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For the best selection of online UK shopping Woolworths Website is the only store you'll ever need!

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Woolworths Catalogue: At the time of writing a Woolworths Catalogue is not available, but we look forward to exploring a Woolworths Catalogue when one does become available! None-the-less, at the Woolworths website shopping is a snap. Ordering online from Woolworths Direct is quick and easy - just a few clicks and you're done. It's that simple! Most of the items featured in the Woolworths stores are also available to browse and buy online at Woolworths UK website. ~ Online Shopping from Woolworths UK

Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

Woolworths UK Department Store

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Roger Moore lends humour, elegance and lethal charm to his final performance as James Bond in A View To A Kill. Bond confronts Max Zorin (Christopher Walken), who has devised a plan to corner the world's microchip market, even if he has to kill millions to do it! But before Bond can stop the madman, he must confront Zorin's beautiful and deadly companion May Day (Grace Jones).Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. In the 1970's, Dickie Roberts (David Spade) held the keys to success as a child star with a hit TV series. Now the only keys Dickie holds are the ones that start the customer's cars that he parks as a valet attendant for a Hollywood restaurant. Desperate to revive his acting career, Dickie tries to audition for a role in Rob Reiner's new movie but the director doesn't believe Dickie is normal enough to play the part. Determined to get the role, Dickie hires a typical family to give him the real-life upbringing he never had. But once Dickie moves in, the family's life becomes anything but normal as Dickie unleashes his wild inner child... and learns in the process some unforgettable lessons about fame, fortune and family values. Co-starring Mary McCormack, John Lovitz, Alyssa Milano and many former child stars including Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams and Leif Garrett.Blinds Express Emma Silk Vertical Blind. These Vertical Blinds offer a stylish and inexpensive way to dress your window creating a clean "no fuss" finish to your window. Each vertical blind will consist of a robust white aluminium headrail and fabric vanes, with weights and chains pre-assembled and made to your exact specifications allowing you to install the blinds in minutes. Please select the product ensuring you select the correct size to calculate the price (e.g window size 123cm wide x 133cm drop - size selection should be 150cm x 150cm). Features 44 fabrics choices Made to your exact size requirements Choice of control and stack options Can be fixed inside or outside the recess No cutting or trimming required 7 day delivery to your home or local store Blinds are made to measure (you will be contacted once your order isplaced) Buy blind size which can be cut down to your required measurementGrand Theft Auto 3. LIBERTY CITY, USA. The Worst Place in America You've been betrayed and left for dead. Now you're taking revenge, unless the city gets you first. Mob bosses need a favour, crooked cops need help an street gangs want you dead. You'll have to rob, steal and kill just to stay out of serious trouble. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN OUT THERE.Suntime Highgrove Lounger. Lay back, relax and enjoy the summer in this stylish hardwood Suntime Highgrove Lounger in a contemporary design with a weather-proof seat. Features Hardwood frame Durable weather-proof mesh facric 4-position recline Wheel for easy manoeuvrability Size: 94 x 64 x 200cm Home assembly required Home delivery onlyThe Hunted. In the woods of Silver falls US Special Forces Operative Aaron Hallam (Benicio del Toro - Traffic) goes on the rampage. But nothing is quite what it seems... Lieutenant Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones - Men In Black 2), the man who trained him, is brought out of retirement to track him down and bring him to justice. With the help of tenacious FBI agent Abby Durrell (Connie Nielsen - Gladiator), Bonham must bring down the man who can already anticipate his every move before he kills again. A relentless cat-and-mouse thriller, The Hunted delivers non-stop action and amazing performances from the Oscar winning stars.Ratcatcher. Set in Glasgow during the mid 70s, Ratcatcher is seen through the eyes of twelve-year-old James Gillespie (William Eadie), a young boy haunted by a secret. Feeling increasingly distant from his family, his only escape comes with the discovery of a new housing development on the outskirts of town where he has the freedom to lose himself in his own world. Enticed by a local gang of older boys, James is thrown together with vulnerable fourteen-year-old Margaret Anne (Leanne Mullen) and the pair strike up an unlikely friendship which becomes their hesitant but touching experience of first love. Provocative, compelling and visually stunning, Lynne Ramsay's sensitive film has been acclaimed as the best debut by a British director in the past fifteen years.Youth League Basketball - Offence. Coach Al Sokaitis provides youth league basketball coaches with key concepts and strategies needed to develop a successful offense. The program emphasizes teaching players how to play within the framework of various offenses. Among the topics covered are: warm ups, offensive concepts, post play, the four out set, transition offense and the flex offense. This comprehensive DVD is a must have resource for anyone involved in youth league basketball. About the Coach: Al Sokaitis has been coaching basketball for over 30 years. He has established records for the most wins at five different schools, and been named Coach of the Year on ten occasions. Sokaitis has lead three different colleges to the NCAA Tournament. Currently, Al Sokaitis is the Head Basketball Coach at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado.The Sweeney - The Complete Second Series. Disc One: - Chalk And Cheese - Faces - Supersnout Disc Two: - Big Brother - Hit And Run - Trap Disc Three: - Golden Fleece - Poppy - Stay Lucky, Eh? Disc Four: - Thou Shalt Not Kill - I Want The Man - Country Boy - Trojan BusSlither. One humdrum evening, Grant hits the local bar where he bumps into an old friend, Brenda. Abandoning their drinks for a moonlight stroll, the pair discovers the remains of what appears to be a meteor and a trail of glistening, noxious ooze leading to a pulsating, unidentifiable mass. Suddenly, the glob comes to life and overtakes Grant, penetrating his body with a pustule-covered tentacle. An alien parasite has found and infected its unlucky human host, an unwilling transporter who now must continue to infect others in order to survive.Versus. There are 666 portals to the other side, and somewhere in Japan lies the home of the 444th. It is here that Prisoner KSC2-303 escapes from his fellow inmates to rendezvous with a group of men who will lead him to safety. After he realises that the price of his freedom is the death of a female hostage, he refuses to comply with his rescuers' plans and blood is spilled. But when, in the aptly named Forest of Resurrection, long dead yakuza fighters come back to life to avenge their own deaths, a battle against these living dead assassins ensues. Soon his quest for freedom becomes a desperate fight to simply stay alive.... A truly mind-blowing extravaganza of way-out set pieces, awe-inspiring fight sequences and deadly cunning zombies, Versus is a blur of ultra-kinetic violence that will leave you gasping for breath....iPod Video 80GB - White. The NEW iPod Video 80GB is here! And if 80GB wasn't enough, it's the same size as the previous 60GB model and boasts a 60 percent brighter screen & new search facility - the ultimate iPod experience! Features iTunes Music service compatibility View photos Software - iTunes Play video - Yes AAC playback - Yes Battery life - Up to 20 Colour LCD screen Compatibility - tbc Hard-Disc Memory Headphones MP3 compatible Playback - MP3 & AAC Storage capacity - 80 GB Up to 20,000 - MP3 can be storedFactory Girl. FACTORY GIRL imaginatively unfolds the comet-like rise and fall of 60s It Girl Edie Sedgwick, the blazing superstar who came to define both the glamour and the tragedy of our celebrity-obsessed culture. Sedgwick appeared to be the quintessential American princess, with her blue blood, her trust fund and her Harvard education, not to mention her ethereal beauty and vivacious charisma. But she was also a lost and fragile little girl; and when she met up with counter-culture anti-hero Andy Warhol, everything changed. Suddenly, Edie found herself at the center of a Pop Art universe bursting with sex, drugs, style and rock n roll -- and a mad rush for fame and fabulousness that was destined to spin out of control. Arriving into the chaos of mid-60s New York, Edie (Sienna Miller) is taken under the wing of the famously deadpan artist Andy Warhol (Guy Pearce) who sees in her untamed vulnerability the makings of an irresistible muse. Warhol invites Edie into the wild world of The Factory, a former downtown hat factory he has transformed into a bohemian paradise. Here, a rag-tag mix of musicians, poets, artists, actors and misfits gather to create avant-garde movies during the day and throw glam parties all night long. Edie quickly ascends to become the star of Warhols movies, an idol at The Factory and a media darling. She is on top of the world when she falls in love with a larger-than-life rock star (Hayden Christensen). But when Edie becomes caught between Warhols world of sexy surfaces and her new love, she winds up rejected by both and once again, set adrift in the modern world.Rage - 20 Years Of Punk. RAGE: 20 Years Of Punk Rock WestCoast StyleThe Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb. A nursery crime of epic proportions... A dark, twisted, yet enchanting version of the classic fairy tale. Set in a world of dark and shadowy tenements, shining high-tech labs and spectic landscapes of garbage and ruins, The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb makes a touching hero of the tiny child mysteriously born to a woman and a man in experiments in a lab full of mutant creatures. He narrowly escapes into a world where he finds companionship with people his own size and starts to fight back against the 'giants' alongside Jack the Giant Killer. Nothing is likely to prepare you for your entry into the astonishing, timeless world created by the award-winning bolexbrothers' director Dave Borthwick, where the strange humans are animated, latex figures breathe as if alive and objects and odd creatures crinkle and crunch in the corner. It's a world of genuine horror and moving movements that has the power to unsettle and enchant in equal measure - a potent reminder that fairy tales were never meant to be nursery soothers.Mick Flavin - Exclusively Live. Mick Flavin, the man they call the King of Country, has been entertaining audiences for fifteen years. In those fifteen years he has developed a unique relationship with his audience, he knows many by name and many have been Travellin to Flavin since it all began. In an intimate concert to celebrate those fifteen years, performed in the Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen, Mick sings his heart out and in an exclusive and frank interview, he discusses the roots of his passion for country music. Mick also takes this opportunity to help an up and coming young artist find an audience and introduces Kevin Logue to you. Tracklisting: 01. Hard Times 02. Youre The Reason 03. Six Nights A Week 04. Precious Jewel 05. Native Town Drumlish 06. Picture Of Your Mother 07. Legend And The Man 08. Shes Not An Angel 09. Beautiful Bouquet 10. I Am An Island (Featuring Kevin Logue) 11. Hank Williams Selection 12. Scotland 13. Adelida 14. The Little Mountain Church House 15. For The Love Of The Song 16. Mick Flavin MedleyWorld Rally Championship 1989. In 1989 Japanese teams took the rallying world by storm, sparking one of the most exciting series in rally history. This review captures the swift response to this new challenge. The Italian camp had pinned their hopes on Lancia's new 16-valve Integrale in an attempt to counter the growing challenge from Japanese manufacturers Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi. Outstanding performances were produced by world favourites Jorge Recalde, Juha Kankkunen, Hannu Mikkola and Ari Vatanen. The sensational Carlos Sainz, Didier Auriol, Alex Flori and Miki Biasion also appear in record-breaking form. On-board and helicopter cameras follow the action through over 28,000 km of snow, mud and dust from Sweden and Africa to Australia and New Zealand. The East vs West battle reaches a thrilling finale at the RAC Rally in England, topping off a highly successful season.Desperate Hours. Director William Wyler's suspense classic marks the only time cinema giants Humphrey Bogart and Fredric March worked together. And the result is everything you'd expect: taut, terrifying and terrific. Bogart plays an escaped con who has nothing to lose. March is a suburban Everyman who has everything to lose - his family is held hostage by Bogart. As The Desperate Hours tick by, the two men square off in a battle of wills and cunning that tightens into an unforgettable, fear-drenched finale.David And Goliath [Animated]. One of the most famous stories in the Bible comes to life in this incredible tale of courage, faith and daring. David, a young shepherd boy who likes poetry and music, seems an unlikely candidate to save his nation from ruin. But when nine-foot Goliath defies Israel and blasphemes God, young David leaps into action, earning his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. This dramatic story will transport you to the battlefield as you watch God at work through a humble boy.Star Wars - Battlefront 2. FIGHT MORE OF THE GREATEST STAR WARS BATTLE ANY WAY YOU WANT. Now for the first time, Star Wars Battlefront II lets you... Fight As A Jedi - Earn the ability to wield a lightsaber and use Force powers like Yoda, Darth Vader and many other heroes and villains. Battle In Space - Dogfight in X-wings, TIE fighters, Jedi starfighters and other classic starcrafts, or land your ship on a Star Destroyer and fight it out on foot aboard enemy ships. Play 16 New Locations - Battle across Star Wars: Episode III environments such as Utapau, Mustafar and the epic space battle above Coruscant..

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