Lust For Life

Official Releases
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
Iggy Pop - TV Eye Live

22nd June 1996 Loreley The Outside Festival VCD
22nd June 1996 Loreley Loreley '96 VCD

Unofficial Releases
4th June 1996 Tokyo 1.Tokyo
5th June 1996 Tokyo Bowie Hits The Road
7th June 1996 Nagoya Live In Nagoya
7th June 1996 Nagoya Inside Japan
8th June 1996 Hiroshima Cherry Bowie
10th June 1996 Osaka 10th June Outside Tour
11th June 1996 Kokura Banging Out Sushi
13th June 1996 Fukuoka Outside Looking In - Japan '96
20th June 1996 Reykjavik Iceland 96
22nd June 1996 Loreley Exposed Live
22nd June 1996 Loreley Telling Lies
22nd June 1996 Loreley A Night In Loreley
24th June 1996 Toulon Battlecries And Champagne
28th June 1996 Halle Lust For Leipzig
30th June 1996 Roskilde Roskilde At Last !!
5th July 1996 Torhout Belgium Torhout Festival
10th July 1996 Monte Carlo Absolutely Outside - Starting Fires
14th July 1996 St. Polten St. Polten Festival 1996
16th July 1996 Rotterdam Ahoy Again!
18th July 1996 Phoenix Festival From A Phoenix...The Ashes Shall Rise
18th July 1996 Phoenix Festival Doggy Songs
20th July 1996 Balingen Holy Unorthodox
21st July 1996 Bellinzona Oh No, Not Me, I Never Lost Control
7th September 1996 Washington Back Outside