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Monday, 7/21/2003
Monday 3/31/2003 :
Houston: Fired scout Gerry Hunsicker, he is replaced by Christopher White.
Houston: Fired minors coach John Massarelli, he is replaced by Alan Merchant.
Detroit: Fired minors coach Larry Parrish, he is replaced by Robert Behm.
Detroit: Fired minors coach Kevin Bradshaw, he is replaced by Brandon Davidson.
Los Angeles: Fired minors coach Dino Ebel, he is replaced by Keith Garrett.
Los Angeles: Fired minors coach Scott Little, he is replaced by Derek Rosenzweig.
St. Louis: Fired minors coach Tom Nieto, he is replaced by Thomas Farrer.
Minnesota: Fired minors coach Jose Marzan, he is replaced by David Kane.
Cincinnati: Fired scout Jim Bowden, he is replaced by Perry White.
Cincinnati: Fired minors coach Phillip Wellman, he is replaced by Frank Ray.
Tampa Bay: Fired minors coach Omer Munoz, he is replaced by Abe Ethridge.
Chicago (N): Fired minors coach Bobby Dickerson, he is replaced by Daniel Wilson.
Seattle: Fired hitting coach Lamar Johnson, he is replaced by Bryce Graney.
San Francisco: Released 1B Andres Galarraga, he refused assignment to minors.
Baltimore: Released LF Melvin Mora.
Baltimore: Released LF Luis Garcia.
Baltimore: Released P Rick Helling.
Baltimore: Released P Travis Driskill.
Baltimore: Released P Richard Bartlett.
Baltimore: Released P Matt Bolander.
Baltimore: Released P Sean Douglass.
Boston: Released 1B Dave Nilsson.
Boston: Released 1B Larry Sutton.
Boston: Released P Juan Cedeno.
Boston: Released P Ryan Rupe.
Boston: Released P Bronson Arroyo.
Boston: Released P John Lester.
Boston: Released P Tyler Pelland.
Boston: Released P Anastacio Martinez.
Boston: Released P Rene Miniel.
Boston: Released P Olivio Astacio.
New York (A): Released LF Bubba Trammell.
New York (A): Released P David Martinez.
New York (A): Released P Adrian Hernandez.
Tampa Bay: Released C Jorge Fabregas.
Tampa Bay: Released LF Ryan Thompson.
Tampa Bay: Released LF Al Martin.
Tampa Bay: Released CF Ryan Jackson.
Tampa Bay: Released P Steve Parris.
Toronto: Released P Tanyon Sturtze.
Toronto: Released P Gustavo Chacin.
Toronto: Released P Neomar Flores.
Toronto: Released P Sandy Nin.
Toronto: Released P Doug Linton.
Toronto: Released P Jeff Tam.
Toronto: Released P Mark Hendrickson.
Chicago (A): Released P Esteban Loaiza.
Chicago (A): Released P Josh Stewart.
Chicago (A): Released P Brian Cooper.
Chicago (A): Released P Mitch Wylie.
Chicago (A): Released P Brandon McCarthy.
Chicago (A): Released P Ryan Wing.
Chicago (A): Released P Corwin Malone.
Chicago (A): Released P Mike Porzio.
Cleveland: Released P Jason Beverlin.
Cleveland: Released P Brian Tallet.
Cleveland: Released P Shane Wallace.
Cleveland: Released P Lance Carraciolli.
Cleveland: Released P Jason Davis.
Cleveland: Released P Keith Ramsey.
Cleveland: Released P Jim Ed Warden.
Cleveland: Released P Terry Mulholland.
Cleveland: Released 3B Bill Selby.
Detroit: Released P Robert Novoa.
Detroit: Released P Kevin McDowell.
Detroit: Released P Shane Loux.
Detroit: Released P Jeremy Johnson.
Detroit: Released P Wil Ledezma.
Detroit: Released P Humberto Sanchez.
Kansas City: Released C Mike Difelice.
Kansas City: Released P James Baldwin.
Kansas City: Released P Nate Field.
Minnesota: Released P Everett Stull.
Anaheim: Released CF Eric Owens.
Anaheim: Released CF Julio Ramirez.
Anaheim: Released P Kevin Jepsen.
Anaheim: Released P Rafael Rodriguez.
Anaheim: Released P Phil Wilson.
Anaheim: Released P Joe Saunders.
Anaheim: Released P Rich Rodriguez.
Oakland: Released P Ed Yarnall.
Seattle: Released P Bobby Madritsch.
Seattle: Released P Ken Cloude.
Seattle: Released P Kendall Bergdall.
Seattle: Released P Juan Done.
Seattle: Released P Kevin Olore.
Texas: Released P Ryan Drese.
Texas: Released P Brian Shouse.
Atlanta: Released LF Jesse Garcia.
Atlanta: Released P Bryan Digby.
Atlanta: Released P Brett Evert.
Atlanta: Released P Kyle Davies.
Florida: Released P Sean Bergman.
Florida: Released P Randy Messenger.
Florida: Released P Josh Johnson.
Florida: Released P Jason Grilli.
Florida: Released P Don Levinski.
Florida: Released P Marc Wilkins.
Florida: Released P Rich Croushore.
Florida: Released LF Gerald Williams.
Montreal: Released LF Dominic Ambrosini.
Montreal: Released P Ignacio Puello.
Montreal: Released P Josh Girdley.
Montreal: Released P Jason Bergman.
Montreal: Released P Mike Hinckley.
Montreal: Released P Jon Felfoldi.
Montreal: Released P Darrell Rasner.
New York (N): Released 1B Jorge Toca.
New York (N): Released LF Wayne Lydon.
New York (N): Released LF Matt Watson.
Philadelphia: Released P Keith Bucktrot.
Philadelphia: Released P Amaury Telemaco.
Philadelphia: Released P Martire Franco.
Philadelphia: Released P Rob Tejada.
Philadelphia: Released P Taft Cable.
Philadelphia: Released P Carlos Cabrera.
Philadelphia: Released P Vinny DeChristofaro.
Chicago (N): Released LF Lenny Harris.
Chicago (N): Released P Alan Benes.
Chicago (N): Released P Phil Norton.
Chicago (N): Released P John Leicester.
Chicago (N): Released P Felix Sanchez.
Chicago (N): Released P Mike Nannini.
Chicago (N): Released P Sergio Mitre.
Chicago (N): Released P Billy Petrick.
Chicago (N): Released P Rich Hill.
Cincinnati: Released P Pete Harnisch.
Cincinnati: Released P Jimmy Anderson.
Cincinnati: Released P Seth Etherton.
Cincinnati: Released P Ryan Mottl.
Cincinnati: Released P O.J. King.
Cincinnati: Released P Casey DeHart.
Cincinnati: Released P Jose Acevedo.
Cincinnati: Released P Jose Rijo.
Cincinnati: Released P Kent Mercker.
Cincinnati: Released P Mark Watson.
Cincinnati: Released P Sean Depaula.
Cincinnati: Released P Jeff Austin.
Houston: Released RF Kyle Logan.
Houston: Released P Brian Moehler.
Houston: Released P Anthony Pluta.
Houston: Released P Jared Fernandez.
Houston: Released P Rory Shortell.
Houston: Released P Anthony Telford.
Pittsburgh: Released P Salomon Torres.
Pittsburgh: Released P Julian Tavarez.
Pittsburgh: Released P Josh Shortslef.
Pittsburgh: Released P Bobby Bradley.
Pittsburgh: Released P Jeff Suppan.
Pittsburgh: Released P Jonathan Albakdejo.
Pittsburgh: Released P Mike Gonzalez.
Pittsburgh: Released P Jeremy Harts.
Pittsburgh: Released P Matt Guerrier.
Pittsburgh: Released P Pat Mahomes.
Pittsburgh: Released P Matt Herges.
St. Louis: Released LF Orlando Palmeiro.
St. Louis: Released P Garrett Stephenson.
St. Louis: Released P Cheyenne Janke.
St. Louis: Released P Chance Caple.
St. Louis: Released P Nick Stocks.
St. Louis: Released P Josh Pearce.
St. Louis: Released P Nerio Rodriguez.
Arizona: Released P Bill White.
Arizona: Released P Dustin Nippert.
Arizona: Released P Justin Wechsler.
Arizona: Released P Enrique Gonzalez.
Arizona: Released P Stephen Randolph.
Arizona: Released P Phil Stockman.
Arizona: Released P Armando Reynoso.
Arizona: Released P Scott Service.
Colorado: Released 3B Chris Stynes.
Colorado: Released P Ben Crockett.
Los Angeles: Released 3B Ron Coomer.
Los Angeles: Released 3B Chris Clapinski.
Los Angeles: Released P Kazuhisa Ishii.
Los Angeles: Released P Calvin Maduro.
Los Angeles: Released P Zach Hammes.
Los Angeles: Released P Greg Miller.
Los Angeles: Released P Pedro Borbon.
Los Angeles: Released P Rodney Myers.
Los Angeles: Released P Tom Martin.
Los Angeles: Released P Bryan Corey.
Los Angeles: Released P Agustin Montero.
San Francisco: Released P Brian Powell.
San Francisco: Released P Ryan Hannaman.
San Francisco: Released P Matt Cain.
Tuesday 4/1/2003 :
San Diego : Free agent Jason Grilli has been signed to a contract of $0 per year, for 0 years.
Cleveland: Released P Dave Burba, he refused assignment to minors.
Saturday 4/5/2003 :
San Diego : Trevor Hoffman has been signed to a contract extension, $7,000,000 per year, for 3 years.
Monday 4/7/2003 :
Florida: Fired minors coach Luis Dorante, he is replaced by Scott Little.
Arizona: Fired minors coach Mike Aldrete, he is replaced by Kevin Bradshaw.
Chicago (A): Fired minors coach Nick Capra, he is replaced by Larry Parrish.
Montreal: Fired hitting coach Tom McCraw, he is replaced by Michael Cameron.
Anaheim: Fired minors coach Tyrone Boykin, he is replaced by John Massarelli.
Baltimore: Released C Izzy Molina.
Tampa Bay: Released P Mike James.
Toronto: Released C Ken Huckaby.
Chicago (A): Released C Josh Paul.
Cleveland: Released P Jerrod Riggan.
Detroit: Released P Jeff Farnsworth.
Texas: Released P Reynaldo Garcia.
Houston: Released P Kirk Bullinger.
Houston: Released 1B Alan Zinter.
Colorado: Released C Mandy Romero.
San Diego : Free agent Josh Paul has been signed to a contract of $0 per year, for 0 years.
San Diego : Free agent Mike Caruso has been signed to a contract of $0 per year, for 0 years.
Thursday 4/10/2003 :
Seattle: Released C Pat Borders, he refused assignment to minors.
Friday 4/11/2003 :
Texas: Released LF Ruben Sierra, he refused assignment to minors.
Sunday 4/13/2003 :
San Diego : Free agent Eric Owens has been signed to a contract of $0 per year, for 0 years.
Houston: Released CF Craig Biggio, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 4/14/2003 :
Oakland: Released P Jim Mecir, he refused assignment to minors.
Boston: Released P Wayne Gomes.
Tampa Bay: Released P Blake Stein.
Toronto: Released P Bob File.
Toronto: Released C Tom Wilson.
Minnesota: Released 1B Matt LeCroy.
Oakland: Released P John Halama.
Oakland: Released P Erik Hiljus.
Atlanta: Released P Dan Curtis.
Montreal: Released RF Damon Buford.
Montreal: Released CF Jose Macias.
New York (N): Released 3B Russ Johnson.
New York (N): Released 2B Rey Sanchez.
Philadelphia: Released C Jesse Levis.
Philadelphia: Released SS Kevin Sefcik.
Chicago (N): Released P Aaron Small.
Chicago (N): Released C Mike Mahoney.
Cincinnati: Free agent P John Rocker has been signed to a contract of $566,200 per year, for 1 year.
Detroit: Free agent LF David Justice has been signed to a minor league contract.
Philadelphia: Released P Rheal Cormier, he refused assignment to minors.
Arizona: Released 3B Carlos Baerga, he refused assignment to minors.
Wednesday 4/16/2003 :
Baltimore: Released LF B.J. Surhoff, he refused assignment to minors.
Seattle: Released 1B Greg Colbrunn, he refused assignment to minors.
Thursday 4/17/2003 :
New York (N): Released P David Cone, he refused assignment to minors.
Friday 4/18/2003 :
Trade between Texas and Florida :
Florida gets :
RF Kevin Mench
Texas gets :
P Brad Penny
P Juan Nova
Pittsburgh: Released RF Reggie Sanders, he refused assignment to minors.
Sunday 4/20/2003 :
New York (A): Released P Sterling Hitchcock, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 4/21/2003 :
Boston: Released P Robert Person.
Tampa Bay: Released P Jim Parque.
Chicago (A): Released RF Armando Rios.
Cleveland: Released P Aaron Myette.
Seattle: Released RF John Mabry.
Texas: Released P Jose Dominguez.
Atlanta: Released C Henry Blanco.
Atlanta: Released 1B Julio Franco, he refused assignment to minors.
Florida: Released P Frailyn Tejada.
Montreal: Released P Pierre-Luc Marceau.
Montreal: Released C Randy Knorr.
New York (N): Released CF Jon Slack.
New York (N): Released P Graeme Lloyd.
New York (N): Released P Jason Middlebrook.
Philadelphia: Released P Seung Lee.
Cincinnati: Released P Daylan Childress.
Cincinnati: Released P Josias Manzanillo.
Milwaukee: Released LF Brooks Kieschnick.
Arizona: Released P Paul Abbott.
Colorado: Released P Darren Oliver.
Colorado: Released P Gerit Simpson.
Colorado: Released P Ching-Lung Lo.
Colorado: Free agent P Adam Loewen has been signed to a minor league contract.
Wednesday 4/23/2003 :
Trade between Texas and Baltimore :
Baltimore gets :
1B Mike Lamb
1B Nate Gold
LF Larry Grayson
Texas gets :
P John Stephens
Saturday 4/26/2003 :
Trade between Tampa Bay and Cincinnati :
Cincinnati gets :
1B Travis Lee
Tampa Bay gets :
P John Riedling
1B Travis Wong
Sunday 4/27/2003 :
Trade between Boston and Chicago (A) :
Chicago (A) gets :
LF Kevin Millar
Boston gets :
1B Paul Konerko
Trade between Minnesota and Houston :
Houston gets :
RF Dustan Mohr
Minnesota gets :
2B Chris Burke
SS Oswaldo Fernando
Atlanta: Released P Darren Holmes, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 4/28/2003 :
Baltimore: Released 1B Jose Leon.
Baltimore: Released LF Luis Jimenez.
Tampa Bay: Released P Jesus Colome.
Tampa Bay: Released 1B Brian Lesher.
Chicago (A): Released P Tom Jacquez.
Oakland: Released 3B Frank Menechino.
Texas: Released P Jay Powell.
Chicago (N): Released C Paul Bako.
Chicago (N): Released CF Charles Gipson.
Chicago (N): Released CF Tom Goodwin, he refused assignment to minors.
Arizona: Released P Manuel Aybar.
Colorado: Released P Zach Parker.
San Francisco: Released P John Thomas.
Los Angeles: Free agent P Kevin Olore has been signed to a minor league contract.
Thursday 5/1/2003 :
Houston: Released SS Jose Vizcaino, he refused assignment to minors.
Friday 5/2/2003 :
Trade between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh :
Pittsburgh gets :
CF Reggie Taylor
Cincinnati gets :
2B Jose Bautista
3B Kody Kirkland
LF Bobby Kingsbury
Monday 5/5/2003 :
Tampa Bay: Released P Mike Venafro.
Tampa Bay: Released P Erik Sabel.
Detroit: Released RF Brent Clevelen.
Cincinnati: Released P Luke Prokopec.
Cincinnati: Released C Corky Miller.
Houston: Released RF Orlando Merced.
Milwaukee: Released LF Brady Clark.
Colorado: Released P Vic Darensbourg.
Los Angeles: Released P Eric Stutts.
Los Angeles: Released CF Calvin Murray.
Milwaukee: Free agent P Rich Hill has been signed to a minor league contract.
Los Angeles: Free agent 1B Greg Colbrunn has been signed to a contract of $1,778,400 per year, for 1 year.
Saturday 5/10/2003 :
Trade between Anaheim and Tampa Bay :
Tampa Bay gets :
2B Chone Figgins
Anaheim gets :
C Shawn Riggans
1B Aaron Clark
Monday 5/12/2003 :
New York (N): Released 3B Jay Bell, he refused assignment to minors.
Toronto: Released LF Rich Thompson.
Detroit: Released 3B Craig Paquette.
Milwaukee: Released P Dave Mlicki.
Milwaukee: Released C Eddie Perez.
Milwaukee: Released P Todd Ritchie.
Boston: Free agent P Alex Herrera has been signed to a minor league contract.
Wednesday 5/14/2003 :
Trade between Toronto and Colorado :
Colorado gets :
2B Orlando Hudson
1B Jarad Mangioni
Toronto gets :
RF Luke Allen
Trade between Texas and Colorado :
Colorado gets :
LF Jason Hart
Texas gets :
2B Javier Colina
1B Jarad Mangioni
Los Angeles: Released P Andy Ashby, he refused assignment to minors.
Thursday 5/15/2003 :
Atlanta: Released P Roberto Hernandez, he refused assignment to minors.
Friday 5/16/2003 :
Trade between Tampa Bay and Milwaukee :
Milwaukee gets :
RF Ben Grieve
Tampa Bay gets :
P Matt Ford
C Manny Ramirez
LF D.J. Clark
Milwaukee: Released RF John Vander wal, he refused assignment to minors.
Saturday 5/17/2003 :
Trade between Toronto and Arizona :
Arizona gets :
1B Josh Phelps
3B Norm Sirivean
2B Lee Delfino
Toronto gets :
P Byung-hyun Kim
Monday 5/19/2003 :
Texas: Released P Esteban Yan, he refused assignment to minors.
Baltimore: Released 2B Jeff Reboulet.
Tampa Bay: Released LF Blair Irvin.
Toronto: Released P Pete Walker.
Anaheim: Released P Scott Hindman.
Florida: Released C Paul Hoover.
Montreal: Released RF Danny Rombley.
Chicago (N): Released P Antonio Alfonseca.
Cincinnati: Released 1B Russ Branyan.
St. Louis: Released RF Eduardo Perez.
Arizona: Released 3B Chris Donnels.
Tampa Bay: Free agent CF Colin Curtis has been signed to a minor league contract.
San Diego : Free agent Russ Branyan has been signed to a contract of $0 per year, for 0 years.
Tuesday 5/20/2003 :
Trade between Houston and Atlanta :
Atlanta gets :
3B Morgan Ensberg
Houston gets :
P Mike Hampton
1B Yaron Peters
2B Jon Scheurholz
Atlanta: Released 3B Vinny Castilla, he refused assignment to minors.
San Diego: Released 2B Homer Bush.
San Diego: Released P Charles Nagy.
Thursday 5/22/2003 :
Trade between Detroit and Atlanta :
Atlanta gets :
1B Dmitri Young
SS Scott Moore
Detroit gets :
2B Mark Derosa
San Diego : Mark Loretta has been signed to a contract extension, $1,000,000 per year, for 2 years.
Saturday 5/24/2003 :
San Diego : Jaret Wright has been signed to a contract extension, $350,000 per year, for 2 years.
Tampa Bay: Released 3B Terry Shumpert, he refused assignment to minors.
Chicago (N): Released 1B Eric Karros, he refused assignment to minors.
Sunday 5/25/2003 :
Arizona: Released 3B Matt Williams, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 5/26/2003 :
New York (A): Released P Jay Tessmer.
Toronto: Released SS Mike Bordick.
Detroit: Released P Seth Greisinger.
Florida: Released P Oswaldo Mairena.
Houston: Released RF Mike Hill.
Houston: Released C Raul Chavez.
St. Louis: Released 2B Kurt Abbott.
Boston: Free agent P Brandon Knight has been signed to a minor league contract.
Tuesday 5/27/2003 :
St. Louis: Released P Jeff Fassero, he refused assignment to minors.
Wednesday 5/28/2003 :
Pittsburgh: Released 1B Kevin Young, he refused assignment to minors.
Thursday 5/29/2003 :
Texas: Released C Chad Kreuter, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 6/2/2003 :
Baltimore: Released 2B Eddy Garabito.
Baltimore: Released 2B Andrew Guynn.
Baltimore: Released P Jacobo Sequea.
Baltimore: Released P Rich Stahl.
Boston: Released 3B Bill Mueller.
Boston: Released P Brandon Lyon.
Boston: Released P Manny Delcarmen.
New York (A): Released LF Kenny Lewis.
New York (A): Released RF Bobby Smith.
New York (A): Released RF Matt Carson.
Tampa Bay: Released LF D.J. Clark.
Toronto: Released P Ryan Bacot.
Toronto: Released P Brandon League.
Toronto: Released P Jason Smith.
Toronto: Released P Charles Talanoa.
Chicago (A): Released P Daniel Haigwood.
Chicago (A): Released P Curtis Weatherall.
Chicago (A): Released P Wyatt Allen.
Chicago (A): Released P Ryan Rodriguez.
Chicago (A): Released 2B Andy Gonzalez.
Cleveland: Released P Matthew Haynes.
Cleveland: Released P Mark Krampitz.
Detroit: Released 2B Warren Morris.
Detroit: Released 2B Jose Cazares.
Detroit: Released P Rikki Johnston.
Detroit: Released P Jason Moates.
Kansas City: Released C Dusty Wathan.
Kansas City: Released P Zach Greinke.
Kansas City: Released P Colt Griffin.
Kansas City: Released P Miguel Asencio.
Minnesota: Released SS Angelo Fermin.
Minnesota: Released P Tim Henkenjohann.
Minnesota: Released P J.D. Durbin.
Minnesota: Released P Scott Tyler.
Anaheim: Released C Ben Molina.
Anaheim: Released 2B H.J. Kendrick.
Anaheim: Released P Steven Shell.
Anaheim: Released P Bill Cuadrado.
Anaheim: Released P Justin Hoyman.
Anaheim: Released P Jake Woods.
Oakland: Released P Derell McCall.
Oakland: Released P Rob McCrory.
Oakland: Released P Aaron Marsden.
Oakland: Released P Aaron Harang.
Seattle: Released P Sam Hays.
Seattle: Released P Steven Jackson.
Seattle: Released P Cha Seung Baek.
Texas: Released P John Thomson.
Texas: Released P David Mead.
Texas: Released P Ben Keiter.
Texas: Released P C.J. Nitkowski.
Atlanta: Released P Horacio Ramirez.
Atlanta: Released P Jason Marquis.
Florida: Released P Ronald Belizario.
Florida: Released P Blair Erickson.
Montreal: Released RF Alex Boston.
Montreal: Released P Jon Papelbon.
Montreal: Released P Anthony Pearson.
New York (N): Released CF Roger Cedeno.
New York (N): Released CF Roberto Solano.
New York (N): Released P Len DiNardo.
New York (N): Released P Franklin Nunez.
New York (N): Released P John Franco.
Philadelphia: Released 3B Jeff Phelps.
Philadelphia: Released P Pat Misch.
Chicago (N): Released 1B Chris Pritchett.
Chicago (N): Released P Justin Simmons.
Chicago (N): Released P Edward Kwan.
Chicago (N): Released P Chadd Blasko.
Chicago (N): Released P Justin Jones.
Chicago (N): Released P Greg Reynolds.
Chicago (N): Released P Matt Bruback.
Cincinnati: Released 3B Kerry York.
Cincinnati: Released P Tim Cunningham.
Cincinnati: Released P Camilo Vasquez.
Cincinnati: Released P Scott Dunn.
Cincinnati: Released P Justin Gillman.
Houston: Released P Fernando Nieve.
Houston: Released P Kirk Saarloos.
Houston: Released P Robert Stiehl.
Houston: Released P Derick Grigsby.
Houston: Released P Jeriome Robertson.
Milwaukee: Released P Luis Martinez.
Milwaukee: Released P Calvin Carpenter.
Pittsburgh: Released 1B Robert An.
Pittsburgh: Released LF Adam Hyzdu.
Pittsburgh: Released P Darin Downs.
Pittsburgh: Released P Zach Duke.
St. Louis: Released P Brian Bannister.
St. Louis: Released P John Hudgins.
St. Louis: Released P Les Walrond.
Arizona: Released P T.J. Beam.
Arizona: Released P Dylan Gonzalez.
Arizona: Released P Thomas Pauly.
Arizona: Released P Edgar Gonzalez.
Arizona: Released P Tetsya Yanaguchi.
Arizona: Released P Brandon Webb.
Colorado: Released RF Sean Barker.
Colorado: Released P Danny Zell.
Colorado: Released P Ubaldo Jimenez.
Colorado: Released P Ryan Cameron.
Los Angeles: Released 1B Fred McGriff.
Los Angeles: Released 1B Larry Barnes.
Los Angeles: Released P Jonathan Figueroa.
Los Angeles: Released P Matt Lynch.
Los Angeles: Released P Jose Rojas.
Los Angeles: Released P Richie Lentz.
San Francisco: Released P Robert Ransom.
San Francisco: Released P Kirk Rueter.
San Francisco: Released P Brad Hennessey.
San Francisco: Released P Glen Woolard.
Florida: Free agent SS John Valentin has been signed to a contract of $300,000 per year, for 1 year.
San Diego: Released P Chris Rojas.
San Diego: Released P Chris Oxspring.
San Diego: Released C Humberto Quintero.
Saturday 6/7/2003 :
Los Angeles: Released C Todd Hundley, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 6/9/2003 :
New York (A): Released C Chris Widger.
Tampa Bay: Released CF Elijah Dukes.
Chicago (A): Released P Dan Wright.
Cleveland: Released P Carl Sadler.
Detroit: Released C Bill Haselman.
Minnesota: Released 1B Daniel Catora.
Oakland: Released 1B Graham Koonce.
Texas: Released P C.J. Wilson.
Florida: Released P Carl Pavano.
Cincinnati: Released P Travis Miller.
Milwaukee: Released C Keith Osik.
Arizona: Released P Eddie Oropesa.
Arizona: Released P Ricky Bottalico.
Colorado: Released P Kip Bouknight.
Tampa Bay: Free agent CF Craig Biggio has been signed to a contract of $667,100 per year, for 1 year.
Wednesday 6/11/2003 :
Detroit: Released LF David Justice, he refused assignment to minors.
Saturday 6/14/2003 :
Baltimore: Released 1B David Segui, he refused assignment to minors.
San Francisco: Released 1B J.T. Snow, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 6/16/2003 :
Cleveland: Fired hitting coach Eddie Murray, he is replaced by Earl Devers.
Baltimore: Released P Donald Veal.
Boston: Released P Tom Davey.
New York (A): Released P Matt Smith.
New York (A): Released P Patrick Bresnehan.
Tampa Bay: Released 2B Brent Abernathy.
Tampa Bay: Released P Delvin James.
Cleveland: Released P Francisco Cruceta.
Detroit: Released P Terry Pearson.
Florida: Released SS Robert Andino.
Cincinnati: Released RF Alajandro Diaz.
Houston: Released P Ryan Marion.
Pittsburgh: Released P Dave Williams.
Pittsburgh: Released P Mike Lincoln.
Colorado: Released 3B Kit Pellow.
Pittsburgh: Free agent P Matt Bruback has been signed to a minor league contract.
Cincinnati: Free agent P Dave Maurer has been signed to a contract of $437,000 per year, for 1 year.
San Diego: Released 2B Peter Ramos.
Friday 6/20/2003 :
Boston: Released P John Burkett, he refused assignment to minors.
Monday 6/23/2003 :
Chicago (N): Released 2B Mark Grudzielanek.
Chicago (N): Released P Mike Sirotka.
Chicago (N): Released C Keith Mcdonald.
Cincinnati: Released P Paul Darnell.
San Francisco: Released RF Marvin Benard.
San Francisco: Released P Joe Nathan.
Boston: Free agent 2B Quilvio Veras has been signed to a contract of $300,000 per year, for 1 year.
Toronto: Free agent P Juan Alvarez has been signed to a contract of $463,600 per year, for 1 year.
Pittsburgh: Free agent P Tetsya Yanaguchi has been signed to a minor league contract.
Saturday 6/28/2003 :
Trade between Anaheim and Pittsburgh :
Pittsburgh gets :
1B Scott Spiezio
Anaheim gets :
3B Yurendell DeCaster
LF Edgar Leyva
SS Javier Guzman
Monday 6/30/2003 :
Florida: Released SS John Valentin, he refused assignment to minors.
Toronto: Released P Brian Bowles.
Chicago (A): Released P Rick White.
Montreal: Released P Julio Manon.
Philadelphia: Released P Cary Hiles.
Pittsburgh: Released 1B Randall Simon.
Pittsburgh: Released P Cory Van Allen.
Arizona: Released RF Felix Jose.
Arizona: Released 1B Mark Grace.
Colorado: Released P Mike Esposito.
Oakland: Free agent LF Orlando Palmeiro has been signed to a minor league contract.
Florida: Free agent P Frank Castillo has been signed to a contract of $1,140,000 per year, for 1 year.
Thursday 7/3/2003 :
Trade between Tampa Bay and Texas :
Texas gets :
C Toby Hall
Tampa Bay gets :
P Ron Mahay
C Dominic Howze
1B Jarad Mangioni
Monday 7/7/2003 :
Boston: Released P Mike Timlin, he refused assignment to minors.
Tampa Bay: Released 3B Chris Truby.
Cleveland: Released RF Shane Spencer.
Florida: Put CF Juan Encarnacion on the trading block.
Montreal: Released P Luis Ayala.
Montreal: Put P Livan Hernandez on the trading block.
Colorado: Put LF Gabe Kapler on the trading block.
Colorado: Put P Jason Jennings on the trading block.
Los Angeles: Released P Bill Simas.
Los Angeles: Released 2B Marty Malloy.
San Francisco: Released P Michael Brumley.
Chicago (N): Free agent P Manny Delcarmen has been signed to a minor league contract.
Sunday 7/13/2003 :
Trade between Texas and Colorado :
Colorado gets :
P Joaquin Benoit
P Juan Nova
Texas gets :
P Jason Jennings
Trade between Pittsburgh and San Francisco :
San Francisco gets :
3B Aramis Ramirez
Pittsburgh gets :
P Jerome Williams
RF Carlos Sosa
Trade between Chicago (A) and Texas :
Texas gets :
RF Ben Harrison
Chicago (A) gets :
P Todd Van poppel
Monday 7/14/2003 :
Baltimore: Put P Sidney Ponson on the trading block.
Boston: Released P Ramiro Mendoza.
Toronto: Released P Dan Reichert.
Chicago (A): Released P Kelly Wunsch.
Oakland: Released P Logan Kensing.
Atlanta: Put RF Gary Sheffield on the trading block.
Florida: Put P Josh Beckett on the trading block.
Florida: Put C Ramon Castro on the trading block.
Florida: Put C Ivan Rodriguez on the trading block.
Montreal: Put C Brian Schneider on the trading block.
Houston: Released 3B Tripp Cromer.
Pittsburgh: Released P Brian Meadows.
St. Louis: Released P Cal Eldred.
Seattle: Free agent P Dennis Cook has been signed to a contract of $574,600 per year, for 1 year.
Thursday 7/17/2003 :
Trade between Atlanta and Kansas City :
Kansas City gets :
RF Gary Sheffield
Atlanta gets :
CF Rontrez Johnson
RF Byron Gettis
LF Mickey Hall
Trade between Chicago (N) and Baltimore :
Baltimore gets :
P Matt Clement
Chicago (N) gets :
P Sidney Ponson
Trade between San Diego and Houston :
Houston gets :
LF Rondell White
San Diego gets :
2B Jon Helquist
3B Jason Alfaro
P Miguel Saladin
San Diego: Released CF Eric Owens.
Monday 7/21/2003 :
Boston: Released 3B Shea Hillenbrand.
Kansas City: Released RF Aaron Guiel.
Atlanta: Put 1B Matt Franco on the trading block.
Atlanta: Released P Bobby M. Jones.
Florida: Released P Doug Bochtler.
Florida: Released 3B Mike Mordecai.
Pittsburgh: Put 1B Scott Spiezio on the trading block.
Arizona: Released LF David Dellucci.