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Fame '90
Note: This reworking of Fame was released to promote the Ryko Sound+Vision rereleases of Bowie's back catalogue.

Official Releases
Fame 90 (1990) (with Queen Latifah)
Fame 90 (1990) (house mix)
Fame 90 (1990) (gass mix)
Fame 90 (1990) (hip hop mix)
Fame 90 (1990) (absolutely nothing premeditated/epic mix)
ChangesBowie (1990)
Best Of Bowie - Australian version (2002) (gass mix)

official promo Best Of Bowie DVD
official promo The Video Collection video
official promo The Video Collection VCD
official promo David Bowie - VIdEObITS Vol.2 SVCD
official promo I Keep A Good Friend...Vol.1 VCD

Unofficial Releases
1990 From A Phoenix...The Ashes Shall Rise
House Mix Dancing Queen
House Mix Do Unto Others....
Hip Hop Mix Dancing Queen
Beatnick Remix Victims Of Fashion