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9ct Gold 50pt Diamond Hoop Earrings. These attractive Diamond Stud Earrings, set in stunning 9ct Gold are truly magnificent and will add the finishing touches to any special outfit. Features Crafted in 9ct gold Suitable for pierced ears only Complimentary gift box suppliedThe Brave One. For Erica Bain (Jodie Foster), the streets of New York are both her home and her livelihood. She shares the sounds and the stories of her beloved city with her radio audience as the host of the show Street Walk. At night, she goes home to the love of her life, her fiance David Kirmani (Naveen Andrews). But everything Erica knows and loves is ripped from her on one terrible night when she and David are ambushed in a random, vicious attack that leaves David dead and Erica close to it. Though Erica's broken body heals, deeper wounds remain - the devastation of losing David and, even more overwhelming, a suffocating fear that haunts her every step. The city streets she had once loved to roam, even places that had been warm and familiar, now feel strange and threatening. When the fear finally becomes too much to bear, Erica makes a fateful decision to arm herself against it. The gun in her hand becomes a tangible way to protect herself from an intangible enemy...or so she thinks. The first time she shoots someone, it is kill or be killed. The second time is also in self-defence...or did she make a choice not to take herself out of harm's way? The fear that had once paralyzed her has been replaced by something else...something that drives her to reclaim the life that was taken from her that night...something that Erica does not even recognize herself. Stories of an anonymous vigilante grip the city, and NYPD detective Sean Mercer (Terrence Howard) becomes increasingly determined to track down the killer. As he pieces together the clues, the evidence begins to point not to a guy with a gun...but a woman with a grudge. With Mercer closing in and her own conscience trying her, Erica must decide whether her quest for some form of justice, and even vengeance, is truly the right path, or if she has become the very thing she is hunting.Goodnight Sleep Tight. After a long and busy day young children need to calm down before getting ready for bed. This fully animated collection of films, animated by the King Rollo Studio is the perfect way to end the day and make bedtime fun! Dad! I can't sleep Bedtime story Get into bed! Go to sleep! Little princess's bedtime Sleep Tight I'm not sleepy Good night everyone!Magic. Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins (Silence Of The Lambs) is Corky, a failed magician who finds overnight success as a ventriloquist. His brash, foul-mouthed dummy, Fats, becomes a huge nightclub hit. With his star on the rise, talent agent Ben Greene (Burgess Meredith) arranges an important shot at National TV. But the pressure of failing the network's required physical sends Corky into a panic. With Fats in tow, he flees the city to a near-deserted resort in the Catskills run by the love of his youth, Peggy Ann Snow (Ann-Margret). A love affair between the two ensues, resulting in Corky confiding to Fats that he may leave showbusiness altogether. Fats becomes furious and lashes out at Corky. Now under Fats control Corky is manipulated into a series of violent and unexpected confrontations. Based on the best-selling novel by William Goldman and directed by Sir Richard Attenborough (A Bridge Too Far, Gandhi), Magic's stellar performances and shocking conclusion make for gripping suspense from beginning to end.Continental Divide. Ernie Souchak (JOHN BELUSHI) is a celebrated Chicago Sun-Times columnist famous for his blistering political exposes. While his controversial reporting has earned him the respect of his editor, Howard McDermott (ALLEN GOORWITZ) and the admiration of a legion of fans, it also earns him a trip to the hospital following a run-in with some disgruntled thugs. Suggesting he leave the city for a while, McDermott sends Ernie to the Rockies to interview renowned ornithologist Nell Porter (BLAIR BROWN) who studies the habits of the endangered American bald eagle. It's a case of loathe at first sight when the chain-smoking, big city Souchak meets the reclusive nature-lover Porter! But despite their differences, Souchak's trip west soon turns into a fun-filled romantic adventure as these two trek through the mountains at the top of the world along the Continental Divide!The Tartan Lads - Of Bonnie Scotland. Tracklisting. 1.The Lads Of Bonnie Scotland. 2. The Lovely Glens Of Angus. 3. Jacqueline Waltz. 4.The Old Meal Mill. 5. The Rose Of Allandale. 6. Skyline Of Skye. 7. Bonnie Wells O' Wearie. 8. Kissing In The Dark/Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl/The Gallant 42. 9. Amazing Grace. 10. Westering Home/Lovely Stornoway/Grannies Heilan Hame. 11. Morag's Fairy Glen. 12. The Dark Island. 13. Bonnie Kirkwall Bay. 14. The Northern Lights/Loch Lomond/These Are My Mountains.Apex Shed - 7 x 7'. Great garden storage, this 7 x 7' Shed is big enough for keeping all your garden appliances and tools while the double doors allow easy access. Features Tongue and groove roof and floor 1 fixed window Double doors Shelving and accessories not includedMr. Bean: The Animated Series - No. 4: Eight Terrific Tasks. More animated action from the hapless Mr Bean in seven smashing stories: - Neighbourly Bean. - Nurse. - Dead Cat. - Super Trolley. - Magpie. - Cat Sitting. - The Bottle.Belleville Rendez-Vous. Noticing that her grandson, Champion, is a lonely little boy, Madame Souza buys him his first bicycle. Years go by, and with Madame Souza putting him through his paces, Champion becomes worthy of his name. Now, he is ready to enter the world's most famous cycling competition, The Tour De France. But, no sooner than the race has begun, two mysterious men in black kidnap him and it is up to Madame Souza and her faithful dog, Bruno, to rescue him. Soon, their quest takes them to a giant metropolis, called Belleville, where they encounter three eccentric female music hall stars of the 1930s and do battle with the evil French mafia. But can they rescue Champion? A visual treat for young and old alike, this stunning film has captured the imagination of audiences the world over with its unique blend of classic animation and razor-sharp wit.Worthit! Natural Square Duvet Cover - Kingsize. Freshen up your bedroom with this Worthit! Kingsize Natural Square Duvet Cover. This machine washable cover is great value and fits any bed up to 5'. Features 50% cotton, 50% polyester Machine washableMrs. Doubtfire [Family Fun Edition]. Mrs. Doubtfire is in the house! We've pulled off the wig and let out the seams to bring you even more fun in this Family Fun Edition DVD of the hilarious and heartwarming blockbuster. With over two hours of special features including never-seen-before improvisational clips, making-of featurettes, deleted scenes and a retrospective featurette, you'll be in on all the on-set hijinks! Struggling actor Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) can't keep a job. And if it were up to his fed up wife (Sally Field), he wouldn't be allowed to keep his family either! So when a judge says Daniel can only visit his kids once a week, the inventive dad becomes Mrs. Doubtfire - the perfect nanny to his own children!Green Carnation - Alive And Well In Krakow. Tracks include: 1 Into Deep 2 Crushed To Dust 3 Writings on the Wall 4 Light of Day, Day of Darkness, 1st part 5 The Boy in the Attic 6 Myron & Cole 7 Rain 8 As Life Flows By Bonus video: Recording of drums to Into DeepCrushed to Dust bootleg video (recorded at Hole in the Sky) Boy in the Attic bootleg video (recorded at Hole in the Sky) Writings on the Wall bootleg video (recorded at Planet Music) Bonus audio: 1 Into Deep (acoustic version) 2 Crushed to Dust (acoustic version) 3 The Boy in the Attic (acoustic version) 4 Myron & Cole (acoustic version) 5 Stay on These Roads (A-Ha cover) 6 Wicked Game (Chris Isaac cover) 7 Pre production (demo track)Bosch Easy-Trim. With this Bosch Easy-Trim you can expect quality and ease when attending to your lawns edges. Featuring a 23cm cutting diameter, 280 watt motor and a two year guarantee. Features Superior grass trimming Pro-Tap Line Feed - for greater user control in grass Lightweight for superior ergonomics Bosch Spools for a fast and no tangle line replacement 2 year guarantee 280 watt motor 23cm cutting diameterNoi Albinoi. Is he the village idiot or a genius in disguise? 17 year old Noi drifts through life on a remote fjord in the north of Iceland, cut off from the outside world by a shroud of snow. He dreams of escape from this white-walled prison with Iris, a pretty young city girl who works in a local gas station, but his clumsy breaks for freedom spiral out of control and seem doomed to end in failure. Featuring a standout performance from Tomas Lemarquis as the film's oddball anti-hero, Dagur Kari's brilliant debut feature is an offbeat coming-of-age tale with a smart, darkly comic twist.Silver Bullet. When the otherwise peaceful town of Taker's Mills is disrupted by the horrific discoveries of mutilated bodies of residents, the whole town is out for justice. The population believes this to be the work of a maniac, but during a search a mysterious, hairy creature is spotted. This strange creature is noticed only once a month, and always by the full moon...Mattel Scene It? Friends DVD Game. Kick back and enjoy a night in with your friends as you play this hugely entertaining Friends Scene It DVD Game from Mattel. Simply pop the special DVD in your player and get ready for some quickfire questions about love, life and friends. Suitable for ages 12+ years Features Friends board game with DVD that challenges how well you know your favourite Friends. Trivia cards, DVD clips and multiple challenges Contents 1 gameboard 1 DVD 160 X trivia cards 30 X buzz cards 2 x dice Instructions Suitable for 2-4 adult playersTeletubbies Boys Bodysuit and Bib. Get tucked into bed with Po in this Boys Teletubbies Bodysuit and Bib.  This three-piece-set features a fun long-sleeved suit, comfy cotton trousers and an all over print bib. Features 100% cotton interlock All over print lining Elasticated waistband on pants Popper fastening Machine washableThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Of The Year. The complete Oblivion collection. The Game Of The Year Edition includes the original award-winning game, plus Knights of the Nine, and the remarkable Shivering Isles Expansion. Oblivion: With the empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land. You must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. Knights of the Nine: A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of Oblivion to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released upon the land. Shivering Isles: Enter the torn realm of Shcogorath - a world where Mania and Dementia reign. Do you have the strength to survive his trials, to tame a realm fraught with paranoia and despair, and wear the mantle of a God?Octopussy [Ultimate Edition]. From a thrilling jet chase to a climactic countdown to nuclear disaster, James Bond is back in an electrifying adventure that pushes the limit for nonstop excitement. Roger Moore portrays the immortal action hero, perfectly capturing Agent 007's deadly expertise, acerbic wit and overpowering sex appeal as he investigates the murder of a fellow agent who was clutching a priceless Faberge egg at the time of his death.Secrets Behind England's Finest Gardens. Now, for the first time, the best kept secrets of four famous English gardens are revealed in the company on Tom Petherick and their Head Gardeners. Together they take you on a comprehensive journey around and behind the scenes at each magical garden. Experience and wonder at the incredible Lost Gardens of Heligan awakened from over 70 years of slumber; the sun drenched sub-tropical terraces of the Abbey Garden on Tresco in the Sicily Isles with its species of exotics and succulents that grow nowhere else in Britain; the quintessential English gardens of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire with their breath taking double herbaceous boarders and beautiful compartmental gardens and the spectacular Alnwick Garden in Northumberland with its amazing Grand Cascade, fabulous ornamental garden, David Austin rose collection and that 3.5 m tree house! The DVDs give you a unique insight into the private world of the gardens, together with practical hints and tips that you can then use in your own garden. Simple to use, easy to follow and totally interactive these are a must for all gardeners - whether you are a beginner, or seasoned campaigner; and no matter what size your garden. 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www.Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, www.Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent www.Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

www.Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and www.Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

Home Audio at www.Woolworths: DVD, Video, CD, Digital Music -

www.Woolworths offers a broad selection of quality merchandise in its stores and online. For decades, www.Woolworths has become synonymous with excellent value, famous brands and satisfied customers!

www.Woolworths big W is owned by the www.Woolworths Group plc which is principally a UK retailer focused on the home, family and entertainment. www.Woolworths offers its customers value-for-money on an extended range of products. It is built around the well known www.Woolworths brand which is represented in towns and cities throughout the UK. - Reference:

www.Woolworths Catalogue: At the time of writing a www.Woolworths Catalogue is not available, but we look forward to exploring a www.Woolworths Catalogue when one does become available! None-the-less, at the www.Woolworths website shopping is a snap. Ordering online from www.Woolworths Direct is quick and easy - just a few clicks and you're done. It's that simple! Most of the items featured in the www.Woolworths stores are also available to browse and buy online at www.Woolworths UK website.

www.Woolworths offers its customers value-for-money on an extended range of UK products. It is built around the well known www.Woolworths brand which is represented in towns and cities throughout the UK.

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