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Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll this year!! Also, thanks to those of you who submitted your own entertaining poll questions!!!! We had over 1100 people vote this year! FUN! Im going to go question by question here, give you the results with possibly a little commentary, cuz, well, thats just how I do things! You may also notice that there are less total votes in the later questions, that is because they were submitted and added as time progressed. P.S. In case anyone cares, I will put an * by each answer that I, myself voted for.....

1.Who is your fave hg? Pick one

Jason-32% (361 votes)
Lisa*-17% (195 votes)
Marcellas-12% (139 votes)
Danielle-8% (94 votes)
Roddy-8% (92 votes)
Amy-7% (87 votes)
Chiara-4% (45 votes)
Eric-2% (31 votes)
Tonya-1% (22 votes)
Gerry-1% (21 votes)
Josh-1% (17 votes)
Lori-0% (10 votes)
This question pretty much stayed the same as time went on. Daniell kept slowly losing spots as time progressed and Lisa slowly rose into second place.

2.Which BB3 hg is your LEAST fave?

Josh-34% (378 votes)
Chiara*-19% (214 votes)
Danielle-13% (151 votes)
Tonya-6% (74 votes)
Gerry-6% (71 votes)
Amy-5% (62 votes)
Roddy-3% (42 votes)
Marcellas-3% (42 votes)
Lori-3% (39 votes)
Lisa-1% (15 votes)
Jason-0% (11 votes)
Eric-0% (9 votes)
Can't say Josh didn't win anything.....he won the spot as least fave hg, right off the bat and kept that title, LONG after his eviction! Danielle made strides up to the top of this poll, too!! haha

3.Which BB is your fave thus far?

BB3-53% (583 votes)
BB2*-29% (326 votes)
BB1-16% (183 votes)
For the first half of the season, BB2 was far ahead, but I guess BB3 grew on everyone.

4.Who do you predict will win BB3? (not who you want to, but who your psychic friend advises you to put money down on)

Jason-39% (432 votes)
Danielle-20% (221 votes)
Lisa-16% (177 votes)
Roddy*-12% (134 votes)
Marcellas-4% (52 votes)
Eric-1% (21 votes)
Amy-1% (21 votes)
Chiara-1% (13 votes)
Josh-1% (11 votes)
Gerry-0% (8 votes)
Tonya-0% (3 votes)
Lori-0% (3 votes)
Well.....only 16% of you were right! haha! Hope no one lost TOO much money betting on this one!

5.Which of the female hgs do you find attractive? (check all that apply)

Lisa*-63% (701 votes)
Amy*-31% (343 votes)
Chiara*-28% (307 votes)
Danielle*-27% (298 votes)
Tonya-25% (281 votes)
Lori-6% (72 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who thought each person was attractive (ie 63% of voters find lisa attractive) Poor Lori....although, I don't think she is conventionally pertty myself, she beats the heck out of Tonya, if ya ask me!!

6.Which of the male hgs do you find attractive? (check all that apply)

Jason*-65% (727 votes)
Roddy*-57% (638 votes)
Eric*-49% (546 votes)
Marcellas*-12% (134 votes)
Josh-5% (57 votes)
Gerry-1% (15 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who thought each person was attractive (ie 65% of voters find jason attractive)

7.If you were forced to live in the BB3 house for 3 months with any of the 3 hgs, who would you pick?

Jason-63% (707 votes)
Lisa*-38% (422 votes)
Roddy*-37% (411 votes)
Marcellas*-34% (382 votes)
Amy-29% (328 votes)
Danielle-26% (292 votes)
Eric-21% (233 votes)
Chiara-14% (159 votes)
Tonya-10% (109 votes)
Gerry-9% (98 votes)
Lori-8% (85 votes)
Josh-4% (47 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who picked each person as one of their three hg's (ie 63% of voters picked jason as one of their hgs to live with).....Looks like most everyone would be happy living with Jason, Lisa and Roddy.

8.Nudity on the BB3 live feeds….how do you feel about it?

Bring it on!!-42% (466 votes)
Couldn't care less one way or another*-39% (430 votes)
I think CBS should NOT show nudity on the feeds-19% (202 votes)
Most of yall who took the poll are pervs, I guess! haha! I myself, dont care about the nudity.....i DO, however, think CBS should have made it more clear to the hgs they would be shown nude all over the net.....that may really embarass some of them.

9.Torture the BB3 hgs….what would you like to take away from them, if given a chance….

alcohol-35% (387 votes)
playing cards-19% (207 votes)
all whore-ish clothing/bikinis-18% (197 votes)
the Hot tub-9% (106 votes)
All caffineated beverages*-9% (104 votes)
food (think they'd eat the lizards or Gerry first?)-7% (78 votes)
Sure, take away the alcohol.....but then Amy would have been SOOOOOOO boring!

10.Which, if any, of the hgs do you think are genuinely good, upstanding citizens in their real lives? (check all that apply)

Jason*-86% (958 votes)
Danielle*-53% (595 votes)
Gerry*-51% (573 votes)
Eric*-51% (564 votes)
Roddy*-47% (528 votes)
Lisa*-41% (453 votes)
Marcellas*-39% (439 votes)
Lori*-33% (371 votes)
Amy*-23% (259 votes)
Josh*-12% (134 votes)
Tonya-8% (88 votes)
Chiara-6% (72 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who think each individual hg is a good person in rl (ie 86% of voters think jason is a good upstanding citizen in rl).....WOW, yall have some HIGH standards on what makes a person "good"...and seems for most of you perfect people, jason is the only one who meets those standards! LOL

11.Which is more annoying…..

Chiara's sex stories*-22% (251 votes)
Josh's personality-22% (250 votes)
Amy's voice-11% (130 votes)
Gerry's righteousness-8% (97 votes)
Tonya's lack of class-8% (89 votes)
Marcellas in total drama queen mode-7% (83 votes)
Roddy's arrogance-5% (60 votes)
Lori's crying-4% (44 votes)
Danielle's impressions-3% (42 votes)
Jason's purity-2% (25 votes)
Eric's lack of personality-1% (14 votes)
Lisa's ability to look amazing in a thong (meeeeow)-1% (11 votes)
Well, seems that even though Chiara says shes happy with the way she acts and wouldn't change a all WOULD! Maybe she needs to get a clue that not everyone in the world is interested in her sex life. Poor Josh.....he seems to need to fix his whole personality! haha

12.Look into your crystal ball….which, if any, of the BB3 hgs will become famous after the show (select all that apply)

Marcellas-35% (387 votes)
Jason-33% (364 votes)
Lisa-28% (311 votes)
Roddy-25% (282 votes)
Amy-21% (234 votes)
Tonya-18% (203 votes)
Chiara-15% (167 votes)
Eric-15% (167 votes)
Danielle-8% (93 votes)
Josh-6% (70 votes)
Gerry-1% (16 votes)
Lori-1% (9 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who think each hg has a chance at fame after BB3 (ie 35% of voters think marcellas will be famous after BB3)...Looks like a lot of voters think like I do on this one.....sorry hgs, youre 15 min is now UP.......

13.What is your opinion of host, Julie Chen?

She's great, I love her!*-47% (514 votes)
Why on earth didn't they replace her this year?-35% (382 votes)
um, there's a host?-16% 182 (votes)
ok, well, i dont LOVE her, but i think she does a nice job. Looks like if it were up to us, Julie, you still have the gig next year! haha

14.Do you think anyone will “hook up” in this BB? (and yes, I mean “make the love”….select all that apply)

yes, Lisa and Eric*-61% (678 votes)
yes, Chiara and Roddy*-30% (332 votes)
not a chance-9% (229 votes)
yes, Tonya and anyone who will have her-9% (105 votes)
yes, someone will hook up, but not from this list-6% (63 votes)
yes, Amy and Roddy-4% (43 votes)
yes, Chiara and Jason-3% (28 votes)
yes, Amy and Josh-1% (12 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who thought each pair was gonna get it on (ie 61% of voters thought eric and lisa would do the deed).....well, as far as we KNOW....only 9% of you who said, not a chance, were right. Now, Im sure tonight....after the wrap LEAST the 61% of you who said Eric and Lisa would hook up will be right on.....

15.Just how into BB3 are you? (select all that apply)

I watch every episode on tv*-90% (1002 votes)
I post on chat/message boards talking about BB3*-29% (322 votes)
I subscribe to the live feeds-26% (286 votes)
I spend more than 2-3 hours a day watching/transcribing live feeds-17% (186 votes)
I transcribe live feeds for message boards-5% (56 votes)
I have locked myself inside the house, told everyone I'm in Hawaii for 3 months-5% (54 votes)
note-the results on this one are a bit different....the percent shows the percent of voters who selected each individual choice (ie 90% of voters watch every episode on tv)

16.Which of the following BB3 “rumors” do you think it would be most fun to spread? (submitted by anon)

Roddy is actually in love with Marcellas not Amy or Chiara-28% (291 votes)
Marcellas buys all his clothes at Kmart-12% (127 votes)
Chiara is actually a virgin-12% (125 votes)
Jason is actually an exotic dancer-11% (118 votes)
Josh is best known for portraying TinkyWinky the purple teletubbie-10% (111 votes)
Gerry is actually a gay biker-9% (93 votes)
Tonya's boobs are real!-5% (54 votes)
Danielle is going to give birth to Gerry's love child-4% (50 votes)
Eric is actually a member of Mensa-2% (24 votes)
Amy is NOT a natural blonde-2% (23 votes)
Lori is really NOT from the Midwest*-0% (8 votes)
Lisa was once impregnated with an alien fetus-0% (4 votes)
I thought this was the best question of the whole thing (and i cant even take credit for it! boo)!!

17.If given the chance to be on BB……would you? (submitted by BB1_is_better)

No-I would NEVER embarrass myself like that on television and the internet!!-26% (269 votes)
Yes-because I want to win the money!!-22% (229 votes)
Yes-because I truly think it would be a life changing experience!!-20% (206 votes)
No-I’m too shy/self conscious!!-13% (135 votes)
No-because I could NOT stand to be away from my life (family, friends, etc) for that long!!*-10% (106 votes)
Yes-because I would LOVE to be on tv!!-6% (69 votes)
Nice to know only 6% of voters are self absorbed media whores! Then again, only 10 % of yall care enough about your loved ones not to be on tv! haha

18.Who would you like to see win the 500Gs? (submitted by B2K)

Lisa*-85% (70 votes)
Danielle-15% (12 votes)
this one was changed each week and i was NOT about to log alllllll the different here is the final one....yall got your wish!

19.What part of the BB3 tv show do you find most annoying? (JoshSux)

The fact that it is not on ENOUGH during the week-30% (290 votes)
The fact that the shows are always so far behind the live feeds-16% (155 votes)
The excessive amount of time spent on the "lovebirds"-14% (137 votes)
The biased way certain HGs are poprtrayed*-13% (132 votes)
Nothing, I think the show is great-13% (126 votes)
The theme song-10% (98 votes)
The fact that it is on too much during the week-0% (5 votes)
With summer reruns that weve all seeeeeeeen, maybe CBS really SHOULD run BB every day next year!

20.Sick of them talking about PB&J’s? What would you rather see as the “fallback food” for those who lose food competitions? (submitted by Zak78)

Macaroni and Cheese-37% (134 votes)
All Bran-13% (48 votes)
Grilled Cheese-10% (38 votes)
Fish Sticks*-10% (36 votes)
Dry Toast-9% (35 votes)
Tomato Soup-9% (34 votes)
Dinty More Beef Stew-5% (19 votes)
Fried Chicken Wings-4% (15 votes)
OK, all bran?? yall are REALLY cruel! I personally can not think of anything more nauseating than eating fish sticks all day.....bleh!

21.The hgs are always talking bad about Gerry. How do you feel about this? (submitted by anon)

I don't like Gerry, but they are all a little hard on him-42% (149 votes)
Gerry is a good guy, what they are doing is just awful and mean.*-40% (144 votes)
Gerry is an icky gross person, he deserves all the trash talking he gets-16% (59 votes)
What on earth did Gerry ever do to the world!?!?!?

22.Out of the hgs left, who do you feel has the best “strategy” with their game play? (submitted by anon)

Danielle-69% (127 votes)
Lisa*-31% (57 votes)
this one also changed as the game went is the final one.

23.Which is more nauseating? (submitted by shoppie)

All the communal zit popping-52% (168 votes)
The hygienically challenged Gerry-22% (71 votes)
Tonya's leaking boob*-20% (65 votes)
The thing on Lisa's butt-6% (18 votes)
How on earth can anything be grosser than a leaking boob???????? jeez! haha

24.What do you think about Eric’s sleeptalking? (submitted by sweeTEE81)

Sleep talking is a natural thing, I find Eric's quite funny-69% (212 votes)
Obviously he suffers from an extreme sleep disorder and should get help*-20% (62 votes)
I think he is totally faking it-11% (33 votes)
Ok, i DO think Eric's sleep talking was hilarious, but he did get kinda freaky.....he should go to a doc for that, if ya ask me.....and FAKE IT? please, why would he stay up all night talking gibberish??

25.Which of the 4 evicted hgs would you most like to see return? (submitted by shoppie)

Amy-48% (131 votes)
Eric-38% (104 votes)
Tonya-7% (20 votes)
Lori*-5% (16 votes)
I thought Lori deserved a second chance!! But I was in the minority! lol

26.What do you think of Jason’s crush on Chiara? (submitted by chiawhora)

Jason's "crush" is awful, he is way too good for her-47% (125 votes)
Jason's "crush" is fake, just game play-22% (59 votes)
Jason's "crush" is really sweet and adorable-19% (51 votes)
Jason's "crush" is nasty and it made me lose all respect for him*-12% (51 votes)
Jason's crush didnt really make me "lose all respect for him" but I did see it as hypocritical for him to be all pure and religious and say she was so beautiful and all that.....its like an angel having a crush on a demon....bleh.....

27.Ok, pretend you are a contestant on BB and you just got evicted….of course you want to see loved ones first, but after that, what is the first thing you would want to do that night? (submitted by TKO675)

Watch all the taped episodes of the show so far-31% (76 votes)
Go out to a nice dinner with family/close friends-23% (57 votes)
Jump on the internet and see what is being said about me*-20% (49 votes)
Go out and party, LIVE IT UP!-15% (37 votes)
Just be alone, enjoy some solidarity-6% (16 votes)
Cry and plot my revenge on those who booted my sorry butt out-1% (3 votes)
The 20% who voted with me must be all the "internet geeks".....we KNOW what is shown on the net.....that would totally be the first thing id check out!

28.Now that Chiara is gone, do you think Amy will go after Roddy? (submitted by lil_angel)

Yes, but he will not be interested*-55% (112 votes)
Yes and they will become the newest bedmates-15% (31 votes)
No, she's not interested in him that way-14% (30 votes)
No, she's too busy playing the game-13% (28 votes)

LMAO.....i cant believe 13% actually thought amy played the game....hello......she was just there to drink, have fun and talk about herself.....

29.What has been your fave twist/special event from this BB3 so far? (submitted by BlackCatWoman)

HG returning to the house*-53% (109 votes)
Sheryl Crow Concert/Luxury Challenges-20% (42 votes)
Power Of Veto-13% (27 votes)
Competitions/Challenges-6% (14 votes)
America's Choice Questions-5% (11 votes)
I just LOVED the way amys return screwed up chiaras life! that was hilarious!

30.What would you most like CBS to change for next years BB? (submitted by BlackCatWoman)

Put Big Brother on every day instead of 3 times a week-36% (74 votes)
Let America vote via phone/net for who gets evicted (like BB1)-20% (43 votes)
More diversity when choosing contestants*-16% (33 votes)
16 instead of 12 HG's to start out with-10% (22 votes)
Better/More interesting competitions-6% (14 votes)
Get rid of the Power Of Veto-6% (13 votes)
Have an America's Choice question where a HG actually gets to see a family member-2% (6 votes)
Only 2% of you are nice enough to worry about the hgs' emotional welfare! LOL....and 16 hgs??? holy schnikeys, that would make BB another 4 weeks longer!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

31.Which has been more unappealing to look at (Dr. Evil)

Gerry with his shirt off-24% (51 votes)
Chiara's turds-19% (41 votes)
Josh's weird geometrical goatee he had for a while-19% (41 votes)
Tonya's boobs*-10% (22 votes)
Jason's new hairdo (the greg brady look)-6% (13 votes)
Lori's pink bikini under the bib overalls-4% (10 votes)
Danielle's hair in the morning-3% (8 votes)
Marcellas in his robe-2% (6 votes)
Roddy naked (yeah right, Roddy is perfect!)-2% (6 votes)
Amy without makeup-1% (4 votes)
Eric when he would try to sound smart-0% (2 votes)
Lisa's skeletal body-0% (2 votes)
Sorry did lose weight, but the shirt should stay ONNNNNNNN!!

32.Which hg do you feel has been edited way too favorably in (in other words, CBS makes them look way better than they are on the feeds) the shows? (submitted by shoppie)

Danielle-25% (30 votes)
Roddy-17% (21 votes)
Marcellas-15% (18 votes)
Jason-10% (13 votes)
Lisa-9% (11 votes)
Chiara-7% (9 votes)
Amy-5% (7 votes)
Josh-3% (4 votes)
Gerry-2% (3 votes)
Tonya*-1% (2 votes)
Eric-0% (1 vote)
Lori-0% (0 votes)
Yall thought danielle was edited favorably? I thought they showed her true colors quiiiiite well....thus her not winning the 500g's.....LOL......i picked tonya because they didnt show her discussing her cocaine use while her children were concieved yet didnt hesitate to show her in the recap trying to be mother of the year.....

33.Which hg do you feel has been edited way too negatively in (in other words, CBS makes them look way worse than they are on the feeds) the shows? (submitted by shoppie)

Gerry25% (30 votes)
Amy-21% (26 votes)
Roddy-13% (16 votes)
Josh*-10% (12 votes)
Chiara-8% (10 votes)
Lori-5% (6 votes)
Marcellas-5% (6 votes)
Lisa-4% (5 votes)
Danielle-4% (5 votes)
Eric-1% (2 votes)
Jason-1% (2 votes)
Tonya-0% (0 votes)
Sheesh, its not bad enough the hgs picked on Gerry, CBS had to do it too!!!!! Poor guy! BTW, I thought they made Josh look psychotic, when he is actually just a freak.....

34.Who is the bigger “devil” Roddy or Danielle? (submitted by anon)

Danielle*-66% (76 votes)
Roddy-34% (38 votes)
I personally dont like to call anyone the devil....but hey, dani, you made it up.....

35.Out of the evicted hgs, who do you miss watching the most? (submitted by Kasiebell)

Roddy-29% (27 votes)
Marcellas*-17% (16 votes)
Eric-14% (13 votes)
Chiara-10% (10 votes)
Amy-9% (9 votes)
Josh-8% (8 votes)
Jason-4% (4 votes)
Tonya-3% (3 votes)
Gerry-2% (2 votes)
Lori-0% (0 votes)
Marcellas was my 2nd fave hg, even though tons of folks disliked him, i found him hilarious.....What no one missed Lori?!?!?! lol

36.After all is said and done, which hg do you think will be the most UNFORGETTABLE to you (submitted by true1)

Marcellas*-24% (15 votes)
Amy-24% (15 votes)
Jason-18% (11 votes)
Lisa-11% (7 votes)
Roddy-6% (4 votes)
Danielle-4% (3 votes)
Chiara-3% (2 votes)
Eric-3% (2 votes)
Tonya-1% (1 vote)
Josh-1% (1 vote)
Gerry-0% (0 votes)
Lori-0% (0 votes)
Poor lori, shes no ones fave, shes no ones unfave....shes forgettable, no one misses her.....ahhhhh, the plight of being first evicted...

37.After all is said and done, which hg do you think will be the most FORGETTABLE to you (true1)

Lori*-44% (27 votes)
Tonya-18% (11 votes)
Josh-11% (7 votes)
Gerry-6% (4 votes)
Eric-4% (3 votes)
Chiara-3% (2 votes)
Amy-3% (2 votes)
Marcellas-3% (2 votes)
Danielle-1% (1 vote)
Roddy-1% (1 vote)
Lisa-1% (1 vote)
Jason-0% (0 votes)
Wow, tonya and josh.....annoying yes, but forgettable? wow....

Well, I hope you enjoyed the poll this year! Look for one next BB season! If you have any problems with this site,

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