lets adapt existing military satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
OR unmanned drones
to assist Police and Help Find Missing Women, Children and Men
and help solve other crimes

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Now to the info on Our House and the video of the Fall Out Shelter

We bought Our home Located on Cape Coral Florida in 1999 and it has a unique feature

An actual 1962 Bomb / Fall Out Shelter
which we use as a Tornado / Hurricane Shelter / safe room / storage room /

Cape Coral is definitely subject to Hurricanes and Tornadoes too -- as recently as Aug 16th 2009

In Sept 2007 The Cape sustained a F-2 Tornado which did tens of millions in damage

We DO Have severe weather - yes
But there is no place on earth that is NOT subject to disasters

Cape Coral IS REALLY paradise


We have Hurricanes Too
( Aug 13th 2004's Catregory 4 Hurricane Charley's eye passed within 5 miles with 135 mph winds
And did extensive damage and
on Oct 23 2005 Category 3 Wilma Passed right over us adding another punch to our lives
those 3 events were the most devastating
and Katrina Passed right over us as a CATEGORY 1 on her way to the Gulf in 2005
And did damage to the area

Some Cape Coral Homes destroyed By Charley in 2004

Click Here for a wider view

If your interested in buying our house
You need to decide what your family's safety is worth to you ????

Our house was built in Dec 1962 right after the Cuban missile crisis

If you don't remember the wide spread concern and panic about nuclear war
and the aftermath of a nuclear blast around that time
do some research


While the structure most likely will NOT protect anyone from an Actual direct hit from a nuclear bomb blast
but that chance is very very slight ANYMORE
( There are no real strategic Targets near Cape Coral )
it was designed to help protect the occupants from the radioactive fall-out
which could very possibly HAVE be windblown over the area
Thus it is a Fall-Out Shelter

The room which is connected to the house
and is used as a storm shelter ( Hurricane and Tornado ) and storage room

Out side dimensions are 14 x 12 1/2 x 10
It's inside dimensions are 9 x 10 x 6'9"

Thus each wall of the bomb/hurricane/tornado shelter area is 2 1/2 feet thick
and the ceiling is 3 ft thick of cinder block and concrete
there was a steel door on it but we took that off


Its NOT for sale
But everything has a price

It's tax valuation was $127,000.00 in 2011

approx 1150 Sq Ft
Not counting the fall out shelter
It is in an "A" Flood zone ( as is 90% of Cape Coral )

Taxes are $660.00 Per Year
Homeowners and Flood Insurance run $1600.00 total for a year

Average monthly Utilities are extremely low at
$110.00 ( ELECTRICITY ) AND $62.00 ( Water )

The Home was upgraded top to bottom in 2003
with new sidewalks, driveway, new roof - ac unit - doors, windows, garage door, electric and plumbing

The homes value thus can NOT be set
as it is up to the buyer to figure out what your family's safety is worth to you

we may consider your offer
We are both seniors and disabled and
would need your offer to be enough compensate us for the trouble
it needs to be enough to sway us



with any questions



Watch the following rudimentary video of the shelter
I am new with cameras and video !!!!!!!



with any questions

Now some of the things that go - On On Cape Coral

Now The Christmas Boat / Light Parade

Next a 7 foot Bull Shark swimming off of Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach


Watch this video to see a Killer 7 Foot Bull Shark swimming
just feet off the Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach

This next video is the
Cape Coral Air Show March 15 2008

The NEXT VIDEO of mine was
shown on CNN its the
March 15 2009 Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery
As Seen from Cape Coral FL which is 180 miles from the launch site
I have many others Just Google "Shuttle Launches Cape Coral 180 miles"
and they will come up in the first 8 or so top returns

Now some fishing pics from Cape Coral Bill and
Joe Kowalczyk Chuck Applegate Jackie Bush


View this montage created at One True Media
Watch this to see
A Bloody Shark Attack near Cape Coral FL


Here is more video of the home

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