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Round And Round

Official Releases
Sound+Vision:The CD Press Release (promo) (1989)
Sound+Vision I (1989 Ryko issue) - B-side from Ziggy sessions 1971
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (1972/2002 EMI 30th Anniversary Edition) - bonus track
Sound+Vision (2003 EMI issue) - alternative vocal take

3rd July 1973 with Jeff Beck I Keep A Good Friend...Vol.3 VCD

Unofficial Releases
Studio version Rare

Ziggy Stardust sessions outtake Man In the Middle

25th September 1971 Aylesbury Friars Aylesbury 71
25th September 1971 Aylesbury Friars Aylesbury '71 Pro Remaster

15th April 1973 Tokyo Earl's Court Disaster Volume 2
20th April 1973 Tokyo A Cat From London
20th April 1973 Tokyo Suicide Attack
4th June 1973 Worchester The Wild Eyed Ziggy
7th June 1973 Manchester The Width Of Ziggy
8th June 1973 Newcastle Newcastle City Hall
14th June 1973 Salisbury A Ladd In Edinburgh
2nd July 1973 Hammersmith Odeon The Night Before