Cave, lectrix. Or, er, lector. That is Latin (because Kendra A has taken four years of Latin classes, and uses her limited knowledge of the language whenever she can) for "beware, reader."

This warning is here to tell you that this site contains content that may offend you. The fiction contained within may have (gasp!) sex or violence in it. There may be (gasp again!) slash involved as well. For those of you who peer at your screens confusedly and say, "Slash? Qu'est-ce que le slash?" (Kendra A has taken French, too...), slash fanfiction is fanfiction with two characters of the same gender in a relationship of a nature that is not platonic. I.e., two boys (or two girls) snogging. Each other.

If this causes you to gasp for a third time, you may have asthma, or this site may not be for you. Len and Kendra A have no wish to deal with flamers, so they are attempting to take care of the problem ahead of time and are posting this extremely long and extremely annoying warning between the splash page and the main index.

The point of this is: if you are underage (which is under 17 in some places and older in others), you should not be reading the material rated NC-17. There's not much of it, and Kendra A wrote it and doesn't think it's too great anyway, but neither she nor Len will take responsibity for your errant mouse-clickings. And if you have a problem with sex, violence, or slash, just take care to read the labels on the fics and steer clear of what you don't like. There should be something for everyone--yes, even the younguns. We have a tendency towards the fluff.

Okay, the rambling warning is now over. Feel free to enter.



We do not own--in any way, shape, or form, except for in the case of independently purchased fan-type merchandise--the characters or plotlines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Harry Potter, the West Wing, the Mummy, Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, or any other fandoms that may be mentioned within. It would take an extremely long time to name all of the producers/owners/writers/what-have-yous, so we will not, but they own what they own, and we do not. Fair? Good.

However. All of the fanfiction and fanart (sketches, scans, manipulated photos) inside of this archive is © 2003 to Len or Kendra A unless otherwise noted. Please do not copy, borrow, take, snitch, snatch or steal anything from this archive without emailing the appropriate author and getting their permission first. (That translates into: if you would like this for your archive, ask and send the URL, and Len and/or Kendra A will see what she can do. Don't take without asking.)

Now that we've come to an agreement, go ahead and enter.