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Possession, chapter twenty-five added on July 20, 2014.
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Bag of Bones
Spike's return to Sunnydale, version 3,892. Nobody's rolling out the welcome mat ... but someone has got a little surprise for him. S/B. COMPLETE.

Spike couldn't stay dead, and he couldn't stay away. But where Spike goes, trouble always seems to follow....Spike/Buffy, post-"Chosen." WIP

Buffy begins to suspect that she was meant to be more than Jonathan's sidekick. Set mid-season four; some plot, a little drama, a little comedy, a lot of smut. No angst. B/S, allusions to B/R. WIP.

Scar Tissue
Wes finds Faith in desperate circumstances...but estranged from his friends, he's feeling pretty desperate himself. Wesley/Faith, set AtS season three. In response to the LJ Faith/Wesley ficathon. COMPLETE
NC-17. There's also an R version archived at fanfiction.net.

Settling In
It's Spike's first night at the Hyperion, and everyone has a little adjusting to do. Short series, each chapter from a different POV. Post-AtS season three, BtVS season seven. COMPLETE.

Three snapshots of Lorne, from happiness to heartbreak. Short series with spoilers through "Not Fade Away." COMPLETE

Stand Alone

Blue-Eyed Monster
Well, kidnapping Buffy didn't work, so maybe Spike should just eliminate the competition. Branches off mid-"I Was Made to Love You."

When Willow’s “will be done” spell is broken, Buffy and Spike immediately end their engagement. To the horror of the Scoobies, that’s the only thing they end. Spoilers primarily for "Something Blue" and "This Year's Girl."

Tin Lizzie
Spike and the automobile: a love story. Written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Spike's first appearance on BtVS, in "School Hard." Begins pre-series, spoilers through "Spiral."

A Very Joan and Randy Christmas
Weeks later, the gang is still suffering from its “Tabula Rasa” memory wipe, which the Legion of Dim plans to use to its advantage. Fluffy and mildly smutty Spike/Buffy fic.

A Joan and Randy Valentine
Sequel to "A Very Joan and Randy Christmas." Valentine's Day is coming up, and the gang is planning hearts and flowers ... but what's that about demon eggs? Fluffy Spuffy rewrite of "As You Were," or as I think of it, "the episode that never happened."

Joan and Randy vs. the Replicant
The third story in the Joan and Randy-verse. Nothing's ever easy when you can't remember your past, what the threatening phone calls and the whole evil replicant thing.

Case Notes on Summers, Buffy
Buffy really should have seen a psychologist when she returned in season six, shouldn't she? General spoilers for season six, more specific for "Life Serial" and "Normal Again." Comedy, Buffy/Spike.

A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking 'Bout Xander Harris
Anya and Cordelia run into each other, have a cup of coffee, and talk about their lives and the guy they have in common.

Our Little Secret
Spike handles his discovery of Riley's nasty little habit differently than in "Into the Woods." No, it's not slash. Implied Buffy/Riley, Spike/Buffy.

Spike. Buffy. Adam. Spike’s impulsive, but he’s not stupid. Romance, action, smartassery, and Riley punchage. Fluffy S/B, branches off mid-“Yoko Factor.”

Still Life with Violet and Oleander
Drusilla adjusts to life as a vampire, while Angelus adjusts to life with what he created. Written for the Dark Goddess Ficathon for Laure, who requested Angelus and Drusilla dancing and sharing a kill, set in period London.

Grace Note
With her own romance in ruins, Anya decides to play cupid for Buffy and Spike. Hurt/comfort, a little fluffy, a little angsty. Post-"Entropy."

The View from the Top
It was wonderful to be principal--even if it was over a bunch of slack-jawed, demon-bait knuckledraggers. Season three Snyder fic, written for the LiveJournal tsunami relief effort.

Tabula Mortis
Records must be kept, even after the most devastating events. Post-"First Date."

Post-"Grave," Spike contemplates his new status.

Price Tag
Amidst the ruins of the Magic Box, Anya contemplates her life. Post-"Grave."

Hundred-word ficlets based on an assigned theme. PG-13 or lower.

The Yellow Crayon of Goodness saved the world, but for Xander, it seems like old times. Post-"Grave."

Angel finds out he isn't the only souled vampire anymore. BtVS post-"Grave," AtS early season four.

Buffy considers her life, and wonders why Spike just can't shut up in bed.

On Loss
Giles reflects on his estrangement from Buffy. Post-“Empty Places.” In response to Chris’s challenge to explain Giles’s apparent lack of faith in Buffy.

The Lord's Work
Caleb loves to tell stories. Sometimes he likes to tell them about himself.

Reality Check
The view inside Buffy’s mind immediately following her “Get it Done” verbal smackdown.

Riley Finn, author of The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Secret Agents, defends himself against accusations of impropriety in the framing of Hostile 17 with the possession of demon eggs.


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