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Fantastic Voyage

Official Releases
Lodger (1979/1991 EMI reissue)
Lodger (1979/1999 EMI Remaster)

22nd / 23rd November 2003 The Point, Dublin A Reality Tour DVD (2004)

Unofficial Releases
19th August 2003 Poughkeepsie, NY Surreality
7th October 2003 Copenhagen Reality In Mermaidland
8th October 2003 Stockholm Reality Hits The Globe
1st November 2003 Hannover I Discovered Hannover
3rd November 2003 Berlin The Hero Is Back Home
23rd November 2003 Dublin The Fantastic Voyage

7th January 2004 Cleveland "Saurkraut Schtick"
19th January 2004 Denver She'll Drive The Big Cow
20th February 2004 Sydney No Laughing Gnome Stu