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All of these songs were composed and arranged by PT Bradbury unless otherwise stated on a computer program called Encore.

To download a song, simply click on the link. To listen to it, just click run or open.

WARNING!! The quality of the sound and/or harmonics you hear do not necessarily represent the actual quality with which these songs were originally composed. Each song was written using a state-of-the-art Soundblaster soundcard. Poor quality may just mean you have an inadequate soundcard.

Here are some live performances. They are mp3 files, so please be patient while they are downloading.

The Grave of the Kitchen Mouse
Lyrics by Philip Levine

Waltz in E Minor (formerly Half-pint's Waltz)

These are from a movie I'm writing for. Some are incomplete. Some may have a pause in the middle. Just keep listening through it. The movie is called The Hunt for Outer Space. You can read the script at

Main Theme
Devin (the villain)
Half-pint and Johnny (the heroes)
Dogfight (the chase)
Half-pint's Waltz
Love Theme (between Johnny and Marguarita)

These are others I wrote, mostly just for fun.

The Amazing Flying Trapeze Act
An Arabian Dance
Cantina Song #1
By John Williams
Cantina Song #2
By John Williams
Closing Theme
Earthworm Jim Out-chorus Techno Mix
By Unknown
A Flemish Swing
By I Can't Remember
Funk 9 from Outer Space
Funk in Flat 5
The Hipster
Hot and Cold
Island's Tribe
The Italian Plumber
It's 'a Mario!
Johnny's Jazz
Korny 2
The Lonely Elf
Moonlight Sonata, 1st Movement
By Ludwig von Beethoven
Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement
By Ludwig von Beethoven
The Musicbox
New Hip
Not Quite Reggae
Pandora's Music Box
Patsarbrad Quintet with Alto Sax Accompaniment
By Everett Patterson, PT Bradbury, and Turhan Sarwar, respectively by composition.
Piano Sonata, 1st Movement
Piano Sonata, 2nd Movement
Piano Sonata, 3rd Movement
A Poker Game
PT's Funky Swing
Pure Evil
Running from the Thought Police
Straw Hat Jig
The Swinger's Club
Take 7
Techno in 9/8
The Tinman's Parade
Waltz in a Russian Gulag
War and Peace
Wayside Jazz
What a Wonderful World
By Louis Armstrong
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Mix
By ABC Affiliate Techno Geek

Hey, you can download the program used to create this music and begin writing your very own music!! Here it is: Encore

All midi files are copyrighted to Philip Bradbury. (c) 2004. All rights reserved.