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Wednesday, 12 October 2005
Consolidated blogs from Livejournal & Myspace before they were deleted. I still need to add links, photos and graphics!!
Mood:  hungry
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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Pocky snacks are too good!

Indeed, I'd tried something like this before but, the types and variations here are AMAZING! Yum, so good! I am not being paid for this endorsement!

Oh, and I today I had a pear called a 21st Century pear that a girl from my work's family special ordered, like in a crate. It is a fruit from her prefecture and it was, without a doubt, the most delicious pear I have ever tasted. Frankly, I don't much care for pears, normally!

Ok, last about food, I had some good ramen and fresh, steamed rice cakes... I still have a lot of food to try!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Photos: My first two weeks in Kyoto, Japan..and some words.
Current mood: cheerful
Right now, I am listening to J-pop: aiko & Asian Kung-Fu Generation. I can actually borrow CDs for cheap here! hmmm, not sure about the copyright laws but, I heard they are strict here!

I am enjoying my lazy (it isn't supposed to be!) day off and trying to eventually make it out the door for a jog! Um, I need to buy a new calling card since I spent most of the last one calling the Travelocity & not resolving anything! I'm trying to book my flight home for December 23rd. I still need to call home, too as I haven't been in touch yet & it was my sister's B-day on Monday.

Anyway, the most important news from here is that I got a great job for a private Japanese teaching company called Kohgakusha Co., Ltd.. based in Osaka/Kansai (and Tokyo/Kanto). The only drawback is the long commute, which is just over an hour each way but, they pay for it! It pays a bit above going average for this type of work and they are giving me a lot of training. I think it is even quite comparable to the JET program, although that is by far the best deal here. Still, I will be a teacher now, not an ALT or assistant language teacher. Also, I never teach more thean 6 students at a time. I'll teach ages 1.5 to Adults but, most will be younger! My co-workers are friendly as are my bosses, a.k.a "Big Bosses": Naoko & Momoko and "Big, Big Boss": Yoichi. So, I guess that my mission thus far is accomplished but, I still have to iron out many details and I am still not totally well-adjusted, I think. I've been experiencing various symptoms of culture shock. Everything is expensive! Veges and fruits especially! Ugh, I clothes, too, although one can find reasonable deals!

Kyoto is awesome though, very chill, yet big & lots of nice temples...all around! Osaka is just a little more of what I like in a really big city, you know you get all the anonymity, alientation, intense commercial activity and open and unabashed debauchery of which I will take no part in! Traditional architecture and buildings are scattered throughout modern ones and different nieghborhoods have their unique charm. Much of the urban sprawl looks alike. They like Neon and Iced coffee, is good! There are hundreds of cafes, restaurants and bakeries...and the Japanese have been very helpful. Hankyu seems to be one of the biggest dept. store in Japan. Takasiyama is also huge and there are endless malls like a home and other grand, covered but open malls like Teramachi. I,ve been on the monorail and also visited Kawanishi, where I was originally placed with AEON. I declined the offer. I've gotten good at managing with the trains but it is easy to and they are mostly super-fast.

I tried a "down-to-earth", Kansai region specialty referred to literally as Octobus balls or "Takoyaki". I had seen a place named after them in West L.A. just before I left on my outing with my UCLA Extension Japanese class. I also already had my official Karoake night initiation, opting to sing "Like a Virgin" and that one by Mr. Big. he he

Anyway, here are my latest pics:

My first photos of Kyoto, Japan, all taken over the last two weeks! ;-)

I'll write more later!

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By Asian Kung Fu Generation
Release date: By 18 October, 2005

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Photos: Japanese dinner with family & Taxi from Osaka!
Current mood: excited

I had Japanese with my family on Monday! Wednesday, I took a Taxi service to Kyoto City!

Japanese dinner with family...& a few of my arrival in Japan!
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Photos: Saturday Night Out with good friends in Pasadena!
Current mood: accomplished
Villa Sorriso & Barcelona Bar, Old Town Pasadena

Hey, this night was so much fun and something that I don't think we do often enough! Well, at least when we all do hang out we have fun. I'll be back at Christmas again! And then again for some weddings! I can't wait!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

...nothing really, traffic, full moons and Japanese.
Current mood: tired
Oooh, I am tired today. No, it isn't insomnia, just a messed up schedule. I think I should get it back on track today....I love to talk about full moons and there was one on Saturday, I believe or was it Friday? I think it was actually Friday. Anyway, I am tired and I swear, people in L.A. cannot drive! I mean, people, do not go less than 60 on the freeway when the traffic is normal! Also, if the accident is on the other side, don't be a rubberneck! Hmm, I could go on....people swithcing lanes or turning without signalling and people reading while driving! I am sure I am guilty of some of these and when I had a phone, I did sometimes drive with it but, tried not to. NEWAY, this has been a boring post about traffic in LA. I am so excited to finish my Japanese 1 class. I've learned a good amount and our test is on Thursday. I also finished an Online exam for the Broker's exam. 1/5. Hmmm Alright, I'm logging off for now!
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Photos: Gaurav's & Gemma's B-day!
Current mood: mellow
Night @ Busbys!
Cuba Gooding Jr. was there! No Photos of him though! -)
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Photos: I spent some time in the bathroom today!
Current mood: quixotic
..and here is what I have to show for it!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Did you ever draw this?

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Monday, August 15, 2005

How to make a Erica

How to make a Erica

3 parts jealousy

3 parts silliness

5 parts leadership
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!


Personality cocktail
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

~~SoCal is soooo cool but....I'm going to Japan!~~
Current mood : nostalgic

It looks like another SoCal summer is slipping away. These next couple of weeks are just gonna shuttle by. I am soo busy these days. I still can't believe I am gonna leave again. Geez! I am so looking forward to going to Japan but, I feel kinda sad about it at the same time. This is similar to how I felt last year before I left for France. One summer for me in SoCal is just barely enough time for me to get requainted with my absolutely awesome friends here and even with my own family...and well, with the place and with myself, here. That last part sounds odd but, I guess it is because this is still home to me, although I haven't really been here, here for like four years. Where you live changes you though. I think that is how Americans who live all over the country feel, except for me it has been so global. Anyway, I feel like I am only just getting my feet wet also especially when I end up meeting new and interesting people here everytime I come. This area has so much to offer. Period.

It was great to go up to SF recently and spend time with friends here in LA, and at Kathleen's up in Oxnard for the BBQ. I dragged Gaurava and Gemma to two BBQs in one afternoon. Both were well worth the driving. This weekend's wine tasting and Pechanga Casino was such a perfect time, Jen, thanks. I enjoyed meeting and hanging with your friends, too both guys and girls. Also, it was just a great cultural thing and I liked driving inland.;-) I'm glad I saw a Native American owned casino fianlly because I seriously thought they were exactly like the one they showed on an episode of the Family Guy - no kidding! Kathleen got a real kick out of that!

Oh yeah and I stopped at Ontario Mills on the way home. One word - WOW! Why I haven't gone there more often?! I think I went to D&B a couple of years ago and that's about it. I even treated myself to a chocolate-covered banana. Anyway, I am sure Japan will be an ideal place to call home for a while as long as those tsunamis & eartquakes hot other parts of the island! I do so miss my babe, Dageham Dave. I'll get to bike a lot, turn Japanese and visit some of those fancy Internet Cafes people keep raving about. ;-) So, come visit us all you friends and friendsters! In any case, I'll BE BACK to Cali pronto! And after that, I swear I am heading to NYC. The saga continues.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
10:26AM - Tuesday late night & I can't get to sleep

Well, I can't say that I have insomnia, really. Actually, I had a huge amount of caffiene today. As if that "Venti" Starbucks latte wasn't enough, I had a diet coke after dinner. I decided that rather than lay in bed with my eyes closed I should utilize my time in a more productive manner. At the top of my list of things to do I have a few job applications to put together & mail out. The truth is that more than anything I want to stay in LA and make a life here, but have my reservations about not using the last few years of my youth trotting the club. My return back to Los Angeles has been nothing better or worse than it usual is. I mean it has been great to do the LA thang as I know & hang out with friends, family, live in West Covina & work and so on.

The thing is that somehow after only a month, I am feeling rather bored and well, misunderstood. I won't dwell on either because I usually feel misunderstood as probably many a youth do, but I think it is somehow my inability to fit into just one small context of society or to get pulled into a certain group click, genre or sub-setting. This may not make any sense, but it also includes my closest friends from high school & my family, of course. Anyhow, it is just frustrating to have to put up with people's annoying comments and perceptions and worse off, not being quick enough with the tongue to respond accurately. Or maybe people are just relaly stupid & they project. I think that this is the case, as well. Like the other day, I was trying to relay a situation that just happened to someone & they they got all caught up on the she/he thing. Anyhow, it was stupid, but at that point, they were all drunker than I was. Anyhow, I think that these people somehow REALLY ANNOY ME!!

Honestly, I think that I need some new friends that are more at my level --whatever that meane. I mean friends that try to make me feel good & not bad. Can this actually be possible. I know this sounds dramatic, but it isn't really. It is just that most of the friends that I have in LA are actually likfe family & that generally means that we just relate in a certain way, often times missing the depth of the character. Does that make any sense??

Anyhow, even when I do talk, I think I often misrepresent myself. I think that everyone experiences these phenomena to a certain degree. I like to talk about myself too much!! And well, can I be any more boring talking about urbanization in Mexico or the opinions I have about Mexican-american immigrants here.

It is funny how life can be so surprising. I guess that saying about expecting the unexpected has much truth to it. But, I still think we choose it most. I mean a lot has to fo with what we choose & what the givens are. Anyhow, I guess since about a month ago now, I am single & this is strange, because my family is like somehow totally in the dark about my status. Today, Rocio made some remark about it & I was like, what?? Anyhow, if & when I go to France, I plan to be single.

These last few days have been some of the toughest to swallow yet. Nothing to interesting or negative has really gone down, but it is exactly one month before I must board that plane back to France. I got word from my professor that they were indeed able to rent out my room for the duration of the contract, which in essence means that it was an uneeded headache -- I guess they had to deal with it, instead of myself, but there is such a huge demand for rooms there that I knew it couldn't be so bad. That was actually good news. About 2 weeks ago, I also got news from France, from the director of the Eglish department. It was mixed. Instead of being in a university city of about 200,000, I am in a small town of 20,000+. The good news is that I will be put up, so will be able to save much of my money. Somehow I feel a bit tricked, but still think that it is a wonderful opportunity to expereince life in a French town, learn the language and also learn to teach English better -- hopewfully following through with idiom learning.

The last two weeks were totally non-stop action. I did a lot -- museums, plays, bbqs, clubs, birthdays, graduations. I hardly got any work done at work, but I have been very focused the last few days and progressing again. I have still been trying to jog, swim & visit the gym regularly. I am also still researching loft-for-sale opportunities in Downtown. Oh yeah & @ some point I will need a NEW laptop b-cuz this thang is like forever freezing.

I am totally not planning to go out with Frank anymore. I mean he is actually a sweet guy, but I think I need to focus on my life now & not date or hang out as friends or whatever too much. I wonder if he will call me about Thursday night, though. I have to admit that it sounds like some fun, as does the Hollywoood Bowl & well, there are just tons of things that I want to do like watch theatre, see films, etc. Could I find friends to share all this with? The answer is............................PROBABLY, IF I REALLY TRY!
Current mood: annoyed
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Tuesday, August 3, 2004
9:45AM - My first live journal blog!!!

I have got to admit that this is not the first blog for me!! I actually have a secret blog page somewhere on my website, which needs to be updated soon! But, that is on the list of thousands of things I need to do these days. In fact, I have so much to do, that I have too little time to sit & write!! ;( But, I am happy, healthy & well, trying to eat the right foods & working out everyday. I am working basically 9-5 @ Prudential California Realty & learning more about Real Estate as I do some web development for the company. It is going well. Besides that I am trying to play & train my puppy, spend time with my family & friends. I have made some new friends here in LA & OC. Some of which I may actually see this week. I also have plans to go out on Friday to party & chill at a club called Bossanova with my friends in the area. My grandfather (mom's) & grandmother (dad's) aren't in the best health..

I have a teaching job in France in September, but considering staying in California longer. I went to a weekend long seminar on Business philosophy & networking. It renewed my desire to get my Real Estate license -- something I have been putting off for about 9 years now! It was also nice because I spent time with my sisters & mom. I have a teaching job in France in September, but considering staying in California longer. I love it here, too. But, my puppy is not welcome @ home, cuz she has basically destroyed the hard work my parents have done to nurture the garden... Sorry!! I need to figure out this situation this month. But my major interests areas these days are web design & real estate.... I also want to buy my own home before I turn 30.

Okay, enough for now. I will try to keep this updated on a weekly basis.
Current mood: busy
Current music: None, but a bit ago it was DJ Tiesto

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Tuesday, 11 November 2003
Here are 2 Halloween pics of Boris and myself,
as well as one of the coolest disco ball!!

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Monday, 10 November 2003
November Begins
Actually, November began 10 days ago now. What have I done? Well, a little of this and a little of that. I guess you can say that I am having some difficulty taking this Masters' Thesis seriously. Afterall, it will be a stupid collection of facts, almost randomly assembled onto 60 pages. I know I have to do this in order to obtain my degree, however, and also realize that it will count for a large proportion of my final grade.

I have been having a lot of fun with my WG-Mates lately. We had a fun pizza dinner with Jens. Afterwards, I went to another friends b-day bash. But Saturday was the best!! Jojo had visitors from France and we had an amazing night out with lots of beer and lots of cigarettes! We went for a Turkish snack, then to Fiereling brewerey for Beer and finally to the Jazzhaus to check out Vienna Scientists. It was so cool because the entrance fee was only 4 Euros! I was really happy about this. It was lowered from 6 Euros by the time we got there (1AM!).

Besides this all is well. Boris and I have begun to decentralize and give eachother more private space. I think it is very healthy and I am already enjoying my time to myself, as well as, my more limited moments with him. Meanwhile, I am trying to arrange somethings for him and us later in the month and also trying to continue improving in both my German and Website skills. Another goal is to keep running! That is maybe even participating in something like a half marathon later this year or early in 2004.

Oh yeah, and I am also trying to write my Thesis!



P.S. Paris and friends, here we come...this December!

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Updated: Monday, 10 November 2003 8:25 AM EST
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Thursday, 30 October 2003
Today I will submit my Thesis
Wow! I never thought that this would be such a difficult decision. Sure -- I have a reputation with some of those who know me well enough as being indecisive, but I thought I had solve this gliche in my personality. I guess not.

This morning was a bit strange at Boris' place. The coffee machine exploded! Yup. I knew this, but was still surprised. It made such a huge mess. I cleaned most of it up and Boris helped me with the rest.

Yesterday, I actually began to do more serious research. I looked more closely at Mexico and the Phillipines as I can only choose one as a case study. I met with Prof. Rueland and he advised me that I can choose Mexico if I feel more comfortable doing so and if I have a cultural affinity to it. Indeed I do. So the topic of my thesis is: "Urban governance and local finance in a globalized world: The case of Mexico". In a short while I will go to KGIV to turn this in to Dr. Welz...Officially!!

I am excited about the prospects and happy that I am not choosing South Africa or even the Philippine, although I am sure both would be very fascinating.

I saw Chris Swader and Pari earlier today. Chris was
with Dan. He invited me to get a coffee, but a declined. I was on my way to see Prof. Rueland. Pari was also waiting to turn in her topic to Dr. Welz and Ari. They were not there.

I came homw to meet Matias. We went to buy all of the supplies for the party. By supplies I mean beer and chips! I think we have enough. I hope at least some people show up with something as well, like a bottle of wine.

Tonight, I have German. My class is mixed with Italians, Spanish, a Brazilian and so forth. It is rather interesting!! I wish I had more time to sit and write. I want to write not only about the GSP travels, but also about my day to day thoughts and experiences. I will miss the GSP!! But life goes on and I am sure that we will have a decent network. I hope this idea of starting an 'Alumni group'proposed by Chris Swader is fulifilled. I for one think it is brilliant!

Okay, now I will go turn in my Thesis, then I will go to class and tonight I will go to a concert - Anaparanoia.

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Updated: Tuesday, 11 November 2003 8:20 AM EST
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Monday, 27 October 2003
My First Blog
I started this page over a week ago now. Until now, I was totally uninspired to write. Now, I am alone.

Today was a busy day with Boris and my roomates. I was a bit disorientated today and last night, as well. My behaviour was a bit neurotic -- resembling that of a noctournal cat. I think it had something to do with the weekend sessions, the locked doors at KGIV, and well, interacting and listening to Internship presentations alllll daayyy long.

At this very moment, ahorita, I am listening to Coldplay. I really like this CD. Better late than never. As I write these words, I wonder if they will ever be read. But still, I think I like the idea of trying to journal regularly and since I am Online so often, it makes sense to blog. I miss my country and family and often feel a bit estranged here in Germany. I must admit that I have been lucky to be placed in a great flat with friendly roomates. Also, although my German is still relatively very bad, it has actually been improving a bit. Tomorrow I will begin a proper course. I also have to see my adviser about my Thesis.

I miss Boris, but have to try to spend a bit less time with him. He is my best company, but I cannot accomplish too much when he is around. We are a bit lazy when together. We like to have fun, watch movies, go out or relax, but I realize I have to try to be a bit more disciplined with my research, as does he. I heard from my sisters today. I have so many tasks and a few decisions ahead. Should I fly back to California for Christmas or New Years? I have to talk to Dr. Welz again about my grade and about the PMI.

I am pretty tired and the music has ended, so I think I will try to go to bed. It is 1:20 am here in Freiburg, Baden-Wuttenberg, Germany. This Friday is Halloween and we will have a party here. I think I will use this as a vehicle to write and think about the last year and 1/2 of the GSP (CA, USA-Freiburg-South Africa-Thailand-Cambodia-CA, USA-India-Washington DC-Bulgaria-Freiburg, Germany).

Tell me about it!
The music is back on and I must go to bed!! Maybe next time I can figure out how to post pictures!

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Updated: Tuesday, 11 November 2003 5:42 AM EST
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