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Under The God

Official Releases
Tin Machine (1989 original EMI issue)
Tin Machine (1989/1995 Virgin reissue)
Tin Machine (1989/1999 EMI Remaster)
Tin Machine Live - Oy Vey, Baby (1992)

official promo Tin Machine - VIdEObITS Vol.1
1989 official promo BoB's Eggs VCD
24th October 1991 The Docks, Hamburg Tin Machine: Oy Vey, Baby video

Unofficial Releases
1989 NHK Japan TV broadcast Video Crime
June 1989 Paris High, Live And Dirty
June 1989 Paris Video Crime
16th June 1989 Los Angeles On The Rox
17th June 1989 Los Angeles On The Rox
21st June 1989 Copenhagen Complete Copenhagen
24th June 1989 Amsterdam Essential Equipment
29th June 1989 London Love Em Or Hate Em
2nd July 1989 Bradford Now

19th October 1991 Copenhagen Complete Copenhagen
24th October 1991 Hamburg We're Really Excited
29th October 1991 Paris Satan's Perfume
11th November 1991 London Love Em Or Hate Em
15th November 1991 Philadelphia At The Tower Philadelphia
16th November 1991 Washington DC The Live Tin Machine
20th November 1991 Boston After Dark
12th December 1991 San Francisco San Francisco '91
22nd December 1991 Vancouver North American Final