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The Motel

Official Releases
1.Outside (1995)
1.Outside version 2 (1996)
LiveAndWell.Com (2000) - live at The Paradiso, Amsterdam 10th June 1997
1.Outside Ltd 2CD Ed (1995 / 2004)

22nd / 23rd November 2003 The Point, Dublin A Reality Tour DVD (2004)

Covers And Collaborations
Bart's remix CoversOneBowie
Syria The Dark Side Of David Bowie

Unofficial Releases
demo TracksThreeBowie
14th November 1995 Wembley Spaceboy Plays London
14th November 1995 Wembley Teenage Daydream special edition
15th November 1995 Wembley Teenage Daydream special edition
15th November 1995 Wembley Open The Dog
20th November 1995 Birmingham Crazed In The Hot Zone
21st November 1995 Birmingham Back Outside
24th November 1995 Dublin Live In Dublin '95
26th November 1995 Exeter Boys Keep Singing
27th November 1995 Cardiff What A Fantastic Santa's Cap
30th November 1995 Glasgow Live At The SECC Glasgow
8th December 1995 Manchester The Voyeur Of Manchester

19th January 1996 Stockholm Another Scandinavian Affair
20th January 1996 Gothenborg Another Scandinavian Affair
22nd January 1996 Oslo Another Scandinavian Affair
24th January 1996 Copenhagen Breaking Glass In Copenhagen
25th January 1996 Hamburg Nite Life
28th January 1996 Utrecht Algeria Touchshriek Meets Mr Ecstacy
4th February 1996 Vienna Viennese Exhibition
16th February 1996 Amneville Back Outside
20th February 1996 Paris Bring On The Chien
4th June 1996 Budokan 1.Tokyo
5th June 1996 Tokyo Bowie Hits The Road
7th June 1996 Nagoya Live In Nagoya
7th June 1996 Nagoya Inside Japan
8th June 1996 Hiroshima Cherry Bowie
10th June 1996 Osaka 10th June Outside Tour
11th June 1996 Kokura Banging Out Sushi
13th June 1996 Fukuoka Outside Looking In - Japan '96
18th June 1996 Moscow Holy Unorthodox
20th June 1996 Reykjavik Iceland 96
24th June 1996 Toulon Battlecries And Champagne
10th July 1996 Monte Carlo Absolutely Outside - Starting Fires
16th July 1996 Rotterdam Ahoy Again!

3rd June 1997 London Famous Fame In Little Wonderland
3rd June 1997 London Fucking The Waiters
10th June 1997 Amsterdam Fight Fire With Fire
11th June 1997 Amsterdam L Dopa
11th June 1997 Amsterdam Warfield 97
16th June 1997 Nantes Nantes 97
16th June 1997 Nantes Dancing On Angels
17th June 1997 France Bruised Pacifity
19th June 1997 France Night Dream
24th June 1997 Vienna Live In Vienna Arena
5th August 1997 Nottingham Blood And Quicksand

15th October 2003 Rotterdam Bring Me The Rotterdam King
16th October 2003 Hamburg Coloured
18th October 2003 Frankfurt Feed Me No Lies
20th October 2003 Paris You're Coming With Me
20th October 2003 Paris Bercy's First Reality
26th October 2003 Stuttgart Pfff... It's Stuttgart
27th October 2003 Munich Christmas Songs
1st November 2003 Hannover I Discovered Hannover
3rd November 2003 Berlin The Hero Is Back Home
10th November 2003 Nice Strange Reality
14th November 2003 Marseille Reality On Mars?
15th November 2003 Lyon Lyon's Reality
22nd November 2003 Dublin Straight To The Point
23rd November 2003 Dublin The Fantastic Voyage
15th December 2003 New York Contains MSG

19th April 2004 Santa Barbara Surfing The Bowl
25th May 2004 Buffalo That Damn Curfew