Big Brother 3 Rants

We all love Big Brother....We all love to hate the HGs....this is just my little forum to express my own opinions about the show, the HGs and all that stuff. Read if you want, maybe youll agree, maybe you won't. Its all just my expressed views, I am not affliliated with BB3 or CBS or anything....

Odds and Ends: a Few Thoughts on the Remaining HG's

The numbers are dwindling.....not many HG's left to rant about, but here, i SHALL try....

Lisa...I actually think she is playing a fairly good game. I look at it this way. She went form being one of the "six" (whom ended up being a much more boring version of last years chilltown) to sticking herself right in there with the only REALLY tight alliance of danielle/jason. Obviously shes not as dim as she acts. I have no idea what her deal with Roddy was....all that hand action under the covers, was it realllllly sign language!?!!?! She's kind of a mystery really. All in all, not much negativity to spew on her.

Jason...The hair must DIE! Why? Why? Why? Are these people telling him that it looks good or something? Where's Marcellas with his brutal honesty? Someone tell him he looks like a total dork! Sadly, that is the most negative I can get about Jason, too. I like the kid! (Strange how I always want to refer to him as a kid, hes the same age as me!!!) He is pleasant, curteous, yet still working his angles and trying to win the game. Also, when he does his hair RIGHT, hes easy on the eyes!

Danielle...3 words....OVER THE TOP!!! She started out being my favorite player. She had great strategy, a good sense of humor and seemd to be a lot of fun. Then somewhere along the lines, she just turned into superfreak wanna be strategist. Even though Roddy's strategy failed him, he HAD the right idea. The only reason it didnt work for him, was his own stuipd arrogance. He tried to be more low key, hooking people with his charm and preying on their emotions. Danielle should have taken a lesson or two from him. She plays the game so ignorantly! Does she NOT know that everyone is going to come back and vote, even if she makes it to the end? She has done what she blames Roddy for doing-using everyone else to do her dirty work. With the amount of backstabbing, gossip and whispering going on in that house, doesn't she realize it is all bound to come back and haunt her??? I think she could easily make it to the final two, but with the exception of possibly Marcellas, I don't think she has a chance in hell of beating anyone for first place, and she only has herself to blame....

Marcellas...I don't know WHAT to think about him!!! I think he is the type of person who down deep is a good, really caring, emotional guy, but he is very righteous and opinionated. He genuinley seems to HATE folks in the house at times. Hello, MARCELLAS, its juuuust a game! Plus, he can be very very mean spirited. He truly DOES have Gerry to thank for being in the house, he should give some respect to the old guy for that! So Gerry isn't as clean as Marcellas, he still saved his sorry ass in the beginning! I think Marcellas' biggest problem is his total immaturity. He is clique-ey and nasty like a high schooler, he rages like his hormones are at fever pitch, puberty level. He is egocentric like a toddler. He really needs to grow up. There is NO way in hell that he and Amy would ever be able to really remain close friends, because they are both so totally narcisistic that they don't have room for each other in their own self absorbed minds.

Amy...For a while, I really detested Amy. Now I feel really sorry for her. She is quite pathetic and weak. The way she has acted towards Roddy has totally appalled me. She truly acts like she is in LOVE with him and he is sooooo OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUSLY playing her! She actually regrets not using the veto to save him? Even though it means she would have been voted out for sure? Why? Because she gave him her word.....I don't think so. I think it's because she thought that MAYBE if she would have used veto, he would have returned her admiriation in some way and maybe they could have some steamy romance or something. She cries and whines like a baby. I swear if I have to look at one more set of screen caps of her POUTING, I'm gonna hurl!!! Anyone seen "drunk girl" on Saturday Night Live? I always hated that skit and Amy personifies it! How lame she looks following everyone around the house begging them for their alcohol rations. I am all for a good time, but doesn't she have a CLUE as to how she is showing herself, not only to her fellow HG's but to the rest of the viewing audience? She is a pretty girl....she has a good sense of humor and actually has a lot going for her....its just a damn shame she dosen't know it.

What Happened to the Revolving Door???

At first, I thought the idea of bringing in an evicted HG was a fun, interesting plot twist. Well, that was until Amy was the one voted back in. She is so annoying, spoiled and self centered!! I think I am in the minority, as she seems to have legions of fans, but I wish beyond hopeless wish that they will stick to the revolving door thing and vote her out this week. I don't want to listen to her voice anymore. I don't want to hear her whine anymore. I don't want to hear her interrupt others with boring stories about herself anymore. I don't want to see her pathetically try to get the attention of every male in the house anymore. Gerry may be hygenically challenged and a bit on the "odd" side, but I for one would last a lot longer in the realm of sanity living with him, than Amy. I wish someone could convincingly explain to me why it is any worse for Chiara to be self centered, boring and annoying than it is Amy. To me, they are the same type of person, just raised a little differently. Where as Amy is a spoiled little girl from the south who seems to have come from more "stable" parenting; Chiara is a spoiled little girl from up east who has a mother who does drugs with her. Other than that, they are both self absorbed, attention starved girls who love the sounds of their own voices. They both will listen to others life stories only to wait for a momentary pause to interject more about themselves. They both get by in life on their pretty faces and slightly amusing party girl personas. They are both catty and snobbish. I have yet to hear either of them contribute anything deep or meaningful to a conversation in the house. I find it so funny that out of all the girls in the house (and we know how catty girls CAN be) those two are the ones who ended up really disliking one another and badmouthing one another. You rarely hear Lisa talking about who is a whore and who is white trash, etc etc. So Chiara is gone now, why not Amy next? Then MAYBE there can be a little laid back intelligent convorsation in the house.

Going Back on MY Word(s)/The ANTI-Rant

A couple rants down I was really bashing ALL the HG's. For the most part, I stick by my words, but....I think I was a tad harsh about Lisa. You know what, I really kind of like her. After Jason, I would consider her my favorite. She does come off a little boring, but what normal person wouldn't up against the likes of most of these people! She seems genuine, nice and probably NOT as innocent and boring as she plays herself to be. When I watch a lot of the HG's I feel like I am watching a group of folks who are totally playing up to the camera and NOT being themselves. I think the reason I like both Jason and Lisa is because they act NORMAL!! I figure those two are acting as close to their real selves as one CAN while being video taped 24-7. So instead of bit*hing, I for once will say, YAY to Jason and Lisa, I truly hope one of them wins.

Earth To Chiara...It's Called A GAME/Roddy The Saint

OK, Chiara, you are nominated, Get the Hell over it!! I guess no one bothered to explain to her that Big Brother is a game, the object of the game is to get rid of people so you win the money. Maybe that is just a liiiittle too much for her to absorb intellectually. She goes on and on about how it is not fair, she wasn't given a chance. Well, um, she was given a far better chance than, well, lets say.......Lori? or even Tonya? She really is socially clueless. When she sits and says something like, this house will be white trash after I leave, well, excuse me if I am wrong, but does that not imply that she thinks everyone else in the house already IS white trash? Way to go Chiara, SCORE those points with the other HG's! This year, the house is full of annoying people, but the worst thing about her is no matter what happens, she will NEVER fully understand how awful she is. Take Josh for example, in some sad way, he knows he's a misfit. Chiara, truly thinks that there is something wrong with the rest of the world. When she gets out of the house and realizes that she is more disliked by the BB fans than even Gerry, she will of course blame it on CBS' editing or something. Face it Chiara, you got nominated, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Why does Roddy take the abuse!?!?!?! She stands there and says to him that it is NOT fair she was nominated because HE put up Amy!?!?!?! If I were him I would have verbally bitchslapped her all the way to Texas! I "think" he takes her abuse and hideous childish behaviour because of strategy, dear Lord I hope so. There is no way that an extremely intelligent, attractive guy like that needs to put up with her. I wonder if he is mentally kicking his own ass on a minute by minute basis for hooking up with her in the first place. If you ask me, that was his downfall, strategically. I just wonder how much more he will take from her before he gives her a piece of his mind.

For The Love of God CBS, GET A CLUE!!!!!

I am watching this year's Big Brother, only because, well......I'm not really sure. I guess it's because the whole Big Brother game has become a hobby for me, the show, the strategy, the online fun, but it's almost painful to enjoy this year. These people suck! Last year's group had its bad eggs, too. In my eyes that was Nicole! bleh, but at least she was "fun to hate" and i could still find a few things in her that were human that I could identify with. Ok, and i forgot about Shannon, she was, well worthless eye candy, but ya have to have at least one of those for the boys. This year i see much much more in each of these folks that I DISLIKE than I like.

I will start off with Josh, except for a few random waves of pity, all i can muster up for him is nausea. He is not charming and amusing like Will was, yet he is just as "evil". Instead of watching Will sit in the DR and spin his little web of fun, Josh writhes around the house like a toddler who missed his nap.

Then there is Gerry, again, I feel a bit of pity for him, he's just so clueless! As opposed to Kent from last year who knew he was in a "freak show" because of the generation gap, etc.....Gerry tries to be "hip" and "groovy" with the youngsters and it just comes off as sad. He is not a despisable person, by any means, more he is like the boring uncle you avoid at your family reunions for fear he will not shut up, EVER!

Don't EVEN get me started on Chiara. The ONLY thing she has going for her in my eyes is a pretty face. She is the most shallow, self centered poor excuse for a "lady" that I have ever seen on TV (granted, I have yet to watch the Anna Nicole show). Not only do i really NOT want to know the size, shape and length of her turds, I'd be just as happy to not hear what her favorite sexual positions and drugs of choice are. She isn't even the girl you love to hate, because shes not pushy and bitchy enough (like Nicole was) to hate. She's just vile and foul.

Roddy......hmmmm, Roddy, you know in a "normal" setting, I think I might find Roddy interesting. He is very intelligent and attractive and personable, too bad he KNOWS it. His arrogance is annoying. He acts like he is better than everyone in the house just because he may know the longitude and lattitude of any given city in the entire world. He seems to be spending most of his time feeling sorry for himself, the misunderstood, underappreciated genuis. YAWN!!

Lisa, oh Lisa....there is really NOTHING about this girl that I dislike. She seems nice, reasonably enjoyable and seems to really try to be decent to most everyone. Then again, she is sooooo boring I can't find much TO like about her either. I mean, the girl's favorite word is, HI. The most enjoyable thing about this girl is her questionable vocabulary of made up words. Really, though, I would consider her one of my favorites, sad as that is.

Danielle is ok, I think that out of everyone, she is probably one of the most "upstanding" folks in the house in her real life. I do like the fact that she is there to play the game and not find the man/woman of her dreams and go away with the best friends a gal could ask for. Still, she is kind of loud and pushy, and not in that fun, party girl kind of way, but more in that nagging step mom that you resent kind of way.

I have become so disappointed in Marcellas! He was so fun at first!! The life of the party, I loved his DR entries!! I would look forward to his flamboyant outbursts about Lori's lack of style and Tonya's frighteningly white teeth, but lately he has become sullen and whiney. I understand his need for cleanliness, I too get freaked out by other peoples body hair in the shower and that stuff, but GET OVER IT! I swear if I have to hear him whine about Gerry anymore I am going to be waiting outside the BB3 house to bitchslap him! He whines more than a hungry pregnant woman in ninety degree heat!

And then there is the "good boy", Jason. I want to like him, he's adoreable, seems sweet, has morals (in this day and age, that IS refreshing), yet is still fairly "cool". Then he goes and fawns all over someone like Chiara, which makes me want to hurl. How can he sit there and proclaim that he is such a moral citizen and then have a crush on a girl who openly admits to having meaningless sex constantly, not to mention does drugs whenever she can. Doesn't that go against everything he believes in? UGHHHHH!

Now on to the evicted HG's, do I miss them, you ask? Um........NOOOOOOO! Eric was just like Lisa to me (ah, they do make a perfect couple), not much to hate, certainly not a lot to like. Lori personifies what gives the midwest a stereotypical bad name. She has NO sense of style, lacks in class and was like a poster woman for a double wide trailer. Amy was, well selfish, spoiled and snotty, but that isn't why I disliked her. It was the fact that she is a convicted drunk driver and a borderline alcoholic. I could go on for days about Tonya, but lets just say that any "mother" who shows off her nekkid self for the world to see via the web, is not my kind of person. I am very sure she is MUCH happier in Mexico laying on the beach, getting a tan, watching men stare at her tatas, than she would be back at home taking her kids school shopping, nuff said.

I guess my point is, these people have no spunk, no personality, nothing exciting and in a game like Big Brother, it is imperative that the PEOPLE are interesting! It's not like we all tune in to watch the stupid food challenges! We want interesting people to gossip about! To love, to hate, that's the point of it all, isn't it? So, next year, when CBS is watching endless hours of audition tapes, interviewing people at local malls, I hope they find some REAL people or else I may just find a new hobby for my summer.

The FAT Girl????

Amy is NOT my favorite HG, Amy has a lot of problems (OWI's, self centered behaviour to name a couple) but one thing I will say about Amy is, she is NOT fat! Why do I even bring that up you may ask? Well it has becom a common topic on message boards and in chat rooms that Amy is "fat" and that really bothers me! When I look at the female HG's this season Amy has THE most natural/healthy looking body of them all. NO, she dosen't starve herself to look like she is skin and bones, and yes she does have a round face, but COME ON people! If I recall she weighed somewhere around 115 lbs when they weighed in for the food challenge. She is short, I know that, but 115 lbs is just NOT fat, I'm sorry. It's hard enough to be a female, to live up to the standards of beauty in this soceity. It was the same thing as last years BB HG, Autumn. She was MAAAAAAAYBE 5-10 lbs away from what soceity thinks is the perfect weight, but she was NOT in any way fat. As we saw from her update, everyone calling her fat really tore her up and caused her to have an eating disorder. Doesn't that bother anyone but me? When Amy gets out and hears about how she is considered FAT by a good portion of BB fans, I hope that her arrogance and ego pulls through and this doesent effect her negativley. For all her flaws, I for one, think Amy is a physically attractive, healthy looking girl. Can't we stick to picking apart these peoples personality quirks and leave their appearances alone?

Is Drinking and Driving A-OK with CBS?

OK, you know, I dont have a problem with the HGs having skeletons in their closests, who doesnt. Also, I don't expect CBS to know every detail of every single HG's life before they cast them. But, COME ON! It's one tihng that Amy wrote a bad check or Mike Booger broke into some studio or whatever.....what really bothers me all the OWI/DUI charges that these people have had. Hardy last year (I also remember a rumor of Shannon having a DUI, but I don't remember if that was true or not) now this year both Chiara and Amy have them. It seems to me that OWI's aren't considered a very serious thing to the BB3 casting directors. This is a very sick and sad philosophy. How many mothers, brothers, children and various other loved ones are killed by drunk drivers each year? Way too many. My father was one of them, and it sickens me the light heartedness they are promoting with this. Especially the fact that Chiara's being on the show seemed to be of more importance than her court date(s). I personally wish that CBS would screen their HGs for these kind of crimes instead of promoting people with this kind of behaviour. I have written to CBS on this issue expressing how their careless attitude toward something so awful bothers me personally.....if you wish to do so, go to the cbs website and click on feedback towards the bottom of the page.....

Chiara, Giving Girls Everywhere A Bad Name!

First off let me state that I am all for liberated women, women comfortable with their sexuality! Girls who wanna just get some (hey if guys can, we can!)....but come ON, Chiara!!! I don't understand it, the girl is BEAUTIFUL, obviously comes from an upstanding family, has money, seems reasonably bright, all the things that NORMALLY would give a girl good self esteem and class. She seems to have neither. Where as all the BB3 girls seem to have their share of overly graphic sexcapades to tell, hers always seem so pathetic and needy. She follows Roddy around like a sad lost puppy. Constantly fishing for compliments. She will say and do anything for attention from the boys. The way she acts around Jason really grosses me out. I'm sorry, but if she just took HALF the time she spends trying to flaunt her sexuality actually talking about anything of substance, guys would fall at her feet......AND stay to cook her breakfast in the morning. I'm not just out to bash her, I honestly feel kind of sorry for her, anyone who needs that much gratification from the opposite sex to define who they are is not a happy person.

MORE TO COME, when I have more rants or if anyone else submits check back!!

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