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Presidential Candidate John Hagelin

Where is John Hagelin's Loyalty?

Check out this C-SPAN clip of the Independence Party Rally in New York City Sunday 7/23/2000 - Note that there appears to be about 50 people there. Note also that John Hagelin looks neither youthful nor fit. What ever happened to that promising career he had or to the "perfect health in the direction of immortality" of which Maharishi has spoken so often? For that matter, where was the mention of Maharishi at all? Is that not where Dr. Hagelin's loyalty lies?
C-SPAN video clip

This is the form which "Governors of the Age of Enlightenment" were to send to Maharishi once per month:
Governor's Personal Monthly Report

These are the forms filled out by new TM "initiates" during their 4 day instruction:
Initiation Day
First Day Following Initiation
Second Day Following Initiation
Third Day Following Initiation

This is a from an issue of The Indian Express published late in 1980 during Maharishi's Vedic Science Course in Delhi, India. The page is scanned in in four quadrants. Note the reference to the Shrutis and the Smritis. Additional explanation may be found at The Laws of Manu: The Maharishi's Natural Law
<-- Upper Left | | Upper Right -->
<-- Lower Left | | Lower Right -->

Here are excerpts from The Vedas, the scriptures of Hinduism. They are taken from materials supplied to TM-Sidhis Program course participants and are read or chanted in The Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge on the Maharishi University campus during the twice daily compulsory attendance and performance of the TM and TM Sidhis programs by all students, faculty, and staff:
Rig Veda - 9th Mandala - Front Cover

This is Maharishi's dead master, to whom ritual performances are made and to whom offerings are made during each personal instruction in TM. Rig Veda - 9th Mandala - Inside Front Cover

Rig Veda - 10th Mandala - Verses From A Sample Hymn

Also from the 10th Mandala of the Rig Veda, here is the scriptural description of The Thousand Headed Purusha. This is the name of His Holiness' monastic program for men. Over the years this group of devotees has provided much of the manpower for operating the machinery of Maharishi's organizations. 1 2 3

Here are several pages from The World Government News from February, 1978. Note on page 4 the corset-like "Maharishi Effect" imposing coherence on the collective consciousness of the family of nations. This demeans and degrades the genuine efforts of good people everywhere in favor of an arrogant, paternalistic, and highly unrealistic sense of the importance of the capabilities of The World Government of the Age of Enlightenment. 1 2 3 4
From Maharishi University of Management WORLD magazine from Spring, 1996:

The parents and teachers of Iowa's best and brightest are deceived into exposing their children to a weekend's immersion at Maharishi Univerisity of Management. ITAG Conference

Here is an advertisement by Maharishi University to learn "The Eternal Language of the Vedic Literature", the Hindu scriptures. A comparison with the ancient language course descriptions from any normal university clarifies the religious and devotional orientation of MUM. Study Sanskrit

For a paltry $2950.00 you can have this wondrous model to gaze at and so obtain enlightenment. Or you can buy a picture and gaze at that. I don't even pretend to understand this but it's definitely my favorite. huh?

Photo: Don and the yogi
The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author. Are you or a loved one considering starting TM? Or have you seen an introductory TM lecture or other TM related function advertised? Here are some basic facts which you and others may wish to know. Written by Marcy and I, this flyer outlines insider "secrets" and questions you may wish to consider. This flyer contains "secret" information, the disclosure of which many TM teachers would consider damaging to the "innocence" required to gain maximum value from starting TM. These "secrets," which have been reproduced from the record of a Federal Court case in which TM was ruled a religion, are included here in an effort to eliminate what I and many other TM teachers consider deception in the way TM is promoted.
*CAUTION* (Fancy version) postscript version. *CAUTION*

Marcy's TM story : A short story with a happy ending.
My TM story : A short version of a very long story with a happy ending.
The World of Gurus Here are some excerpts from The World of Gurus by Vishal Mangalwadi, published by Cornerstone Press, Chicago, Illinois.
Natural Law Party Fund Raising Letter with News Article Mock Up from 8/6/96.
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Maharishi International University
Maharishi University of Management
Yogic Flying Club

Here are some amazing advertisements from the Spring, 1996 issue of Maharishi University of Management WORLD magazine, otherwise known as MumWorld. If you decide to buy any of things, I also have a small bridge I think you might be interested in.
The incredible Maharishi Vedic Observatory:
For a paltry $2950.00 you can have this wondrous model to gaze at and so obtain enlightenment. Or you can buy a picture and gaze at that. This is definitely my favorite. I'm so grateful that I got out before I bought this one. Image of the ad. postscript version.
The amazing Maharishi Stapatya Veda roof ornament:
Maybe you could get one for your car. Do you think your neighbors will appreciate it? Image of the ad. postscript version.
Amrit Kalash - Maharishi Ayur Veda:
Notice the ad claims: "The scientific research on all aspects of Maharishi Ayur-Ved is unprecedented in natural health care. Over 500 studies at 220 institutions in 27 countries have verified its efficacy." The bulk of these studies are on TM, of course. I called the 800 number in the ad (You can see my notes scribbled on the page). They referred me to the 21st Century Bookstore in Fairfield, IA for a bibliography of the 500 Ayur Veda studies. The man there told me they were the TM studies. I asked whether he thought the ad was deceptive. He said, "Yes, very." Image of the ad. postscript version.
Maharishi Jyotish - Your Psychic Hotline:
Notice the ad claims that His Holiness has "...brought enlightenment to millions of people in the world..." I'm certainly one of the millions, I guess. I didn't get enlightened till I stopped meditating. Image of the ad. postscript version.
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